The ultimate shit test

I’d been wondering where my little sister had gotten that haughty look she has now, so I enlisted my sister-in-law to determine if she’s still going to church. She’s not. And now I know why.

Here’s a group text screencap from my family making travel plans for the family reunion this weekend. This is the shit test that will determine the fate of the West. What would you do?


My mom has apparently been aware of this arrangement for weeks. I’ll tell you what I did and how it went after the weekend.

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Discord sprint Saturday?

It’s on me for mixing this one up. I’d RSVP’d “no” to a family reunion this weekend because I was expecting to have a church responsibility on Sunday, but I was removed for disagreeing with a girl. So I RSVP’d “yes” and forgot to update one of my checklists.

What that means is I can’t be there. So I’m curious whether you guys want to do it without me, or just skip again. Let me know…I’ll announce one or the other tomorrow afternoon.

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On humans

Humanity is engaged in a perpetual cold war of all against all. This follows from their peculiar biological position as group-level apex predators. Individual resource acquisition is not determined by hunting, gathering, or farming success, as one would expect, but rather from relative status: an Omega male who hunts with superlative talent and skill eats less than an Alpha male who does not participate in the hunt at all (ref: lions). Because “all war is based on deception”, the human predisposition to relentless deception (ref: young children) and sabotage can be blamed on this cold war for relative status. This produces a nature (a phenotype) which is characterized by an efficiency in maximizing status obtained from minimized nurture.

Biologically, man is characterized by his encephalization and effective use of scarce calories. The latter trait appeared first, being inherited from a survival strategy of endurance predators. The former may be explained by two needs: 1) natural problem-solving to adapt to harsh and/or changing food production conditions, and 2) social perception and navigation to increase one’s status and decrease the status of others without threatening the commonweal. As man became the group-level apex predator he is today, the former need became irrelevant and the latter dominated the development of his mental powers. I distinctly remember, at the age of puberty, when my peers became disinterested in any activity other than impressing each other with their increasingly well-practiced social fluency. So we see that a man or group of men who quits the political field is, ultimately, committing genetic suicide (hence the inborn male fascination with political advocacy).

A rogue human, even one of superlative talent and skill, acts outside his biological imperative as an apex predator because this position is predicated on group-level adaptations. The Omega male thus faces the choice of cooperating with the group and being killed slowly as a slave, or defecting from the group and most likely being eaten by animals or barbarian raids (e.g. the individualistic neanderthals). If he cooperates, he suffers the dual indignity of having the spoils of his hunt apportioned to others and receiving only a nominal share for his efforts, and negative transference (blame) for all the group’s woes. Because man is a magical thinker, he assumes that low-value (low-calorie) people are also the source of all evils (i.e. group-level calorie loss), and in times of group-level crisis will attempt to cull the low-status population in a perverted atonement for the group’s sins (as opposed to the Mosaic practice of sacrificing the spotless first-born lamb).

A phenotype of this sort ultimately explains the typical strategy of shrouding the acquisition of status in mystery: You “get it”, or “you don’t get it”. You “got it”, “have the X-factor”, etc., or you don’t. The meaning of “get” is twofold. 1) One understands how to navigate fundamental social realities by instinct, without being told (and in a strenuous social milieu of intratribal cold war deceptions), or one doesn’t. And 2) one either “gets” (obtains) resources because they have high-status and are desirable to associate with, or one doesn’t “get” resources. This is why the notion of nurturing his young by communicating social realities appears to be a mystery to homo sapiens—by definition, a person who needs to be told the truth does not deserve to receive it. Due to this assumed environment of in-group sabotage, people instinctively discount the spoken beliefs of others and are only persuaded by observing and “aping” how a successful (high-status, resource-abundant) person acts, this being generally more expensive to fake (“words are cheap”).

In conclusion, we see that the highest status human is defined as one who appears to have come by his status without effort, and in the total absence of nurture. This is why women are attracted to dark triad traits and humanity is doomed to continue breeding these and breeding out problem-solving traits. If a man has put forth effort to obtain his social status, then it was not passed to him by birth and he will not, in turn, bless his descendents with this instinctual sort of understanding. He may pass on his understanding by nurture, but this is a bad genetic bet in the long term: the overwhelming human tendency to in-group deception and sabotage will win out and the cultural knowledge will be lost, and the artificial Alpha’s genetic line will be extinguished. This is the source of the female instinct to feel that she has been “cheated” if her lover shows a conscious understanding of how he obtains his value, status, and resources.

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Stay-at-home mom makes $25/hr curing bigotry, faith, and scarcity mindset with this one weird trick

Just turn off the offensive parts of your brain with a strong magnet. (H/T Steve Sailer.)

The Independent Online
Disabling parts of the brain with magnets can weaken faith in God and change attitudes to immigrants, study finds
By Doug Bolton

A joint team of American and British scientists have discovered that powerful magnetic pulses to the brain can temporarily change people’s feelings on a variety of subjects – from their belief in God, to their attitude to immigration.

The study, published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, saw scientists use a metal coil to create strong magnetic fields around certain parts of the brain.

The non-invasive practice is called trancranial magnetic stimulation, and has can be used to treat depression.

However, researchers have now found that by targeting the part of the brain that deals with threats, they can temporarily change people’s beliefs and views.

Amongst those who received the strong magnetic dose, 32.8 per cent fewer had decreased beliefs in God, angels and heaven compared to the control group who received no dose.

And 25.8 per cent more of those who had received TMS had a more positive response to the immigrant who had written a negative letter about their country.

Scientists are undoubtedly seeking a way to turn off the oppressively patriarchal occipital lobe, because it’s just logical that such a reactionary, archaic tool would be the source of all evil. Onward, progress!

I want this in a pill on my desk by tomorrow morning. We’re already in discussions with the FDA to determine the safest way to release it into the water supply.

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Jungian Paganism as Zodiacism

Although I honestly like the guy and enjoy the material he puts out, I’ve criticized Jordan Peterson for pushing a proto-Luciferian cultural Christianity emphasizing the triumph of consciousness over the heart. Now, unless he unveils a hidden 13th principle as an addendum to his recent book, I’m going to assume he’s a stand-up intellectual guy who’s looking for truth, but his heart just isn’t ready to die to itself for Christ. But what that means is everything he learns about himself, and humanity by extension, is going to be a hack job to fix a fundamentally broken person.

Worshiping the human psychological principles represented by the Zodiac would be the most natural religion in the world. Seeking self-knowledge is self-worship, which is the deepest desire of the human heart. Imbuing these inner archetypal personalities with stories and making sacrifices to them like gods is a great way to invite Travelers into your home. And, taking the human experience as central (i.e. humanism), it becomes easy to dismiss stories of gods as shared delusions, because are these stories not merely the expression of stories within the human breast?


The naturalist’s desire to form the perfect world order built from this gnosis follows immediately from the study of philosophy and psychology, which is why these fields hold such an intense fascination for would-be philosopher kangz. Except, if you substitute the problem of entropy for the problem of Evil, you’re really just treating the symptom and not the sin. And so on and on we go, creating new world orders every 216 years, give or take (216 = 6*6*6).

(This is not to say I oppose treating the symptom. By all means, take steps to reduce your chronic inflammation. But to treat your heart condition, you need a deeply counterintuitive intervention method. One that could not have been an emanation of the human heart, because it’s downright offensive to all our sensibilities.)

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More meme theory

Melonman explained yesterday’s meme theory to me using Le 56% Face.

I had thought this meme was targeted at the right because that’s the most obvious level of meaning, but I was badly mistaken.

The reason this meme works is that it entraps SJWs by baiting them to use their favorite tactic of race deconstructionism, i.e. tactical nihilism applied to racial identity politics.


On the one hand, they get to paint badwhites as low status and accuse American white nationalists of incoherence. On the other hand, this accepts the tacit premise that race mixing is low-status. So the less woke leftists will retweet this meme, the medium woke ones will freeze with confusion (understanding at some level that they shouldn’t jump into the trap, but unable to square the circle), and the self-consciously genocidal ones will remain silent out of prudence for fear of backlash for appearing not enthusiastic enough (like being the first to stop applauding Stalin).

Note the emphasis on appealing to status competition and, understanding that racial policies are really about relative class levels for whites and not about ensuring the best outcomes for the most people. Status, in aesthetics, follows the disgust/purity axis:

That’s why it’s so important for the Amerimutt to be repulsive.

This focus on class assumes (correctly I think) that the genetic competition with other races carries no “weight” for white people. That is, it’s more important to fight over who are the low-status whites and who are the high-status whites, and people from other races are just a policy item. It’s a bit black pilling but probably true that most people today agree with Caesar’s sentiment: “I would rather be headman of a village than the second man in Rome.”

Appealing to class goes back to what I said in our conversation:

But even a soap has the shit levels, it just needs to have the hidden meaning too so the melons can enjoy it.
But the shit is why people like memes, because there’s a guilty pleasure.
But if it doesn’t have the sublime levels of meta-narrative, then people sense that and everybody knows you’re feeding them McDonald’s.
So really the target demographic, in America, is the upper-middle class, because that’s “success”.
But couched in prole ugliness.
In the UK the target is probably the gentry, because “success” is in the blood.
So a good meme is based on an argument directed toward the SWPL worldview, but it says “nigger” and the picture is Katy Perry.

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Course correct

A melony friend set me straight on the #FreeBrittany thing. Here’s a condensed version of what he said I did wrong, as I understand it.

1. I overvalued Pettibone’s looks and it makes it look like I’m desperately trying to attract her attention. Apparently my taste in girls is extremely different from most people, such that I’m calling a 7-8 a 10. This undermines the memes*. (In reality I don’t follow her work, though I do think she’s a hard 10 and assumed, incorrectly, that others would too.)

2. Something about levels of narrative, where I chose the wrong one and Vox chose the smart one, which is comparing the police response between Pettibone and pedophile gangs. I didn’t really understand this particular case, but I get the general idea about levels of narrative.

3. Something about being too right about the need for attention and speed, which makes me wrong because that’s how optics and propaganda work (or he was just fanning my balls, but I don’t think so). It’s like the Overton window or conspiracy theories, where you have to be just the correct amount of “right” to get the maximum payoff, and you go into negative payoff territory if you’re too correct.

So…I’m going to cut it out because the social credit limit on the naive-but-ingenius wonder child archetype isn’t high enough for what I was trying to do by brute force. Hopefully wiser heads will at least carry the spirit of the thing and score some minor victories.

*This is like when I disagreed with Kratman about Akuma’s IQ. I think Akuma’s IQ is approximately the same as mine, and Kratman thought I was saying this disingenuously to make the important, hard truths go down easier. The vast difference in basic perception was undermining what I was trying to communicate.

Update: The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

P, 5:51 PM
mmm… you’re basically right overall in your post

aeoli.pera, 5:52 PM
The correction one?
Or the OP?

P, 5:52 PM
Yeah I’d give your meme a strong Fantano 4

out of ten

Which is still good, still listenable, but there’s more to the memes

No a strong 5 actually

It’s like weird good

And the self-marking exercise is all correct but it’s still getting caught down in things that don’t matter so much

You aren’t seeing the joints in the walls

And you’re sort of hacking at the thing a bit

Which is the root of the problem in the first place

aeoli.pera, 5:54 PM
It’s not enough to tell me I’m not seeing the thing, I need you to pretend to be INTJ for a minute :-P
There’s a thing I’m missing.
What’s the thing?

P, 5:55 PM
Oh yeah all you INTJs are dumb

aeoli.pera, 5:55 PM
Lol, I haven’t laughed that hard in days.

P, 5:55 PM

aeoli.pera, 5:55 PM
Please, if not for me, do it for the memes.

P, 5:55 PM
OK memes ARE melon magic wars

That’s what they basically are

aeoli.pera, 5:56 PM
So…the problem is that my memes aren’t encoded in melon-talk.
I’m speaking straight to the proles.
Which is how you lose, because not even the proles care what proles think.

P, 5:57 PM
You’re speaking towards YOUR demographic

And downwards

So you’re boxing yourself in

Memes need to transcend

They fly high

aeoli.pera, 5:57 PM
So my memes need to have the higher levels of communication built in.
Because otherwise they’re shit-tier, for shit people.

P, 5:58 PM
So… if memes are melon signalling… you’re signalling to another melon that you’re boxed in

This is the danger of memes

aeoli.pera, 5:58 PM
And shit people aren’t attracted to shit-tier, they want to watch the soaps about the rich people.

P, 5:58 PM
You can actually signal weakness inadvertantly with them

Like the left does

And you basically doom everyone who follows you

aeoli.pera, 5:59 PM
But even a soap has the shit levels, it just needs to have the hidden meaning too so the melons can enjoy it.
But the shit is why people like memes, because there’s a guilty pleasure.
But if it doesn’t have the sublime levels of meta-narrative, then people sense that and everybody knows you’re feeding them McDonald’s.
So really the target demographic, in America, is the upper-middle class, because that’s “success”.
But couched in prole ugliness.
In the UK the target is probably the gentry, because “success” is in the blood.
So a good meme is based on an argument directed toward the SWPL worldview, but it says “nigger” and the picture is Katy Perry.

P, 6:04 PM
Wow that was hard work

But you got there

I’m impressed

aeoli.pera, 6:04 PM
Now my memes can carve reality at the joints.
You are the best adviser, do you know that?

P, 6:05 PM
So a pettibone meme with Katy Perry in the picture and joy emojis

Would have been better

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