The need to distinguish charity and subsidy

This is an adaptation of a Discord discussion in response to this tweet:

Somebody (whose permission to use their name I didn’t request) asked:

Mr. Pera, could you comment on this? Does this clash with Christianity’s idea of charity?


Does Christianity somehow invert the status hierarchy, or is this not applicable?

Yes, explicitly.

Or does a connection with God lift you one above the hierarchy?

It doesn’t, but it introduces salvation of the soul as the more salient value.

The important follow-up questions are

1) Is it empirically correct that Christian charity produces more beggars, and
2) If so, is that an acceptable cost for accomplishing its purpose, is there an Aristotelian mean for charity, or should we discard it as a form of maladaptive cuckoldry?

I’d argue that 1) no, and 2) if God tells you to burn the world, you do it (after asking for clarification, verifying his identity as best as possible, checking this against the pattern of his previous commands, etc. due diligence type stuff). But I think Zero HP Lovecraft is being overly analytical and underly empirical. I’d offer the following as compelling empirical evidence against Zero HP Lovecraft’s insistence that charity incentivizes dependency:

Update: MM provides notes.

First video:

-people with happy and productive lives, who are not isolated and who have deep social ties, do not get addicted.

-you “bond” with cocaine, gambling, wtvr, in place of a normal thingy

-A core part of addiction is not being able to stand to be present in your life (nothing to be present for)

-We’ve traded connections for stuff.

-Make addicts feel “you arent alone, we love you” instead of threats and punishments

-The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection.
(Sobrity = connection IMO but whatever…)
Second video:

-We are making a society where it is harder to be present in (thus setting us up for mass unhappiness, addiction, etc.)

Very very. true

Unfullfilling jobs, lives spent running after useless shit, “socialization” through souless social media (like this right now…), divorce, lack of exercise and nutrition.

(And of course, corporations BUILD addictive conditions to create captive user bases. Social media, sugar water, fast food, pills. Thats big business!)

Of course increasing amounts of people will want to leave reality by taking drugs. This reality fucking sucks.

That reminds me, I need to announce that the Discord is under new management, which is to say its original management. I’m still microblogging there pretty much every day, but MM is once again the admin.

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Modern leftism as esoteric Hitlerism

iSteve post referenced is here:


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On feminism

Since the fall of man, women have been entirely dependent on male validation for their mental health. “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” Girls who don’t get loving attention from a strong father figure grow up with a craving for sexual validation. In slang terms, we refer to this as “daddy issues”.

High status amplifies the effect of a man’s attention because, tautologically, his time and attention are more scarce than his sexual options. If he is paying attention to a girl, it indicates that she has a higher value than the other things he could be paying attention to, especially other girls. A crude example I’ve used before is that there’s no greater valuation than a psychopath sharing his cocaine with you, because it indicates that he enjoys your company more than that amount of cocaine.

Since there isn’t enough high-status male attention around to make up the difference in daddy issues, market dynamics kick in. The definition of status as the “tendency to receive a greater share of group resources in the future” works well enough for our purposes here. As discussed previously, women cannot survive outside of a tribal context the way a man might. Therefore, when a woman fails to attach herself to a high-status man it produces an existential dread about her ability to survive even a brief moment of social upheaval.

When the supply of high-status male attention drops, either due to relatively fewer men (as in the aftermath of WW1 in England) or due to lower median male status (as in the modern West), this increases the existential anxiety in the pool of women.

In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, “We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace!”

As a last-ditch effort to assuage their angst at the oversupply of women and the observed inability of men to make them feel safe and sane, many of these women develop masculine qualities and attempt to make up the difference in masculine attention supply between themselves. That is, careerism and lesbianism are the female version of black pilling, or emotionally checking out of society.

The skew toward these masculine qualities can reach a critical mass where a political ideology becomes viable to advocate for the new identity group. We can use the common figure of 10% to illustrate: 20% of the female population can radicalize the resentment of the remainder to achieve a society-wide sexual revolution, even if many of the 80% remainder are not resentful. This tendency to political advocacy is because women are more k-selected than men in general. (In contrast, they are R-selecting in their choice of mates, whereas men are R-selected and k-selecting.) The desire to remake society to be more personally nurturing is a form of “perseverance in ecological niche construction”. A k-selected person, being dependent on the group to survive and thrive, is more restricted to this choice.

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Designed for joy: European spiritual physiognomy

Gustav and have been discussing the animus Jews have been acting out toward Europeans with the purpose of asking God to intercede. We decided that a big part of the problem is that white people have a pathological self-concept from losing their raison d’etre in secular nihilism. To understand this problem, it’s necessary to determine what a healthy European spirit looks like. That is, what purpose exactly did God have in mind when he created white people, based on what we can observe about them? We concluded that God created white people specifically to be artists, to experience and express joy profoundly, embodying the paradoxical relationship between childlike, lighthearted whimsy and profound depths of understanding and feeling.

In its healthy form, Europe embodies Aslan in his aspect as the creator, singing Narnia into existence. Our greatest spiritual heights are characterized by magnificent cathedrals resounding with soaring heights of choral fervor, improbable acts of worship expressing an appreciation for God that, in my opinion, correctly strikes other races as a bit unhinged. In fact, I’d make the case that white people will always be a bit crazy one way or another, either good crazy or bad crazy, because our niche is in artistic genius and “there was never a genius without a tincture of madness”. Edward Dutton’s explanation for the low ethnocentrism observed in NW Europeans is that we’ve evolved specifically to get the most mileage possible out of our geniuses. Hence, we tend to nonmaterialism, religious fixations, and a schizotypal individualism that somehow acts as a de facto tolerance and altruism.

In contrast, you can imagine modern Europe to be a talking lion that’s pretending to be a cub, a willful immaturity that is dangerously unpredictable to any living thing nearby that might provoke the neurotic beast. One gets the sense it’s scared or ignorant of its own potential–upon using its natural adult strength it would jump with surprise. If it weren’t fucked in the head it could be a decent, Aslan-like, king-of-the-jungle kind of lion. Where before you had craftsmen building cathedrals for hundreds of years in a long, controlled release of religious ecstasy, you now have Marxist ideologues sacrificing one hundred million unborn children for a vision of the future utopia they will never witness.

The key to a European revival movement then must be a call to joy, a return to our duty to appreciation in the artistic sense and accommodation in the psychological sense. Our souls crave the experience of understanding the meaning of something and feeling the sensory impact of it at the same time. It’s our calling to worship God in his capacity as creator in response to this sort of inspiration with a complexity, harmony, and sheer magnitude that are enabled by our particular nature. We think this is why the lion perversely wants to pretend it’s a cub. Children are much better at these things and an adult who’s lost the humility and security of being small and responsible for nothing in a big, mysterious world will fantasize about recovering this lost sense of pre-rational wonder.

The adult expression of this childish spirit is exemplified in the kings and queens of Narnia. They were pretty wild, like David, but sometimes burdened by situational responsibilities. The wildness was informed by artistic sensibilities, channeled into a love for country, and only post facto rationalizing that inspiration into justice. The European king, at least insofar as he’s the archetype of this ideal self-concept, would be a performance artist balancing mercy and justice. These aren’t concerns you can balance by critical thinking, though you can imagine Caspian justifying his decisions using Aristotelian logic. The artistic preference came first, like taste, and the accounting came afterward.

Will have to continue this line of thought tomorrow.

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The normies are restless (countdown to next mass shooter)

I haven’t been tracking this, but MM assures me that this summarizes the common sentiment (H/T Vox):

Me before Epstein’s death: Conspiracy theories are facile misdirections favored by people who crave simplistic explanations to soothe their own feelings of powerlessness.

Me now: The Illuminati whacked Epstein.

Everything’s on the table.

I am willing to entertain your most insane conspiracy theories about Epstein’s death

We could analyze this to death (and have done) but it’s probably more constructive to make a prediction. Presuming that this is not somehow a 4D chess move (call that a 10:1 plausible but long-shot bet for now), it’s bad for the NWO project to have so much attention on this. Therefore, we’d expect they need to fill up the news cycle with something more flashy and distracting. Traditionally that means launching cruise missiles at somebody, getting the US entangled in some ethnic conflict in the middle of nowhere, or Muslims shooting up a couple hundred civilians.

On the other hand, maybe they’re worried this would give the game away now that everybody’s in Alex Jones mode. I suppose it depends how smart you think the psychopaths who call the shots are. Personally, I’d say extremely smart based on their historical pattern of winning, though still human. There’s also the supernatural element to consider at that level too, on both sides. So I can’t say this is a strong prediction on my part.

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Random-ass symbolic interpretation

From Kensuimo:

Ok chief, symbolize this one

(Click for larger.)

That’s actually very interesting. For starters, there’s a very intentional phoenix aesthetic overall. Literal “power behind the throne” image.

Conclusion: Green man vs. behelit Ganondorf. Giant = god = the world as it is (in modern terms, the “system”/society/dominant cultural narrative). So, the holistically moral hero challenges the world order, which was established by some great sacrifice. It may just due to low art budget, but you get the sense that the human king has become detached and possibly disaffected. It occurs to me a perfect trope for the latter idea would be a “mad king”.

For some reason I never made the connection between gods and giants before. They’re pretty much interchangeable in myth.

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Re: El Paso shooting, etc.

MM and I are convinced the latest manifesto was a flex to black pill us. It was that bad. Would you start your killing spree explanation this way?

In general, I support the Christchurch shooter and his manifesto.

What’s most notable about the whole thing is the absolute lack of emotion. You’d think the guy was in 6th grade desperately reaching for filler to hit the four-page minimum for his assignment. Presumably that length was chosen because it’s intended to be assigned reading for undergraduates until the end of time, and you can’t expect them to have an attention span better than ten minutes.

If you think I might be jumping to conclusions, try this line in the “Gear” section:

The ar15 is probably the best gun for military applications but this isn’t a military application.

It’s full of cringe like that. I’m surprised he didn’t add that no one needs extended magazines for hunting.

This will also make the elites that run corporations realize that it’s not in their interest to continue piss off Americans. Corporate America doesn’t need to be destroyed, but just shown that they are on the wrong side of history.

Written by an NGO summer intern for other NGO summer interns. Has anyone on the right ever used the phrase “wrong side of history” without irony? I mean, other than the plan trusters.

What can I say, the black pill is working on me. They know that I know that they don’t need to try any harder than this. At least I’m iron pilling out of my mind right now to compensate.

Also, if you say it was Mossad on 4chan you get instantly memory-holed. MM and I got to watch threads disappear in real time. My conclusion on this whole thing is they’re pushing against free speech on the internet in general but this was specifically targeted at 8chan. (That’s who they targeted with it in New Zealand.) If they can shut down free speech and maintain control in the schools they can make real progress on the guns. That puts a time limit on things.

I’m gonna sell water filters and penis pills now. Watch this space!

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