Blockheads #4: Sufferance

Words fail me.


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The symbolic origin of the red carpet

I may have stumbled across the origin of this symbolic practice in the middle of watching the movie Patton. Click through for the larger version.

2018-11-14 12_09_27-dvd___ - VLC media player.png

Woo XP to whoever best describes what I’m guessing here.

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A timely example of the corollary to the Iron Law of Bureaucracy

An e-mail just went out at my work explaining that new cameras were installed and they absolutely were not going to be used for consrant surveillance of employees. To illustrate, they included screenshots of the camera angles: entryways, stock areas…with the last one pointing directly at the desk of the highest performer, the guy who makes more money for the company than the rest of us combined.

Corollary to the Iron Law of Bureaucracy

Those dedicated to the propagation of the organization itself at the expense of its original purpose will be strongly inclined to seek out and socially punish activities which serve that original purpose, because the greatest threat to their institutional power is the possibility that high performers will wield the prestige which naturally accrues to them as influence on behalf of the organization’s original purpose.

No short story I ever write will ever compare with the poignant daily realities of disingenuous people insulated from negative feedback by their hostility to prophets and other such “wreckers”. I wonder if every now and then, people pause between shovelfuls of baby parts and ask themselves whether it’s strictly necessary that they’re the good guys in this story. I’ll go to my grave wondering at what level people are aware they’re misrepresenting the truth and why they’re doing it.

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SSMV video

This is excellent.

I’d add every one of the Voxiversity videos to a homeschooling curriculum. Or a treestump reeducation clinic, right after the part about how people often say things they don’t mean.

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Blockheads #3: Judgment

I sense this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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The white pill hiding in my 2020 prediction

This is primarily a response to Bice, who was responding to my 2020 prediction that Trump will lose to a Newsom-Harris ticket, but it’s worth explaining how I think this will play out.

As I mentioned in the comments with old man Obediah, you can’t ever count Trump out because the man is full of surprises. He plays to win, which is a new idea for the GOP. That said, the Democrats have been playing to win a lot longer. They’re in a bad place demographically, long-term, but the long term is not what they care about. It’s a non-issue who their base wants on the ticket, because superdelegates mean they’ll get whoever the leadership wants them to get. The only question is who the Dems think will win. And the answer is whoever can steal the most single white women ages 20-30 from Trump’s base in the rust belt. Minority disengagement doesn’t matter because turnout in the cities can always be arranged during the ballot counting process. (Voter fraud is it’s like the casting couch: everybody knows, but also you’re a conspiracy theorist, but really nobody cares enough, and I’m shocked, shocked etc.)

So I expect a white man with a minority VP “beard” for optics, and all the better if he’s a Bill Clinton knockoff creep with extreme dark triad psychopathy so those single white women can fantasize about 50 shades of “it just happened”. Based on 30 seconds of video, Newsom strikes me as perfect for the role. We also have to keep in mind that a few million more of Gen Z will come of age and the sad reality of this poor, broken generation is beginning to black pill the people who promised you Zyklon.

In order to win reelection Trump has to build The Wall, pure and simple. Without the house there’s no possible way unless he actually assumes the role of commander in chief and orders it done, and I don’t think he’s ready because I don’t think his supporters are ready to back the play of a literal dictator, in the original sense. He’d get impeached for something or other and the game would be over.

On the other hand, consider if he loses. The Democrats would try to go full genocide because that’s what you do when the kulaks start getting ideas about who’s in charge around here. The SJWs and so forth would show civnats where they can put their civility, and Antifa would morph into the stazis they always secretly craved to be. This would finally, finally force the right to harden up, form alliances, and support their radicals. The Republicans in Congress would actually fight because they’re learning their own hides are on the line and no cuck, not even good ol’ boy Lindsay Graham, is gonna survive that. We’re already seeing signs that they get this, and they may finally understand that there are no agreements between gentlemen about sparing fellow officers. That means the Democrats’ political efforts to literally exterminate the right would meet unexpected resisted by a party that finally found its spine, supported by whites who realize they don’t give a fuck.

Then it will be 2024, and Trump would run again. Except this time, he would have the political will of an enraged populace of Europeans under siege. Forget funding The Wall, you’re looking at the sort of stuff you read about in history books. So there’s your white pill. And, if my opinion ever makes it to the ears of someone who matters, please pass along this advice: Pick one of your sons for VP.

Trust me on this, I’m a professional amateur phrenologist woopoasting turtle on the internet.

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More evidence for Denisovan cannibal pirate kings origin theory for melonheads

H/T jsl,

It all began with the Timucua tribe that controlled most of northern-central Florida prior to the rival of the Spanish. Much mystery surrounds these fierce peoples. The Timucua were semi-agricultural people living in small villages containing between 30 houses and 200-300 residents. To the Spanish they were shockingly tall, among other odd physical features….

…All in all these rituals sound very similar to the practices of the Phoencians and other Baal worshippers who were also known to keep sacred flames and occasionally sacrifice their first-borns there-in to the Sun god. The Timucua were also Mound Builders like the equally mysterious Hopewell and Adena. The Adena also had an equally murky origin as well, baring little physical relation to the Hopewell or other tribes that preceded them. I’ve written far more on the topic of these northern tribes and their ruins here.

The Timucua made their mounds primarily out of sea shells rather than earth as the Adena and Hopewell did. The largest of these mounds, as well as the largest shell midden in the nation, is located right here in Volusia County, on our side of Cape Canaveral. It is known as Turtle Mound. Presently it stands 50 feet high and 2 acres wide but in its heyday it may have been over 75 feet tall.

The New World? -Occult Volusia County

Steve Sailer also recently mentioned something related to Denisovan-Melonhead theory:

“In 2015, Dr. Reich and his colleagues found that some living people in the Amazon carry some DNA that’s most similar to that of people who live today in Australia and New Guinea.”

This was a very weird discovery — that about 2% of the ancestry of a few Amazonian tribes appeared more closely related to Andaman Islanders in the Indian Ocean than to anybody else closer.

The New World

Alls I’m saying is, it’s starting to look like I’m right about this.

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