On altruism

I often complain that people don’t understand altruism. So I might as well clarify what it actually is. There are three necessary elements:

1. Significant personal cost to the altruist
2. Correct diagnosis of the recipient’s real needs
3. Significant benefit to the recipient

These three elements rule out a lot of the things people attribute to altruism.

Virtue signalling is not altruism because it doesn’t involve significant personal cost. The modern practice of “volunteering” is not altruism because it is considered a high-status behavior and you can put it on your resume to get a high-paying job. That’s just investing. “So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.”

Pathological altruism is not altruism because “pathology” means it’s a maladaptive behavioral artifact that persists in the absence of effective results. So there is often a significant personal cost, but altruism requires the intelligence and social perceptivity to be effectively helpful. Pathological altruism is driven more by solipsistic personality features than by keen observation, and the motivation may be selfish if the pathological altruist receives an endorphin rush for their self-sacrifice.

Enabling bad behavior is not altruism because it doesn’t benefit the recipient. This is typically an excuse by weak personalities to avoid the conflict that is necessary for tough love. Many enablers are emotionally dependent on the people they enable. The rest are typically pathological altruists who are “helping” because it gives them the endorphin reward.

There are also cases where other behaviors masquerade as altruism. Subversion often uses real aid to consciously weaken the target’s ability to fend for himself. For example, foreign aid is often used to undercut other countries’ production by lowballing them on price for manufactured goods. If the Chinese government uses tax revenue to finance a Chinese company’s car factory in India, the Chinese company can sell their cars at factory cost and drive out their domestic competitors. Afterward, the Indian car industry is dependent on Chinese capital.

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Happy metal (shitpost)

Interested parties are trying to get me to listen to more upbeat music. This is a compromise.

Happy technical death metal:

Happy metalcore:

Happy instrumental:

Happy punk:

Happy hair metal:

Happy metal(ish) pop for the womenfolk:

I’ll add more as I think of them.

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Frame, mindset, and charisma

Something big occurred to me during Fight Failure’s discussion of The One Thing by whatsisname, and it gelled with some other stuff I’ve been thinking about lately. Unfortunately it hasn’t solidified yet and this is going to be one of those rambling woo posts where I write down my thoughts and hope that the answer becomes obvious eventually.

The first piece of the puzzle is the connection between leadership, charisma, charity, and cannibalism, as I detailed at Vox Popoli yesterday (five-star sperg out, would sperg again). Leaders are chosen by their followers, not the other way around. If Mike Enoch disavows Indoaryan paganism the Omega-chan true believers will just find a new leader. People have the free will to choose who they want to follow, for their own reasons. That’s the whole point of this life thing. In a very real sense, “charisma” is the desire of followers to eat the leader and obtain his qualities. A truly great leader like Christ has to give up his life and be eaten by his disciples.

The main insight of the day is that Frame, properly understood, is defined by the primary source of our desire (or that “One Thing”). Something is good or bad based on whether it gets us closer to the One Thing, and all other emotions are just color commentary and shades of gray. If you think about it in terms of monads, the way we tend to connect the dots depends on which dot we’re trying to get to. Or you can think about it in terms of a plant trying to eat the sun and the way they grow and orient their leaves to maximize the irradiated surface area. The sun is the oldest and most obvious analogue to the idea of God, which I think is the reason low-information people tend to worship it as such.

The last idea comes from a concept song by Between the Buried And Me called “Sun of Nothing”. It’s a good expression of the strength that can come of alienation and emotional detachment from the “mass” of humanity (analogized as the earth itself, and the feeling of being home). The idea of being a personal “sun of nothing” recalls the Monad philosophical idea of self-sufficiency.

Monad (from Greek μονάς monas, “unit” in turn from μόνος monos, “alone”),[1] refers in cosmogony (creation theories) to the first being, divinity, or the totality of all beings. The concept was reportedly conceived by the Pythagoreans and may refer variously to a single source acting alone, or to an indivisible origin, or to both. The concept was later adopted by other philosophers, such as Leibniz, who referred to the monad as an elementary particle. It had a geometric counterpart, which was debated and discussed contemporaneously by the same groups of people.

Monad (philosophy)

The song and lyrics follow. The music follows the lyrics thematically, which is pretty cool (this is “word-painting”, if you’re into music theory vocab).

Everywhere I look they are there… what is everyone doing?
Going to a home?
To a place that makes us feel warm… a place that grants us a smile.
Seems like a very simple idea, but not hardly figured out.
(looking everywhere)
I just see faces.
Faces staring blank as they go on with the routine.
This routine.
Nothing new… its time to go through with this.
A spaceman. That’s what they say I am. Nothing but a spaceman… always pushing it all away.
Trying to get to that one place I call home.
The journey begins… forcing a new life with the unexplained… a creeping rush that surrounds me.
Floating…. floating away.
Always pushing it all away. Trying to get to that one place I call home.
My own planet… I allowed this wish… unexpected… not knowing why.
Wonder why I question it now? I’m my own planet… not many can experience this sensation.
Loneliness is creeping out… or in, however you think of it.
But it sure is surrounding me. Maybe all the complaining is an accurance of boredom. I suppose it’s too late.
I am floating farther and farther away. I did love, I did laugh, I did live.
(Now I’m my own planet)
A spaceman. They say I am… a spaceman.
Planets everywhere… my own destiny… I’m floating towards the sun.
The sun of nothing. Floating towards the sun, the sun of nothing. I have become the sun of nothing.
Nothing is here. Memories are not clear.
Floating to the sun… farther away.
I can’t believe that’s what it has come to… I never really had it all that bad.
I just looked around and never thought about the blank stares.
(Blank stairs)
They were looking into something much worse than what I thought I was.
Selfishness is a very sticky quality of this species. Looking around…
I don’t see any faces… yes I am lonely. It’s to be expected. I’ll sleep now.
(Dream waves)

Sorry about the mess, I promise if I sort this idea out properly y’all will be the first to know. It’s gotta have something to do with a leader’s need to focus on the mission.

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Globalism 101

The essence of globalism is the desire to reduce the complexity of human populations by removing the barriers between them and distinctions among them. There are several reasons a person might desire this, but the most common is extreme narcissism. This takes two different forms, following Steve Sailer’s concise description of American foreign policy: “invade the world, invite the world”. The masculine aspect is imperialism, the paternal drive to dominate. The feminine aspect is commiseration, the maternal caregiving drive. Or as Heartiste puts it so eloquently, “men invade, women invite”.

The ideology of globalism rests on the belief that Man is a superorganism, such that all organs (nations) have a moral duty to support the greater good of the incorporeal body. Those individuals (cells) who fail to support the body with sufficient zeal are considered wayward souls to be re-aligned, and those who oppose this greater good are considered a treasonous cancer that must be excised for their immorality. Complementary cooperation is considered the most natural, vitalistic state for the superorganism.

The problem with this belief is that it’s completely unrealistic. Cooperation is most certainly NOT the natural state of man—the opposite is much closer to the truth. In reality, where pretty ideals perish, humans have and will always compete for resources and sexual success. This is because of the Selfish Gene idea—those who don’t compete will be outbred and replaced by those who do. Even when times are good and people don’t feel like fighting violently, they’ll be undercutting and backstabbing each other in the social and political realms.

The main idea behind ethnonationalism is that people who are genetically similar feel less desire to compete with each other, due to their selfish genes. Keeping all else equal, twins are less likely to kill each other when times are tough than people with extremely different genetic interests. This logic generalizes to keeping nations as ethnically similar as is practically possible, to reduce unnecessary racial strife. Diversity + Segregation = Peace.

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At the crossroads of heaven and earth

Regarding self-sacrifice, here is the reasoning.

I am perfectly selfish.
A selfish man only cares about satisfying his own needs.
I need meaning and purpose.
It is meaningless to live only for myself.
Therefore I must live for something other than myself.

That is, altruism is selfishness, properly understood. “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” This is a difficult idea and many of you will go your entire lives without understanding it.

The great question of our age is whether the proles of the West will choose Christian charity or socialism. There is no third choice. Right now, it’s looking like there is only one choice, but I will fight for every inch of that high ground even if I have to do it alone. The Alt-West has given up its claim to Christianity because it has no works to back up its claims of faith. Instead, they spit on the weak, kick the wounded, and castigate the helpless. Their fruits were bitter poison to the hungry.

If, like me, you want to struggle against the horrors of a future socialist state, here’s what you can do: care for our wounded allies, visit those who have been imprisoned for their beliefs, feed those who have been fired from their jobs, and give hope to the hopeless. I didn’t choose leadership and I wish Vox would come to his senses and take up his cross, but if an Omega has to do an Alpha’s job that’s the way it’s gotta be. We didn’t choose this timeline, it chose us, and we will be defined by what we make of it. This fight will not be over while I’m still breathing, you can be sure of that much. If I lose heart it will be because those BLM savages tore it out of my chest.

Stay strong out there and never give up hope. That’s a direct order.

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I disavow

The Alt-West has shown its colors. There’s nothing I hate more than Nazi LARPers except communists…and cultural Christians. I’m not one to purity spiral, so just put me on order for a full set of Hugo Boss, size Large. It’s better to be in the arena with retards than in the grandstands with intellectuals. (Just keep in mind I despise your faux-intellectuals and ideals, and we’ll get along fine. I’ll even share my Thalforce.)

There’s a great deal I could say but won’t, in the interest of remaining civil. Charlottesville has everybody hot under the collar on all sides and in the middle, Alt-Right and Antifa and normies alike (insofar as normies can be anthropomorphized). The long and short of the weekend is this: the Alt-Right pulled off a successful propaganda operation to get a bunch of their people on camera getting stomped by jackboots. You’ve never seen such a poetic expression of anarchotyranny in fiction or real life. As far as that goes, I strongly consider the rally a success from an extremely cynical interpretation of 4GW principles. Victim narratives work. You may think otherwise.

If you don’t already know what happened, I suggest the following sources to get caught up.

  1. Heartiste and Pax
  2. Unz.com
  3. FTN

It was not an unqualified success. The occasional LARPers and swastikas really are terrible optics and the sooner the Alt-Right works up the resolve to admit it, the better. But as I argued in my angry commenting spree at Vox Popoli yesterday, I understand the Alt-Right won’t give up their symbols of oppression any sooner than the Neo-Confederates will give up the Confederate flag. The main thing to understand is that the more they wave the Nazi flag now, the more years it will be before it’s acceptable to hoist it up in front of their houses. The communists understood this, and that’s why they went from academic subversion to hoisting Antifa flags in public while rioting and damaging property and setting fires in the city with police cooperation and protection…in just fifty years.

Trump reacted as well as he possibly could under the circumstances (H/T Heartiste), although it’s a bit disheartening to watch him struggle like a Boomer on dial-up. The subversives, mercenaries, and cucks are self-identifying in a revelry of backstabbing and pre-emptive declarations of total defeat. Ultimately, that’s a good thing. They’ll change with the wind. Cernovich is gonna Cernovich and everybody already knew that. Vox’s irresponsibility was unexpected and dispiriting but it was too much to expect better from an Gen Xer megalomaniac. My opinion of Alt-Right intellectuals hasn’t moved an inch, but that’s more an indictment of their magickal thinking ideology than anything. I have nothing but respect for the people who put their lives on the line and showed up knowing they would be violently attacked and potentially killed while heroically ignoring their God-given instincts to fight and defend themselves.

Thanks to all you brave men and women who were in Charlottesville for your service to your country and your nation. (Even Richard Spencer, you big doofus.)

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Price entropy

The first thing I learned in the corporate world is that only mom and pop shops pay list price for anything. Large businesses prefer other large customers and suppliers with predictable, long-term contracts.

Two laws of corporate spending

This is worth expanding upon, briefly.

Mises’ argument against socialism applies to a corporatist world as well (conservatives and fascists alike, please take note). To summarize briefly, the problem with economic calculation in the socialist commonwealth is price setting. Prices are a flow of self-regulating information between supply and demand. If prices are set by a central authority, the communication between raw material suppliers, machine builders, and consumers is interrupted. This results in chaotic overproduction, underproduction, and so forth, which is only a good thing if you’re a globalist ideologue slash chaos magician.

Price entropy is the idea where different prices are offered to different people, and sometimes different prices are even offered to the same person (in the case of corporate schizophrenia, aka Scott Adams’ “confusopoly“). The result, as before, is that it is difficult to know how much anything is actually worth in comparison with everything else. This occurs in small ways with the common practice of haggling (as is popular among social competitors and nonwhites), and in very large ways with the practice of corporate favoritism and renegotiation of multiple contracts. Social competitors love the feeling of getting a good deal, and it’s this force of behavioral economics that drives mothers to shop around and clip coupons, homeowners to refinance their mortgages, and salesmen to refuse to talk about price when closing a sale.

I won’t go so far as to condemn any of these practices like Kant would, because we have to live in the world as it is, but I will condemn the entropy it produces en masse as analogous to the phenomenon of good money driving out bad. And I believe this is the source of the white man’s distaste for haggling—he would rather everyone just say yes or no, and be done with it.

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