Beta male identity politics

Here’s a real leader for you:

When I swore the prime-ministerial oath one week ago, I said that I see the twenty years between 2010 and 2030 as a single period – and that when in 2010 the will of the electorate enabled us to return to government I also saw them as a unit, and not as divided into four-year terms. After all, one may only lead a country if our plans are framed in the long term. After eight years we can say that it is not only the Hungarian government that has entered the new era with the will to act, with courage and with the appetite for renewal, but also the Hungarian people. We must thank those businesspeople who over the past eight years have created more than half a million new jobs. We must thank those Hungarians who in the midst of hardship and after difficult years of unemployment grasped the opportunity to once again support themselves and their families through work. Respect is due to those in the public works programme, because with their work they have also contributed to making the country stronger. We must express our recognition for the hundreds of thousands of young people who have embarked on building families, as it is thanks to them that Hungary has a future. And we must also thank our compatriots from the older generation, who raised the actively working generation of the present day. They have given us the chance for Hungary to do better today.

-Viktor Orban

In contrast to this charitable ideal, I’ve noticed a striking difference in attitudes on the Alt-Right between the idea that the average white guy with an IQ of 95 ought to be able to get work, versus the idea that average Beta who wants to raise children ought to have a decent shot at it. There’s this idea out there that if a guy running a CNC machine for 12 hours a day six days a week can’t go home and sufficiently excite his wife with his intense Alpha personality, he doesn’t deserve to have her in the first place. Well, I got news for ya: working doubles on your feet is no joke and neither is a society where 37% of men have no hope for the future. That’s why Muslims have no sense of humor. (The despair, not the doubles, do they even have jobs over there? America!)

Look, I’m all for men working to be as attractive to girls as possible. The Bible says men should love their wives and wives should respect their husbands, and I encourage men to be as respectable as possible just as I’d encourage women to be as lovable as possible. But there’s a point at which you have to admit there’s more to life than free will and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Fifty years ago we had a real country, now we have school shootings and sexual dysfunctions at a rate to rival Afghanistan. Policy matters. Incentives matter. Conditions matter. And even if you could create a society where every man were dedicated to being as attractive as possible, women would still only want the top 20% of them because resources tend to get distributed on a Pareto distribution. (Thots are more of a capital good though…which produce SONS…and sometimes LIABILITIES…)

If I were a truly cynical man, I’d suggest people who suggest discarding the entire population of Fishtown are motivated by the desire to eliminate genetic competition. But honestly, I think it’s just magical thinking by people who never heard of a “double”. Alphas don’t babysit CNC machines, but somebody has to. You may not like it, but if *you* want indoor plumbing, then *you* have to make a society where Betas can get laid. What’s in it for them if they can’t?


One last special message for you historical cycle types…I’ve already mentioned how I feel about people waiting around for Gen Z to save us, but it bears repeating: You are worse than traitors. There’s a tenth circle of Hell beyond where Satan eternally chews on Judas set aside for people who send their own children to fight culture wars they were too chickenshit to fight themselves.

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Guest effortpost: Why Trump Is Not Trustworthy

A longtime reader offers a less sanguine perspective on the God Emperor.

I don’t think the guy is completely bad, but when you look at what he has done, and who he has associated with, versus the
promises he made to the American people, a conclusion is easy to make:

Trump is absolutely not a “God-Emperor” (No man is), he is not partaking in “4-d chess”, and he is not on our side.

The fact that some of our other enemies want him destroyed is not at all reason enough to support him
(And some are just putting on a show- IE Zionists Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi.)

Anyways, take a look at the evidence:

-The 2 strikes on Syria- and other acts of agression towards Iran, Syria, and Russia
-The biggest peace time US weapons deal ever- With Israel pawn state and all around POS Saudi Arabia.
-Wilbur Ross bailed Trump out in 1992. Wilbur Ross was the CEO of Rothschild Incorporated (That isn’t a metaphor- that is the actual company name…)
Wilbur Ross is now our Secretary of Commerce. The perfect position for a Rothschild agent.
-Jared Kushner and Genie Energy (Genie wants to get the oil in Golan Heights and Syria! Its board members include Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch!)
Jared Kushner’s company Cadre being financed by George Soros.
Jared Kushner’s 666 5th Avenue Building being financed by both the Saudis and George Soros.
Jared Kushner’s close relationship to Bibi Netenyahu.
Jared Kushner’s criminal family.
-Trump’s involvement in “Resorts International” a Rothschild founded company used to launder money to the Israeli Mossad (Tip of the iceberg- look into RI, its crazy shit).
A primer:
-The ignorance by Trump of the frequent attacks on his supporters (But he always has time to beef with Alec Baldwin)
-Trump’s continued and baffling preference of mainstream media over alternative media depite all of his “fake news” complaints.

-Trump’s refusal to go after Hillary, Obama, or anyone other than the lowest level of pedophiles.
-Trump’s support and signing of the JUST act, which compels 47 countries to repay Israel for
“all holocuast-related confiscations between 1933 and 1945”
-Trump has forbid all members of his administration from meeting with the Polish president and Prime Minister
because of the passing of a law that limits discourse on WW2 (Specifically, that the Polish gov were involved in the Holocaust)
Of course this law is shit, but it is very telling that THIS is a line in the sand for Trump.
-Trump’s decleration of the month of May as Jewish History month.
-The opening of the US embassy in Israel in EAST Jerusalem (An area that has always been considered Palistine since 1946)
This is a blatent signal that he is a full blown Zionist.
-Trump’s support for gun control. “If you put a Bill on my desk Nancy (Pelosi) I will sign it”

This guy isn’t your friend.
The reality is that we will have to fix America OURSELVES!!!

1. Fix your own life, and stop wasting your time listening to the liars and frauds.
2. Do all that you can to make things right.

Stop looking for a saviuor outside of your Religion.

Take ownership for what is going on. If something is going to change, WE must make it happen!

Ed: It’s too bad CuckTube censors Alt-Right videos because Jazzhands McFeels had a great rant along the same lines recently that I’d love to put here. He was not pleased when some of the immigrants from that big caravan were allowed in.

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Long-term disability insurance premiums for children with IQs below employability

This is my attempt to solve the problem Jordan Peterson highlights about how 10% of the population cannot under any economic or political arrangement be productively employed to push a broom across a floor.

This problem may be generalized to cover any forms of long-term unemployability, which is probably closer to about 30% of the population. The traditional ways of addressing this that I can think of right now are:

1. Socialism, which is to say nationalizing the cost. This appears to be the baseline solution for homo sapiens, but I humbly suggest we pursue a solution which does not require eating everyone who actually does anything productive.

2. Imperialism, which is to say genetic debt-fueled expansionism to cover the cost (until the mutation load debt is called). This appears to be the baseline solution for people with significant Yamnaya steppe nomad (Aryan) genetic influence from the northern Caucasus. I humbly suggest we pursue a solution with less slavery and its concomitant miscegenation and decline.

3. Positive eugenics, which is to say stratified breeding of the sort universities were supposed to produce. Nevermind for a moment that this is precisely how you breed Jews in the first place, the observable result has been to positively select for the next generation’s talented tenth from the subset who dislike children and would prefer not to be bothered with them except that they were incentivized by the state to have them. That is, if you cause smart people to breed who would rather not, you’re going to end up with a caste of smart people who would rather not breed. This would be predictable except that social Darwinism has no category for libido-deficient organisms, but then history yet awaits a hominid which is not continually surprised by the eminently predictable.

4. Negative eugenics, which is to say “Let the weak fall”. This is the preferred position of idealists, which is to say people with significant neanderthal admixture. The trouble here is twofold. 1) Idealism of any sort posits a Manichean “spectrum” form of morality (the temptation to reduce all possible sins to gradations of One Ultimate Sin), rather than a deontological “distance” form of morality. This produces the cycle of political realignments which has been weaponized by Alchemists (ref: Overwatch theory) like the Rothschilds. 2) The problem of measuring an individual’s honest idealism to guard against charlatans (or: selecting the watchmen who watch the watchmen who watch the watchmen who…) in order to promote virtuous men up a meritocracy has not been solved and may be insoluble.

5. SCIENCE (lol). I won’t belabor the fatalism of the naturalistic fallacy, but I will blockquote somebody else:

Nevertheless, I think that with us the keyword is “inevitability,” or, as I should be inclined to call it, “impenitence.” We are subconsciously dominated in all departments by the notion that there is no turning back, and it is rooted in materialism and the denial of free-will. Take any handful of modern facts and compare them with the corresponding facts a few hundred years ago. Compare the modern Party System with the political factions of the seventeenth century. The difference is that in the older time the party leaders not only really cut off each other’s heads, but (what is much more alarming) really repealed each other’s laws. With us it has become traditional for one party to inherit and leave untouched the acts of the other when made, however bitterly they were attacked in the making. James II. and his nephew William were neither of them very gay specimens; but they would both have laughed at the idea of “a continuous foreign policy”…

Then there is another way of testing it: ask yourself how many people you have met who grumbled at a thing as incurable, and how many who attacked it as curable? How many people we have heard abuse the British elementary schools, as they would abuse the British climate? How few have we met who realised that British education can be altered, but British weather cannot? How few there were that knew that the clouds were more immortal and more solid than the schools? For a thousand that regret compulsory education, where is the hundred, or the ten, or the one, who would repeal compulsory education?

-G.K. Chesterton
Eugenics and Other Evils

[Ed: An Edenist once asked me how I would fix the schools. I told him they were performing their function with near-perfect efficiency. He said to be serious and answer the question in the way I knew he meant it, so I said I’d reduce it to three hours of Bible class per weekday and forbid teaching anything else or assigning homework. Realizing his Prussian temperament and my Gaelic one would not strive together, he changed the subject.]

The solution I propose in the title is to offer insurance to low time preference would-be parents who would prefer a predictable premium rather than take a 10% or so risk of total financial ruination due to syndromes like autism or simple bad luck in the genetic lottery. That is, the parents would submit themselves to the actuary’s assessment of their genetic offspring’s viability (their genetic and socioeconomic credit score) and agree to a premium (thereafter a non-negotiable fixed rate!) for the child’s first 30 years of life or so. If the child develops schizophrenia or some other major dysfunction, the insurance could be used to pay for the huge expenses this entails. This falls under negative dysgenics due to the downstream effects of applying the methods of actuarial science to IQ heritability research and the risks of serious genetic disorders which preclude livable wages. By offering a hedge for the risk-averse within the capitalist framework, the costs of breeding children unable to earn their own livelihoods in a complex society could be privatized, rather than nationalized at much greater average cost as they are now.

Or we could go in the direction the Chinese appear to be heading, which is to have many embryos and then abort the ones that look at you funny. But this option is not available to people with the capacity to feel guilt, which I think still describes a few high-IQ white people.

The complexity of our economy is historically unprecedented, such that the economic risks and rewards of breeding are much higher and more difficult to hold in one’s mind. Two parents who are engineers with 130 IQs have comparable chances of bearing a self-made millionaire in IT who will pay for their retirement and a nonverbal autistic child who will put them in debtor’s prison. Privatizing the cost of dysgenics allows individuals to make self-interested decisions about raising children based on price, rather than pushing them one way or another by fanciful public policies. The more responsibility for eugenics we delegate to the state, the more we breed irresponsibility in our nation. The current situation has become untenable, as we have ignored the genetic debt long enough that most of our budget is merely paying down the interest generated by breeding the unemployable (i.e. welfare). Insurance is effectively the inverse of interest and ought to be utilized as such to return genetic risk calculations to the market, where they belong.

The predictable danger is that Western nations, being populated now by unserious clown people, would immediately attempt to nationalize this form of insurance like American auto insurance and British health insurance. This would mean the destruction of that nation within about two generations, I’d guess, which I would classify as a form of accelerationism—a disposition I oppose on religious grounds. But in the event a viable nation remains among the ashes of our genetic legacy a century from now, this idea could be revisited.

Full disclosure: there is a bit of personal motivation behind this idea. I’m greedy to see the data on group selection and Asperger’s, which would arise from this insurance framework naturally. If the Edenism theory is correct, parents with high potential to produce an Asperger’s child (with extreme maladaptation predicted by 4,700% increased risk of suicide) will pay a higher premium but they will be able to afford it because they live in a society which values high IQ, adaptiveness, and personal responsibility.

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RIP Vault-Co

Vault-Co Is Gone.

From his site:


Like I have said, things are worse than people would believe.

Don’t fret it Cleve, this would never have happened if you hadn’t done things right. Take solace in the fact that the baton you carried so well for so long will never be dropped.

It does make me think things are coming to a head in one form or another.

-Anonymous Conservative

I’ve been wondering what to think about this for a few days, and it finally hit me while I was out walking.

Though individual humans exist on a spectrum from more R-leaning phenotypes to more K-leaning phenotypes, humanity is still an R-selected species in the macro. The Malthusian boom and bust population dynamics we see in the Pyrrhic cycle is ultimately a quality of an R-selected species, regardless of the individual variation within it. A purely K-selected species would have approached the carrying capacity of its environment, and then achieved a steady state.

But even cro magnon man, for all the intelligence he inherited from his matriline in neanderthals, is not capable of such a simple holding pattern because he enjoys intratribal conflict too damn much to pass nice things on to his children—you’d think white women would rather give her body and beauty to the top sociopath from a mud hut village than a nerd from Rome. She is her father’s daughter that way.

This explains why the right and the left of our political spectrum agree that the time has come to cull the population; the only disagreement is whether people on the right or left are the prey population who ought to be culled back to manageable proportions. This may be why white people, as a species, are hard-coded to follow a schedule of ritualized mass slaughters like Friday night football games at the local high school.

And it just occurred to me that, according to my definition, homo sapiens and his schizophrenic scions will always follow leaders who exemplify his most cherished core values. (At this point, you ENTPs may be sensing how this will come back around to Tex and the closure of Vault-Co.)

Now, everybody who can notice knows there are two types of people: nerds and socialites.

… Using the implied definition in “Field Guide [to the Nerd]”, here’s a cluster of psychological traits that in my mind make up the nerd pattern:

an interest in things and ideas over people
a concern for correctness over social harmony
a preference for routine and predictability
obliviousness to and/or disregard for social norms and expectations
sensitivity to inconsistency, vagueness and ambiguity
difficulty appreciating the social implications of their actions
subdued emotional expression
a view of conversation as information sharing
a tendency to take statements literally and assume honesty
preference for codified knowledge and rationality over instinct, experience and intuition
strong appreciation for trivia, games and building things
lack of appreciation for appearance, food and exercise

We get the hypothetical anti-nerd personality by reversing this:

an interest in people over things and ideas
a concern for social harmony over correctness
a preference for spontaneity and novelty
sensitivity to social norms and expectations
obliviousness to inconsistency, vagueness and ambiguity
difficulty appreciating the logical implications of their ideas
strong emotional expression
a view of conversation as relationship building and -negotiation
a tendency to take statements as indications of implicit intentions
preference for instinct, experience and intuition over codified knowledge and rationality
strong appreciation for appearance, food and exercise
lack of appreciation for trivia, games and building things

This isn’t just a random bag of traits. Many of them naturally go together and to my eyes these are two coherent clusters. I have no problem matching the anti-nerd pattern to the real world: it describes most people working in media and the arts and to a lesser degree those in social services, education, sales, marketing, PR and politics[1].

-John Nerst
The Nerd as the Norm

If you look at these cold reading profiles just so and squint, you might see a phenotype that never built anything, and a phenotype that never did anything else. Nerds are specialized to add economic value to a social network but tend to exist near the outer edges of it with the other untouchables because they have low connectivity. Socialites are specialized to acquire high connectivity within a network with a high Metcalfe valuation, thus mimicking the movements of the perceived center like a school of fish.


This would certainly explain the cognitive empathy arms race among homo sapiens that produced the savant-like obsession with anticipating others’ expectations. If we presume that R-selected phenotypes such as pure homo sapiens are specialized for connectivity rather than productivity (as indicated by the tendency of males to wander around all day talking to each other), and we apply the first law of Edenic political science, then it follows that homo sapiens (and other socialites) will always desire and advocate for the economic dispossession of low-connectivity nodes.


It also follows that those whose reproductive strategies follow the socialite phenotype will tend to follow the best socialites, who are most adapted to dominating the centrally connected nodes (which is what I was hinting at above). Any phenotype that requires mass culls as a method of cleansing its genepool which is not also specialized for socializing over productivity is doomed to be enslaved to the specialized cosmopolitan phenotype, because these culls are an R-selected behavior (as shown in the first two graphs).

And so my message to Tex would agree and amplify Anonymous Conservative’s: that a specialized cosmopolitan phenotype feels an unthinking, burning desire to cull you is a great compliment, because it’s an unspoken admission that you unfit to be a slave.

I’ve added a sidebar link to an archived boildown of Vault-Co’s great contributions to humanity (H/T Rather Not at Anonymous Conservative). Maybe some of you will have the agency to download it this time. Is that too subtle? Apparently Tex was being too subtle when he said “Hey guys, maybe now would be a good time to download Vault-Co with this tool I’m linking to…” How about this…I’m telling you right now: DOWNLOAD THIS.

In unrelated news, I need someone to show me how to seed a torrent because I’m old now and I hate learning new things.

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Some thoughts on leadership

Pretty basic, stated fancy-like.

The function of a leader is to enable group cooperation by embodying values held in common by the group’s members. This is fundamentally an example of Frame—by demonstrating that the behaviors he exemplifies produce the desired values, the group’s members feel permission to forgo impulsive gratification to pursue a similar long-term vision of happiness (previously defined as “the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”). So the leader’s job is, effectively, to provide a behavioral set of rules to play within, where status is apportioned by achievement of the highest possible expression of the common values and the boundaries are inviolable standards defined by the opposites of these values.

For example, a warrior idealist like Achilles will draw to himself like-minded Myrmidons who compete for glory within his shadow by striving to the highest expression of strength, courage, honor, etc. To be weak or cowardly would be a grievous violation of these common values, and such a man would be cast out or killed for these sins. Diverse expression is tolerated so long as it’s more or less aligned with the common values or at least orthogonal to them—virtue covers over a multitude of eccentricities.

Some guidelines to fulfill this function:

1. Act out the ideal you want your followers to imitate, which will occur both by self-selection for like-minded disciples and inspiration by your (presumably) high level of performance.

2. Practice extreme ownership, which enables the trust necessary for cooperation, group-level selection, and long-term focus.

3. Clarify the rules of the game space by telling stories about “good” behavior and how this worked to achieve the ideals, as well as cautionary examples of “bad” behaviors and how such dangerous decisions had drastic consequences.

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Inuyasha and the life principle (part 2 of 2)

Last time, I left off with our half-domesticated, half-savage protagonist and antagonist both searching for the life principle, represented by a crystal broken into many pieces by an avatar (Kagome) of idealized femininity (Kikyo). This life principle (libido) refers to the desire of half-civilized man to return to his bestial, unreflective state where he acts by pure instinct to gratify his lusts and wrath, unbridled by self-consciousness. I visualize the libido as an unconscious, repeating refrain along the lines of “Everything will be okay, don’t worry, it’ll be fine, everything will be fine, everything is okay…”


The function of this refrain is to enable those mischievous instincts which are typically prefaced by the words “Hold my beer” and which somehow enable the propagation of life.


It is only by tapping these bestial motive forces that even civilized men can achieve anything within the masculine prerogative. In the show, this is represented by Inuyasha’s demonic energy being the catalyst for his sword’s power.


During full moons, when he’s stuck in full-human form, his phallic stand-in is flaccid and all but useless for fighting demons.


The dramatic tension of the show is between Inuyasha’s desire to remove his insecurities by becoming a full-on savage (a psychopath) and his girlfriend’s desire to make him a full human (domesticated). This begins with Kikyo, the idealized feminine character.


Inuyasha planned to steal the Jewel from Kikyō, the miko tasked with purifying and protecting it. After several unsuccessful attempts to even approach Kikyō, Inuyasha began to develop intense romantic feelings for her, and she for him. Because Inuyasha mentioned she reeked with the smell of blood, Kikyō began to take baths everyday and Inuyasha would watch from afar. Their subsequent encounters lead to a close relationship… After this, Kikyō became more human, displaying more emotions and playing with children while Inuyasha gave up his quest for the Shikon no Tama, deciding it wasn’t worth losing Kikyō. He lived in the village for quite some time. After Kikyō’s powers became weakened from falling in love with Inuyasha, resulting in [her younger sister] losing her right eye [Ed: Illuminarty confirmed lost], Kikyō pondered what to do.

Eventually, the idea of using the Jewel to make Inuyasha a full human being and would purify the Shikon no Tama… Kikyō stated that if the Jewel were to be used to turn Inuyasha into a human, the Jewel itself would be purified, and thus she would no longer be tasked to guard it.

In other words, they would both settle down and be free of the existential anxiety of an unfulfilled libido while competing for the attention of the opposite sex. But of course, tfw no composite of feminine virtues gf…

Another hanyō named Naraku, born from a human criminal that was pitied by Kikyō, had been observing the pair and hoped to steal the Shikon no Tama for himself. He subsequently tricked Kikyō and Inuyasha into betraying one another. Inuyasha broke into Kikyō’s village and stole the Shikon no Tama, convinced that Kikyō had never planned to turn him human to begin with. In defense of the village, and to keep him from escaping with the jewel, Kikyō shot Inuyasha with a sacred arrow and sealed him to the Sacred Tree of Ages with a spell of eternal sleep. Moments afterward, Kikyō collapsed from a fatal wound she had received from Naraku, who was disguised as Inuyasha at the time of the attack. She instructed her younger sister Kaede to burn the Jewel along with her body so that demons and evil men could never again use it for evil deeds. She died soon after, and her wish to burn the Jewel was fulfilled. Despite how things went, Inuyasha still loved Kikyō.

His idealized conception of femininity having died, the next two thousand or whatever episodes are about Inuyasha coming to terms with this loss and falling in love with the significantly less perfect Jane Everygirl, Kagome.


Inuyasha and Kagome

There’s probably a lot of other stuff but honestly it’s hard to remember anything past the first season.

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Alpha frame (your quick guide to the mechanics of internal Game)

“I can’t control everything, but I can control myself, and that is enough.”

Let’s unpack that.

“That is enough” (Contentment, dopamine)

This begs the question: enough for what? This depends on a person’s value system because happiness is well-defined as “progressive realization of a worthy ideal” (thx Brian Tracy). If you value understanding, it may not be “enough” to be getting progressively richer every day.

A person who feels they’re getting what they want out of life doesn’t need to work at projecting an attitude of benevolence (resource abundance mindset). A person who believes the opposite is a Delta or lower and will exhibit resource scarcity behaviors.

“I can control myself” (Internal locus of control, serotonin)

This is the intrrnalized belief that a man knows himself well enough to respond correctly in any situation. Maybe he screws up in one situation or another, but he knows deep down that he could succeed in acting rightly in any given situation if he decides to.

At best this is a heuristic, because there will always be situations so extreme that they exceed our perceptual thresholds. But for practical purposes in a relatively stable society, it’s a reasonable self-concept for emotionally continent people. A man who believes the opposite (“I can’t control myself”) manifests typical Omega behaviors.

“I can’t control everything” (Prioritization, testosterone)

The admission that you can’t make the entire world the way you want immediately suggests goal-oriented behavior. After all, if you can’t have it all, you have to settle for what you can carve out. This is the cure to solipsism, which is why a person who believes the opposite statement (“I can control everything”) because it worked on his mom manifests Gamma behaviors.

Extreme Ownership says everything is your responsibility. The paradox here is bridged by noting that control is not responsibility. Jesus’ faith could move mountains, your faith on the other hand…well, all have sinned and fallen short.

In The Charisma Myth, which is the only full-length book on inner Game I’m aware of, the author identifies these three axes as warmth, power, and presence. Or if you prefer: Energy, momentum, focus.

Longtime readers probably noticed that the neurochemicals referenced were from the holy trinity of Alpha.

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