Categorical gerrymandering

This is when you chain correlations of correlations, like a categorical syllogism, to draw a statistical conclusion. For example:

Height is correlated with IQ.
Men are taller than women.
Men have higher average IQs than women.

The conclusion may or may not be true, but the argument is invalid. The reason this isn’t valid is that correlations aren’t transitive. So if A correlates with B and B correlates with C, it doesn’t follow that A correlates with C. This causes a lot of nonsense because we tend to think of qualities using the shorthand language of categories, like “men are taller than women”. Taken literally, this statement means “height(men) > height(women)”, and statements like this have the property of transitivity. But probabilities are not transitive, which means that this logical fallacy can be used to draw statistical conclusions which are categorically contradictory. For example:

High educational attainment is correlated with liberalism.
Being a conservative pundit is correlated with high educational attainment.
Therefore, conservative pundits are likely to be liberal.

This enthymeme makes use of the human tendency to internally translate statistical descriptions into categorical statements:

Educated people are A.
B are educated.
Therefore B are A.

This syllogism is valid. The error was committed in the process of accepting a statistical statement as categorically true. I call this categorical gerrymandering because, as in political gerrymandering, the rhetorician uses statistical majorities tactically to “claim” categorical territory. Because you can produce a chain of correlations between any two statistical quantities, in this way it’s always possible to justify belief that a variable correlates with its opposite, which is a categorical contradiction. It is therefore a method of choice for conceited people who prefer deception by misleading technical honesty, because they can defend themselves by pointing to a list of correct statistical statements and say “show where I’ve made an incorrect statement”.

It may be because I have more exposure to thinkers on the right than on the left, but this appears to be a weakness more common among rightists. I believe this is because they have a greater local coherence drive (autism, colloquially) so that they feel a need to “justify” their beliefs. I love watching his videos, but Ed Dutton is an example of someone who commits this logical fallacy frequently. For example, in his video on whether people in power are more likely to be pedophiles, he makes the argument that:

Pedophilia is correlated with psychopathy.
Psychopathy is correlated with political success.
Therefore pedophilia is likely to be correlated with political success.

Whether he’s correct or not, this argument is invalid. We could make the argument that following such chains of correlations is just “suggestive for future research”, but this is merely kicking the can down the road to maintain plausible deniability. It’s bad mental hygiene to use heuristics which as often as not produce type 1 errors (false positives) while producing more confidence in their likelihood than stream-of-consciousness free association, which at least has no reassurances that one has relied purely on statements of scientific fact.

The worst example of this I’ve seen is the redefinition of K-selected humans as having all of the traits of fast life history strategists and none of the traits of slow life history strategists, which is the literal opposite of the truth. This is almost certainly because the traits associated with a fast life history strategy (e.g. “Chad” boldness, sexual desirability, and low neuroticism in chaotic environments) are considered prosocial, virtuous, and moral in the modern West while traits associated with a slow life history strategy (e.g. “Virgin” risk-aversion, divestment from sexual competition, and dependence on high-investment nurturing social environments for mental health) are considered antisocial, insecure, and parasitic, and k-selected people place a high value on being prosocial, virtuous, and moral.

Leftists, in my experience, are far more likely to simply ignore apparent contradictions and therefore less likely to reach for justifications. For example, an SJW coworker was arguing one time that Michigan should try to be more progressive like California, to which another coworker responded that California has flesh-eating viruses. The SJW simply said that he didn’t believe it, Michigan has bigger problems than California, therefore California is better, therefore if you really think about it California doesn’t really have any truly big problems like Michigan and has better weather to boot, and we should thus try to be more progressive like California. This is like the Jewish method of selective amnesia where you repeatedly forget anything that’s inconvenient to your preferred narrative frame. (You have to admit, these techniques have the strength of being simpler.)

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Theoretical treatment for homosexuality, etc.

Homosexuality, and related sexual fetishes like gender dysphoria, appears quite clearly to me to have two components:

1. An addictive behavioral cycle which reinforces itself in a positive feedback loop. This component is extremely similar to the abuse of substances like heroin, and often has a similar beginning, life cycle, and end point. It is therefore likely to be best treated through structured family recovery.

2. A pathological self-concept, experienced as dissociation between the happy-feeling “false self” and the inner child continually experiencing massive cognitive dissonance and torment, from which the conscious mind protects itself. This is most similar to narcissism as explained in my Citizen Kane post. There is currently no cure for narcissism except possibly the experimental introspective psychotherapeutic treatment methods being developed by Sam Vaknin.

Because homosexuality is likely a jumbled mess of these two pathological modes, it is likely that the cure will require both treatment modes combined in a program developed by clinicians guided by good judgment through simple trial and error. There will be surprising interaction effects–for example, it may be necessary to invent a form of “group introspection” which can perform transformations of the family’s collective unconscious. The goal of such a treatment would be to reprogram the homosexual’s subconscious self-concept by reifying their ideal self through greater self-awareness and self-understandimg, visualizations, affirmations, etc., while also providing the social structure necessary to protect them from addictive self-harming behaviors.

This option is probably not viable in the current political climate, which seeks to maximally exploit addicts and dissociative personalities for financial gain, but it will certainly be a viable route for experimentation after this dark age runs its course and depersonalized clinical treatment comes back into fashion.

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A very important shitpost


Regarding ASS movements, we will have to get around to discussing the paradox of NW European genius and low ethnocentrism. The basic idea, according to Dutton, is that NW Euros adopted a strategy of high trust, high individual genetic variance, slow life history (i.e. the chad virgin), outbreeding, and so on in order to fully exploit their competitive advantage of its high rate of geniuses. As we’ve discussed, a high rate of geniuses just means high rates of people with both high-ability and Asperger’s Syndrome because a survey of geniuses reveals them all to be fit those criteria.

According to Woodley and Dutton, this strategy requires low ethnocentrism but not too low, which is the situation in the West right now. Even Finland has suddenly and completely whored itself out to the neoliberal world order since 2003*, despite being notable among European countries for its relatively high ethnocentrism, very high average IQ, low individual genetic variance, and surprisingly low rates of Asperger’s and genius (particularly considering they are notoriously k-selected, introverted, monogamous, etc.). But too much ethnocentrism means gassing Werner Von Braun, like Hitler tried to do, and losing the competitive advantage which NW Euros have enjoyed since approximately the introduction of Christianity.

Therefore, the question becomes how to raise negative ethnocentrism (i.e. “not in my neighborhood”) without going so far as to gas Werner Von Braun. (That is, of course, unless you detest Christians and/or spergs and want them to die, in which case you’ll want to go full Chyna.)

*Ref: “The Rape of the Finns” video.

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The neanderthal supremacy theory of melonhead origins

An alternative theory for melonheads that’s floating around out there is that melonheads are merely the gracilized modern form of neanderthal-sapiens hybrids, probably arising from the Amud strain. This theory has a couple of strong points in its favor.

The family resemblance is uncanny, which is a fact any theory of neanderthals and melonheads has to contend with. As Obadiah once pointed out, melonheads aRe Real autists when you get down to it. It could well be that the distinction between machiavellian sociopathy and what Hans Asperger called “autistic psychopathy” may be a more of a spectrum than a categorical difference. The genetic distance between neanderthals and modern humans could serve to produce predation (as I’ve speculated in the Denisovan-Neanderthal hybrid theory of Melonhead origins), culminating in apex predators like Diana Mitford. Maybe charisma is more of a learned skill than an instinctual aptitude, and some autists specialize in human systems while others pursue engineering systems. There’s also a physiognomic and geographical overlap where the Swiderian/Brunn race appears to represent the in-between phenotype:

I don’t think this theory is true–in fact, I believe that the conflation of sociopathy and Asperger’s is a negative transference ploy for sociopaths to claim the accomplishments of genius and group-benefiting altruism and escape the consequences of their self-glorifying intragroup predation. But even so, the theory needs a name, it needs to be considered seriously, and if it’s wrong this needs to be demonstrated.

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The most important post I’ve ever written

Here’s how I’d rank the girls from Evangelion:

1. Misato
2. Yui
3. Asuka
4. Class rep girl
5. Mari
6. Ritsuko
7. Rei
8. That mousey lesbian tech that’s in love with Ritsuko

You may have different opinions, and that’s fine, but you’re wrong.

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The behelit myth in Tower of Druaga

If you aren’t familiar with my previous work on the behelit myth, read these:

Themes: (re: the four horsemen motif)



Counter-behelit sacrificial hero myth:

Tower of Druaga is an excellent little show that no one’s ever heard of. The basic plot is there’s a giant tower with a big monster at the top, guarding a treasure. You’re led to believe it’s a standard shounen anime loosely based on an old arcade game with a surprisingly funny writer on staff, but at the end of season one there’s a twist: The girl that they’ve been building up as the teenage hero’s romantic interest turns on him with his older half-brother and, activating the behelit, they ascend to another, higher tower together. Their two parties get washed away in a deluge and several of the basic fantasy tropes are suddenly broken (e.g. King Gilgamesh, who defeated the same monster many years ago, is shown to be secretly evil). It starts right after the hero defeats the Krishna-like monster at 18:00.

-The hero intended to use his wish revive the party member he’d lost.
-Double helix at 22:25.
-Neeba and Kaaya’s ascension releases a deluge which carries their friends away.
-When the hero and company are washed into the lake it’s reminiscent of childbirth.

It’s pretty clear that a major component of the myth is to betray the trust of a trusting, in-group innocent in exchange for a permanent membership in a higher caste, sort of like killing your own innocence. I’ve heard that they do this in some special forces training, where you raise a pet and then kill it, which is pretty evil when you get down to it. They’re probably doing this to release their latent psychopathy, or maybe it’s just to weed out people with a strong aversion to doing horrible things.

It’s an extraordinarily clever show, and if the childish, saccharine exterior doesn’t put you off I’d recommend it as one of my top ten animes.

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Aesthetics 4

Week 3
Week 2 and explanation
Week 1

Aesthetics it is!
Don’t even remember what we got to. The monastary in Bhutan, I believe.
Ah yes, that was it

Yup, next up is the most striking.


Pretty clearly an upside-down ziggurat, and what looks like an upside-up one on top of that.
This is very cool because it shows both an “as above so below” and hints at the light/dark hierarchy dialectic.
I used to have much clearer thoughts on that. Fortunately, the Lucifer/Ahriman paradigm covers most of it.
An easier way to put it in Aeolitalk terms is to imagine there’s an exoteric “Light Overwatch pyramid” and an esoteric”Dark Overwatch pyramid”.
There’s a sort of “Look on my works and despair” brutalism to the selection of materials, but that may be incidental.
Obviously the shape was chosen first, and maybe the materials had to be chosen to fit the vision.
Still, it wouldn’t have killed them to put a coat of paint over the concrete.
So I’m guessing that effect is mostly intentional.

My understanding is that this building is also built on a hill

I’m more inclined to say the “tree of life” bit is an accident of needing a practical first floor for doors going in. It could have been intentional too, so I’d say 60% chance of intentionality

Good read. Hadn’t thought of that
Tree of knowledge would be my guess though, but I might be giving a bit much away here

(I’m learning to lol in melonhead.
The sharp angles indicate a dedication to rationalism, but the anti-functionality indicates mysticism. So overall, I’m going with “super-rationalism” as the thesis.
Something like the scientific paganism of Jung, incorporated.
Next up, some ballroom somewhere.


Very pretty.
You have an incredible talent for searching these things out. Or a Pinterest account.

Chalk it up to good taste

Sure, I’ve read your blogs after all.
You have stellar taste in naughty photos.

I also think with the head above my neck sometimes too

A necessary evil.
(Note to self, absolutely do not put those comments in a blog post.)

Absolutely put such comments in blog posts

First thought on the ballroom.

Maybe not exactly correct but there’s probably a strong element of WATCHING
Although the more I think about it I think it boils down to who exactly is watching whom

Uh oh, I’ve never been wrong before.
These emotions, how do the peasants deal with feeling this way all the time?

How can they ever know any other feeling?

Yeah, it’s probably like fish in the water.
Well, another possible take is a crystal castle splitting through the heavens and the clouds falling away in a circle.
The compass on the floor means it’s probably a place for freemasons.
I like the color/lighting/decor match between the overhead lighting and the windows.
The hangings in the windows suggest rain.
The color palette is modern except for the sky blue, which throws a nice twist on an otherwise antihuman aesthetic.
The compass itself is very baroque, recalling the year 1800 or so.
Sort of a holdover from the old landed gentry going back to the time of massive, geometric-cut lawns.

Definitely thematic, at least
Though again, the broad strokes are correct if not the precise details

It’s tasteful and complex, so whoever this is I’d put them on the level of the people who designed and built the MI6 building.
If it’s a castle in the sky, then the windows make sense as literal rain, where the story is a breakaway gnostic civilization in the eye of a hurricane.
I’m going to guess the platforms are entirely functional, and don’t represent anything.
Other than they would naturally by the fact that we put important people higher up so we can all look at them.
Anyway, if we do a straight Aeolitalk cipher on the colors, etc. then:
Compass = Natural (brown) and orderly (geometric)
Crystal everywhere = metaphysical principles of the special people outside the natural world (at the tables, etc.).

The Aeoli train is back on track

Post-industrial modern colors and baroque, geometric rigidity of everything outside the natural world indicates, again, super-rationality.
Rain in the windows = chaos at the periphery.
One presumes the principled chaos of Jordan Peterson.p
The hero ventures into the sea chaos to pay attention to the dragon, thus cleansing benis and bringing order to the Garden.
Last is the sky blue, which is idealism.
So we have Ideal God Ahriman above…

Ordered natural world below.
Chaos surrounding all this order, and principled super-rational watchers.
I can’t even begin to think of who has a worldview like this and certainly would name them if I had silly speculations.
Incidentally, the chandelier-as-sky-castle may generalize to all chandeliers.
It is, if nothing else, a crystal (principle) in the sky, i.e. a gnostic ideal.
(Scatters the light nicely too, obviously.)
I’m gonna say the thesis of this one is “Kabbalah”.
Oh hey, that was the last one!

It was!
I suppose that means some sort of “answer” process is in order
The tree of life/knowledge building is a university library in San Diego
“The east side of the Geisel forum is literally and symbolically connected to Warren Mall by the Stuart Collection work Snake Path, Alexis Smith’s 560-foot-long slate tile path that winds towards the library. Its route passes a giant granite Paradise Lost and a small garden of fruit trees. The granite book is engraved with the excerpt “Then Wilt Thou Not Be Loth To Leave This Paradise, But Shall Possess A Paradise Within Thee, Happier Far.”[13]”
It’s also named for Dr. Seuss, which I find quite whimsical
As for the last one
I suppose it must be read about for the full gravity to take effect

“30 Rockefeller Center in New York City” -> so that’s where the name 30 Rock comes from.
The history of the building is related in the memoirs of particular members of the family that was behind its construction
It’s quite fascinating, actually
Lots of byzantine details and the expectations that any sort of profit would not emerge for decades and decades

Looks like a lot of the decor varies by occasion, so reading into it (e.g. the blue color) may be a mistake.

Perhaps, but everything else was pretty good
I suspect the blue might be relevant anyway

Could be.
Ayyy, lotta wiseguys in this history.

Am 95% sure of the esoteric significance but not willing to put it in writing
Oh yes haha

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