Conservative Crisis Response Flowchart

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Conservative Crisis Response Flowchart

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The West is dead, and God has killed it

Sexual degeneracy follows necessarily from individualism because the mythos of individualism requires an ethos of mutual tolerance to exist. Morality, as a concept, is restricted to relationships between people. In the absence of God there is no transcendent moral law, and in the absence of other people there is no civic duty or social contract (at best, a man on an island judge how best to treat himself, but even this implies a relationship with himself). Without any moral authority to redirect the excesses of the human libido, the raw id is unleashed. Moral permissiveness returns a society to its natural baseline more assuredly than an atomic bomb.


Without God, there is no Christendom, and without Christendom there is no West. There are only the European peoples and the Greco-Roman legacy, and I’m not hopeful for the latter when spell-check recognizes neither “Greco-Roman” nor “contrapositive”. Individualism is autism without God, and the American culture’s prescription to “pulling yourself up by the bootstraps”, a call to self-creation (i.e. the self-made man), is literal Luciferianism.


(Image taken from Jordan Peterson’s Self-Authoring Program. “Self-authoring”, hmm…)

Here’s a radical alternative to American exceptionalism: “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

During our Discord discussion this weekend, I was pressing someone on his reason for emotional divestment from the church, and he said it was because “fuck the church”. Upon probing, he said he didn’t mean God’s church but modern churches with tares among the wheat. I challenged him to contact me when he’d purity-spiraled his way to a church containing no one but believers with sound doctrine, but not to look for models in the New Testament because the early churches were deeply flawed. I have been shocked to learn that even praying for the brethren is too much to ask from some other people.

Repent in sackcloth and ashes, wretches! Maybe, like the city of Ninevah, God will hear us. Maybe he will not, and our lampstand has been removed forever. But I can assure you with perfect clarity, not even one of you who refuses the call to prayer and fasting is destined for the kingdom of heaven.

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The whore

I visited a worship service in a random church, somewhere in suburbia, led by a young woman with the most beautiful voice you can imagine. The old men in the audience were staring at her love-struck, because although she was very plain-looking her mere youth exuded promises of high school romance and passions long thought dead, in contrast to their old wives. The girl was acutely aware of their predatory eyes, with that facility women all possess to know when a man is looking at them, even if from behind and at a great distance. I watched her grow more and more excited as the service continued, pushing her talent to inspired heights of emotion which drowned out the singing of the congregation. As she belted out a chorus about “take me as I am”, she began to undress herself onstage with a passion that any stripper would envy.

Aside from a couple of gasps, no one seemed to mind the display and so I kept my peace, being only a visitor. At the end of the set the siren was entirely naked and, as if snapping into a reverie, she robotically collected her clothing and disappeared backstage. One of the elders appeared and gave an embarrassed apology to the parents in the audience, whose confused children perhaps had taken some small offense. Ignoring this, I left my seat and went backstage myself, to investigate. My spiritual gift is discernment, and so inquiry into the animating spirit of a phenomenon is my sacred duty to the body of Christ.

One of the ushers put up a token resistance to my entry, to which I demurred “I saw a small girl crying over there,” pointing to a dark corner, “and I don’t know anyone here so I can’t find her parents.” The usher rushed to right this imaginary evil, and I said a quick prayer asking God for success in my mission, and forgiveness for the misdirections that Sun Tzu tells us become necessary in times of war. If the son of God can tell a parable or two, then I hope he will understand if I spin a yarn in a spirit of charity for building up his people. Navigating to the women’s bathroom, I put on the armor of God and entered the lion’s den.

Her half-naked form did not distract me much as I’d feared it would, because she was overweight and, being brutally honest, a bit below average in the looks department to begin with. Noticing me, she paused in the ritual of putting on the Midwestern white girl’s uniform (ugly underwear, loose sweater, black tights, boots, scarf, problem glasses optional) long enough to say, “You’re not supposed to be in here.”

“Why did you do that?” I asked.

“Do what?” she replied, a wave of microexpressions giving way to the inquisitive countenance of innocent, childlike curiosity.

“Why did you take off your clothes in front of all those people?”

Her face contorted in a way I will never forget. She clenched her jaw and thinned her lips in a horizontal line, right eye canted in its own little mischievous smile and left eye burning with perfect clarity of purpose.

“I just got caught up in the moment,” she said, “but I just felt like God was speaking to me through that song. Like, who am I to cover over what I am before Him? He can see everything, and we should come to the cross as we are. Before I even knew what was happening, well it just happened, and I just feel like God wants us to have this reckless love for him, you know?” Now fully dressed, she shook her hair out and began to leave, but I blocked the door.

“You are causing God’s children to sin and that is unacceptable. I will be speaking to your pastor about your place in this church. In the meantime, I want to be perfectly clear: this doesn’t happen again. Not even close. I will be back next week and I want you to feel my very judgmental eyes on you.”

At that, her countenance changed to one of pure contempt. I have to admit here that there has never been much love lost between women and me. I try to like them, but they don’t make it easy, and I’ve been single for longer than I care to admit. The first girl I ever kissed was a stunning creature in a strip club, but it was a mechanical, loveless affair…ah, but that’s a story for another time. Remind me and I’ll explain why I’m not a libertarian anymore. The point here is that most adults merely dislike it when I look at them, but sluts especially hate it, and so much so that the next part of the story is tediously predictable.

“What are you doing? How dare you?” she said, eyes bulging as she worked up a practiced hysteria, “This is…this is like rape! You’re raping me! Help! HELP! HELP!” She gave me the proudest look I’ve ever seen and her voice dropped an octave, now so quiet she was almost whispering. “You fuckin’ retard. You insect. You think you can mess with me? I fuckin’ own this church. You’re going to jail for a long time, buddy, you’re gonna get raped every day for the rest of your miserable life.”

I seethed, and without thinking said “I should be so lucky.”

Seeing in my eyes I meant it, and realizing what sort of fanatic I must be to believe it, another wave of confused microexpressions flitted across her face. I even saw…respect? The bathroom door opened, and these expressions passed into steely determination. A tall, well-dressed man entered, cheeks flushed with adrenaline and stress. For some reason, no one spoke for several seconds as he looked back and forth between us.

Years later, I realized that this could only have been the intervention of the Holy Spirit, because the harlot had opened her mouth and looked like she was trying to speak but had forgotten how. If the man had spoken first, I have no doubt that I would have looked weak and thus would be in prison now, yet another nameless martyr awaiting the Lord’s vengeance on the day of judgment. But the Lord must have had other plans for my end than a Mexican standoff in the women’s bathroom of a random church in suburbia, because I got my shot off first.

“Sir, does this woman look raped to you?”

He looked at her for a long moment. Fully clothed, several feet away from me with not a scratch on her body, he watched her face turn white with fury as she realized the jig was up and she would not be receiving her pound of flesh.

“No, not really,” the man admitted, relaxing slightly.

I turned to the young woman and asked her “Do you want us to call the police?”

She was silent, though her body began to shake from the withdrawal of neurochemicals that accompany the hubris which goeth before a fall. I spoke again.

“We could get you a rape kit. Do you want to get tested?” Again, silence.

Eventually the siren would find her voice again. I won’t bother to recount the shouting match that followed, epic as it was (and at its peak involving perhaps a third of the greater congregation crowding outside the bathroom door), because I imagine you have probably been in a shouting match before and understand how repetitive such affairs can be. At any rate, the battle was already won and all that remained was to prevent the dragon from scorching the earth on her way out. She never pressed charges because she knew the tall man—Tom, as it happens—would certainly testify against her story in court. That said, Lord has apparently only spared me to fight a seemingly unending political war against this girl and her devotees, and she is still leading worship services. But I will fight her so long as God grants me the courage to continue, and I’m happy to have made common cause with some truly remarkable brothers and sisters in the faith who now fight alongside me in a civil war within this random little church, somewhere in suburbia. By the grace of God, we will prevail and save as many of the weak in spirit as will hear his voice, or die trying, as Jesus did.

If you are still wondering, yes, this is a fictional story.

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Churchpoast V: The poast cries out as it strikes back

Ravi Zacharias and William Lane Craig are among the few remaining intellectual heavyweights Christendom has to offer today.

They’ll be addressing the following questions:

1) What is the meaning/purpose of life?
2) What good evidence is there for the existence of God?
3) How can a good God allow evil?
4) How can we know that the resurrection of Jesus really occurred?
5) How is the exclusivity of Christianity fair to those who don’t hear the Gospel?

Here are some Bible bits you could memorize, if you want (if you don’t you’re probably going to Hell though :-P).

12 Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. 13 Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. 14 And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. -Colossians 3:12-14 (I like to remember Colossians 3:14 as “colossal pie”.)

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. -1 John 3:16 (“The other John 3:16.”)

Here’s an unrelated song that always hits me right in the feelz. Also, the kid playing lead on the left is a troo thal.

Demand what you will never deserve
Respect is gained by trust shown and earned
Don’t mask your pride with humility
While forcing others to keep proving their loyalty
You’ve been a hypocrite for years
Drawing swords as much as you draw their tears
Demand what you will never deserve
Respect is gained by trust shown and earned

You build your strength, off of your anger
Fighting a selfish battle, with no answer
Your transparency, has started showing
Don’t let fear guide you, where you are going

You would die for everyone else
But you won’t live for yourself

Do you mean what you say?
Do you say what you mean?
Or will you find another lie?
Another lie to hide behind?
Keep speaking to the world about what you can’t forget
You can’t forget
All the things you hold onto
Refusing to forgive those that hurt you

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Diana Mitford, female arch melon

This is what an apex predator looks like, if you have a sense for such things.

You get the feeling that she wouldn’t eat you only because you’d be so terribly bland. She was very pretty in her prime, like Goethe, with neither an impurity nor a hint of mutational load. There is only an idyllic perfection, like a divine child with the eyes of a butcher.

Diana Mitfod

Icy blue eyes confirmed for glorious asshole phenotype. As Patrick described in owl melons, “It’s like 50% vacant in a cute and fluffy way and 50% vacant in an ‘I will butcher you without a shred of remorse’ way.”

Original arch melon description here.

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Reminder: Discord discussion tomorrow

In the meantime, you may be interested to know why I want to root the Judaizers out of Christianity. Watch this video (or read the transcript) to understand why I view the religious situation as desperate:

I don’t think Anderson is the smartest Christian around but I think he’s 100% right on this subject.

We see what’s happening monetarily. We see what’s happening politically, but what is the devil’s plan spiritually? That’s what I want to talk about now. What is the spiritual plan here? Because in order to get all nations and all kindreds and all tongues to worship this man, the antichrist, he’s going to have to basically create a religion that everybody can agree on. Isn’t that right? I mean if you’re going to get Hindus to worship this guy, you’re going to get Buddhist to worship this guy, you’re going to get Muslims to worship this guy, Jews, Christians, and I used the term Christian loosely because the Bible says that none of the elect will be deceived.

Let me tell you something. It is at work in churches today to bring us toward a one world religion, and that spirit is already infiltrated into even Baptist churches, Christian churches, non-denominational churches to bring us into conformity with this religion that’s coming, this worldwide global religion. It’s funny. My wife was in Costco today and this guy was behind her in line. He pressured her to let him go first because he had less stuff and my wife, because she’s buying a lot of stuff because we have a big family. She’s at Costco and this guys tarts talking to John about how sharp he is dressed and he must be at church this morning. He asked him about church and John said, “Well, my dad is a pastor, Faithful Word Baptist Church.”

This guy said, “Oh, I’m a pastor, too.” This guy’s church was called The Logos Center in Scottsdale, and he is explaining to my son that the Greek word “logos” means word which he already knew but he was polite and pretended not to have already known, because it’s not polite to be a know it all. When people tell you things, you act like you’re hearing them for the first time. That’s a polite way to handle that. He told them that and he said, “Oh, check us out online. My wife pulled up on the phone and this guy literally had all these symbols on the website showing like a cross, a yin yang, a Star of Remphan, the crescent of the Muslims, all the different symbols of the world.

If we just look up the word “antichrist” in the Bible, that’s what we find, a religion that denies that Jesus is … That’s why he calls them the synagogue of Satan in the Book of Revelation. In the Book of Revelation, the term Jews is only mentioned twice. Both times it refers to them as the synagogue of Satan. Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9. Now, what’s interesting, you say, “Okay, well, I can see how the Jews are bringing in these other faiths, because of the fact that, for example, we see a mass movement in 2015.” Listen to me. A huge movement of Christians finding their Hebrew roots. It’s huge. It’s everywhere.

You got that with the charismatic. By the way, did you know about 18,000 people go to his church every Sunday? Isn’t that small movement. John Hagee who gets up and says, “Don’t evangelize the Jews. Don’t give them the gospel. They don’t have to believe in Jesus. They’re already saved.” Eighteen thousand people come to his church. It’s huge in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve talked to people who go there. Then you’ve got just amongst other Christian groups just this huge movement toward the Hebrew roots and the … Look, it also goes by this term: Torah observing Christians. It’s everywhere.

When you go to the home school convention, it’s the buzz amongst the homeschoolers, they’re all into it. Whoa! Where is this coming from? You say, “Okay, I can see how they’re infiltrating Christianity big time when you’ve got the Israeli flag and the Star of Remphan and all these other things being portrayed in Christian churches now.” You say, “Well, what about religions outside of Christianity, Islam, Judaism. How’s Judaism going to bring in the Buddhist and the Hindus. That seems a little far-fetched Pastor Anderson.” Oh, not at all. You apparently have never heard of the Jew-Boos. There’s a movement known as the Jew-Boos, Jew Buddhist. Now, sometimes they’re known as the Boo-Jews. Take your pick: Boo-Jew, Jew-Boo.

Listen to this. Did you know that Jews only make up 2% of the American population but that it is estimated that at least one-third of Western Buddhist in America are Jewish by birth? Aside from all the Asians that are … Obviously, Asians are coming from Buddhist countries and so forth, but amongst, translation, White people or Black people that are Buddhist, it says one-third of non-Asians that are Buddhist are Jews, even though they’re only 2% of the population. Is that a little odd that there’s just this huge percentage of them that are these Jew Boos?

Moreover, many of the leading Buddhist teachers in America come from Jewish families including Bernard Glassman, Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Norman Fischer, Bhikkhu Bodhi, Natalie Goldberg, Thubten Chodron, Sylvia Boorstein, Allen Ginsberg, Lama Surya Das, just to name a few. Not only that, but more than one-fourth of the professors teaching Buddhism in American colleges and universities were born Jewish. Hold on. It seems to me that Jews are a major force in Buddhism. They have taken over Buddhism and hijacked Buddhism in a sense. Why? Because there’s going to be a uniting of even Judaism and Buddhism. It’s already happening.

Please picture my major theories within the context of what Anderson is saying here: Zodiacism, Overwatch, the Manichean dialectic, Jungian paganism, etc.

See some of you tomorrow.

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The hormonal trinities of Alpha and Beta

Here’s a clue: We’re sight-hunters but women are bloodhounds. Doesn’t really matter all that much how much money you have, how you look, any of those material factors. Those, interesting eyes, the ability to sing, only get you in a position for what does matter. What matters most is how you smell to them. I joke, well, half joke, about them having little DNA analyzers in with their pituitaries, which analyzers tell them if your genes and their genes make for acceptable or superior babies. It’s close enough to true to run with it. Doesn’t matter either if they’re interested at the moment in having babies. If you smell right, you’re in.

Tom Kratman
Comment on Dating market value test results

Tom’s instincts are half-right, theoretically imprecise while effectively actionable (which, for reasons I don’t quite understand, is what I’d expect from a predator):

I apologize for not having the sources to site for this, but I can remember reading case studies on the bio-chemical effect of human sexual interaction doing grad work in college. I believe they were done by Dr. Martie Hasselton, but they outlined the endorphin and hormonal profiles present in healthy adults bloodstream’s while in various phases of attraction, arousal, pre-sex and post-sex interaction between couples. The most dramatic one to look up is the similarities in the chemical properties of dopamine and heroin for people experiencing “love” or “infatuation” depending on who’s doing the study.

Even more fascinating is the effects hormones play on portions of men’s brains when assessing sexual cues in a potential sex partner. Healthy testosterone levels literally causes men to perceive women as sexual objects; stimulating the same portions of our brains used for cognitive problem solving. However, testosterone is mitigated by oxytocin, the hormone secreted just post orgasm. While testosterone is responsible for sex drive and aggressive impulses (not to mention muscular development, deepening of voice and hair growth), oxytocin is linked to feelings of nurturing, trust, and comfort. Oxytocin is believed to be a primary influence in post-sex, and post pregnancy, emotional attachment in women who produce the hormone in much higher amounts than men. Postpartum depression is actually a withdrawal symptom triggered by the decrease in oxytocin (and progesterone) in post-birth women. The effect of post-orgasm oxytocin in men is similar to women, however in men it is also serves as a buffering agent to heightened dopamine and testosterone levels.

Oxytocin plays a critical part in regulating a man’s testosterone levels. Just post-orgasm, the human body flushes oxytocin into the bloodstream to balance out the endorphin and dopamine high of sexual arousal. While this hormone promotes feelings of trust and comfort in men, it also serves to ‘calm the guy down’ sexually. Oxytocin is a testosterone buffer in men, thus resulting in you going limp for a while after busting a nut. From an evolutionary perspective this makes sense in that it ensures the sperm deposited stays in a woman’s vagina, thus increasing fertility odds, instead of being shoveled out by a still erect penis. Not only that, but oxytocin serves as a ‘pair bonding’ hormone in that it fosters feelings of protective trust in men. Oxytocin discharge in humans is also triggered by pheromonal and environmental prompts.

In addition to all of this, there’s the role that pheromones play in regard to sexual attraction and arousal. You can google these, but there are several pheromonal studies that indicate that men with differing scents from those of women tend to attract opposite scents in women. From an evolutionary perspective the conclusion drawn is one that people of similar genus or genotype (i.e. blood related family members) will be less aroused sexually by persons of the their own genotype, thus ensuring biodiversity (nature’s prevention plan against inbreeding). However in the same “sweaty t-shirt” studies, the perspiration of men with higher testosterone levels were deemed more sexually viable or arousing by women than men with lower T levels.

You can attribute whatever legitimacy you want to studies like this, but the evidence points to higher testosterone levels as playing an influential part in sexual attraction. Also bear in mind that pheromones influence women living in close proximity to each other to synchronize their menstrual cycles – another evolutionary mechanism believed to ensure fertility and communal support for social animals.

The Pheromonal Beta

From a bio-mechanical perspective, the indication is that men who consistently masturbate are essentially broadcasting their status as Pheromonal Betas – and women’s bio-chemical mechanics subconsciously registers this for them. Higher testosterone males manifest their sexual viability in both sexual assertiveness and scent. If you are chronically depleted of testosterone, and/or subjected to the calming effects of oxytocin your sexual viability is at a disadvantage. In fact, from an evolutionary standpoint, the beta males of our feral hunter-gatherer beginnings would be more prone to masturbation as a sexual release since, theoretically, they would’ve had less access to breeding opportunities than Alpha males. It would then follow that definitive, subconscious behavioral and chemical cues would evolve to aid females in selecting the best mate for parental investment.

Rollo Tomassi
The Pheromonal Beta

Memorize these.

The Holy Trinity of WINNING

  1. Serotonin
  2. Testosterone
  3. Dopamine

(Ed: Lol, the acronym is “STD”.)

The Unholy Trinity of Masturbation

  1. Octopamine
  2. Estrogen
  3. Oxytocin

(The Out-of-Sight Monad of Omega)

  1. Cortisol

Just as it’s easy to wreck your baseline hormonal profile, there are easy steps you can take to improve it. Women can smell your max deadlift. Eat broccoli to sop up the estrogens poisoning your system. Go to bed early and wake up at the same time every morning to raise your serotonin. Et cetera et cetera.

Jordan Peterson has a lot to add on this. First, the summarized version:

That chapter is titled “Stand up straight with your shoulders back” and counsels readers to learn to stand up for themselves by, metaphorically speaking, embracing their inner lobster. The lobster, Peterson argues, shares many of the same neurological structures as its human cousin, especially those areas of the brain concerned with social hierarchies. Studies show that lobsters who lose enough fights (inter-lobster conflict being common on the ocean floor) and therefore lose their social status, stop producing serotonin, which leads to deep depression.

In other words, lobsters, like humans, become clinically depressed as they tumble down the social hierarchy. The lesson derived by Peterson is the need to change your self-destructive habits and take control of your life, thereby improving your social status and brain chemistry.

This does not mean joining a lobster-style fight club. Peterson draws on reams of studies to show that fundamental changes to personal habits such as sleep and exercise schedules can dramatically improve serotonin levels, thereby increasing the chance of personal success and fulfillment.

Jordan Peterson on embracing your inner lobster in 12 Rules for Life
The Star

That said, if anyone tries to give you SSRIs, politely say no and slowly back away from the FBI agent.

And now the long version, straight from Peterson’s book.

2018-02-15 08_24_37-12 Rules for Life_ An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan Peterson - Google Books - Pale

2018-02-15 08_24_48-12 Rules for Life_ An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan Peterson - Google Books - Pale

2018-02-15 08_25_01-12 Rules for Life_ An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan Peterson - Google Books - Pale2018-02-15 08_25_19-12 Rules for Life_ An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan Peterson - Google Books - Pale2018-02-15 08_25_39-12 Rules for Life_ An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan Peterson - Google Books - Pale

2018-02-15 08_26_07-12 Rules for Life_ An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan Peterson - Google Books - Pale

2018-02-15 08_26_37-12 Rules for Life_ An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan Peterson - Google Books - Pale

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