On the Alt-Right, part two

Part one. I left off the previous post explaining where internet culture came from. But I skipped a step last time in my rush to get something published, so I should rewind a little bit and explain how whites were driven to soft genocide under national socialism.

The truth, which many of you already know, is that the Communists won the Cold War. Many decades after the war had supposedly ended, Soviet agents were still infiltrating and perverting American institutions into tentacles of their giant, global vampire squid. The Soviet Union may not have survived, but the survival of converged nation states or their populations was never the goal of Communists—the opposite would be closer because it at least satisfies their Freudian death drive.

Socialists have been fighting a successful fourth-generation war at least since the invention of television, and probably longer than that. The media, universities, unions, intelligence community, and Democratic party were subverted instantly in the 1960s. The old right’s institutions in America were infiltrated by Buckleyite conservatives preaching free trade, who immediately threw open the borders to Trotskyite Jews who rebranded themselves as “neoconservatives”. (This two-pronged Hegelian dialectic approach to subversion appears to work just as well at the tactical level as it does at the moral, strategic level.) By the end of the 1980s, the Republican party was marching in lockstep with CIA directives, and the old right was again forced into hiding.

This period from about 1965 to 1995 was when the soft kill white genocide began in earnest. Low-class, union card-carrying whites with no college aspirations were driven out of work and into welfare, drugs, and McDonald’s serfdom by free trade and immigration. But they’re fat, ugly, lazy, and generally unpleasant people, so nobody cared and the problem worsened. During the period from 1985 to 2005 it became increasingly difficult for flyover middle-class white men to have the idyllic “normal life” that their parents demanded: sports and honors in high school -> fooling around at state university -> internship at GloboCorp -> lower middle-class entry-level job -> girlfriend and then babies and mortgage -> ambition out of desperation -> comfortable upper middle class life by age fifty. By the time millenials hit the job market around 2010, only about 1% were actually following this trajectory and the rest were falling off the ride at some point, culminating in a vast swath of underemployed white men who retreated to video games and porn.

The Communist Jews and their minority allies, overly confident of their assured success, began ruthlessly driving any remaining white men from the workplace and discussed “hard kill” genocide options openly. By the time our first black president was re-elected for his second term, minorities were celebrating demographic replacement trends and “big, black dicks” became a mass media symbol of humiliation and replacement.

But suffering leads to wisdom, and white people remembered how to use their brains. Three internet subcultures would turn this seemingly unstoppable tide: 1) Gamers, 2) PUA, and 3) HBD. The Jews, in their hubris, had not reckoned with the power of weaponized autism.

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On the Alt-Right, part 1

Understanding the Alt-Right requires familiarity with several esoteric topics. My five previous posts on the subject can be found by searching for “alt right” in the sidebar widget.

The Alt-Right begins with the old right in America, represented by such exemplars as Henry Ford, Walt Disney, and John D. Rockefeller. Back in their heyday they had money, power, and influence which they spent immoderately on utopian ambitions like Fordlandia. They were the first serious proponents of global socialism and developed the science of marketing in order to spread it. They supported both Hitler and Lenin without reservation, both Nazism in Europe and Communism in Russia, because this was the first time the German philosophy of dialectic had been put to the test on such a large scale. Ordo ab chao was the game, and the only winning move is to induce chaos in the other guy’s backyard with “material dialectic” (i.e. politics, war, and existential struggle). It’s a category error to think that the Right has ever been idealistic or opposed to globalism, which is a mistake that confounds many people today trying to understand the Alt-Right. It is much easier to make predictions if you think of leftism and rightism as an identity politics struggle between Jews and Aryans, where the winner gets to preside over the socialist new world order and the loser gets crushed under the boot.

Hitler had his shot at the title but fell due to a combination of stimulant abuse and believing his own bullshit. The surviving Nazis fled to the Americas to regroup while Communist Jews took center stage in the eternal quest for imperial hubris and overreach. Their economy might have lasted a bit longer if intrinsic Jewish hatred of whites had not inspired an immediate genocide of the Russians. C’est la SĂ©mite. And so, while Stalin was busy self-destructing national socialism had caught on in America and gave us that idyllic period of progress, social conformity, and consumerist discontent now known as the 1950s. Naturally, the wages of socialism began to take their course and within a decade or two what remained of conservative WASP American culture after the Civil War was squeezed out by Teutonic progressivism. As you are probably beginning to sense by now, the limiting factor in a fourth-generation propaganda war is the tendency of each side to drink heavily from their own Kool-Aid.

In the last fifty years, American wages have stagnated while women have achieved economic independence. At the same time, rural white communities have been devastated by globalism and the ruthless practice of identity politics by Jews, minorities, and liberal whites living in metropolitan coastal areas. As a result, there are many, many more white male sociosexual losers than there have ever been before. This devastation is born out statistically in the great white opioid epidemic and the drastic reduction in white male life expectancy, despite improvements in medicine and quality of life seen in other areas of the country.

Among this demographic of white sociosexual losers was a small segment (about 1% of whites) with personality traits inherited from neanderthals: introversion, intellectual solipsism, altruism, slow maturation, asynchronous cognitive development, and a strong predisposition to fixations. Autism, in the vernacular sense. Most importantly, this segment of people operates under a different set of social instincts than “neurotypicals”, which often causes them to withdraw from social life and spend most of their free time on the internet, socializing with each other instead. Because the large demographic of white sociosexual losers will tend to have lower IQs than average, and autism is properly understood to be the brain-damaged form of Asperger’s (which is simply a recessive personality phenotype), many of the young white losers express autistic traits or even full-blown autism.

And so, internet culture was born.

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No username spoofing

This is a new rule for commenting, inspired by MM. It ought to go without saying that spoofing is not acceptable in a written medium, even if it’s obviously for a joke. But that’s diversity for you, nothing goes without saying when people are operating by different cultural assumptions.

Henceforth, IP addresses associated with spoofed usernames will be spammed.

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Three axes of socializing: Smalltalk, Signalling, and Sperging

This post breaks socializing down into its major components, as defined by their psychological purposes and societal functions.

Smalltalk is the exchange of emotions for its own sake, and typically revolves around the topics that interest ordinary people: in-group gossip, sports, celebrities, entertainment, food, and intoxicants. Signalling is Framing for the purpose of social positioning, and can be broken down into virtue signalling, sociosexual status signalling, social class signalling, and political identity signalling. Sperging is the exchange of information for its own sake, typically revolves around random esoterica, and is marked by spontaneous, lengthy soliloquy.

A person heavily predisposed to one sort of socializing may engage in another style in service of their primary social style. For instance, a sociosexual Gamma will often sperg for the purpose of signalling. Here are some examples of the other five possible pairings:

-A gamer will often sperg for the purpose of small talk. E.g. “What are your top five favorite animes?”
-A PUA blog commenter on the spectrum will often signal for the purpose of sperging. E.g. “I negged fifty girls yesterday because sarging is Alpha and I am an Alpha, therefore I sarge.”
-A clueless striver (alternatively, a Neurotic) will often signal for the purpose of small talk. E.g. “Have you seen Hamilton yet? It was. So. Amazing!”
-A programmer will often small talk for the purpose of sperging. E.g. “I am talking to you because networking is important for professional success, which is an important idea that I learned from this book that you definitely should read.” *Hands book to victim, unsolicited.*
-A socialite will often small talk for the purpose of signalling. E.g. “I had a burger at that new place, right? Oh my God, man.” (For some reason this particular phrasing is very among Alpha males: “I ate X. Oh my God.” Seriously, listen for it.)

I’d advise using this to rank people as low, mid, and high on each of these axes. For example, Koanic is high on sperging, mid on signalling, and low on smalltalk.

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Primary aspie/NT social difference is small talk

If you ever need to know whether someone has a touch of the tism, ask how they feel about small talk. Don’t necessarily listen to the words, but 99.9% of the time you can trust the body language. A neurotypical will either A) smile broadly and virtue-signal their outsider chic identity or B) seem confused for about three seconds, then ignore the question and plow on. An aspie will visibly recoil, their face will darken, and their brows will furrow. They will either try to rationalize small talk according to some kind of retarded libertarian principle or evince an honest hatred. The truth is that small talk angers us more than anything, to such a ridiculous extent that it could be reasonably described as the leading cause of aspie suicide.

For neurotypicals, the primary consideration in conversation is emotional coherence: expression, mirroring, point and counterpoint. Information content is incidental at best. For aspies, the transfer of tribal and institutional knowledge is primary. When we converse with each other, it’s not unusual for one aspie to sit silently while the other improvises a 10-minute lecture on one of our subjects of expertise. And let me tell you, they’re both loving every second of it. It’s just the way we are. Neurotypicals hate dry exposition of information with the same intensity that aspies hate small talk. And this is why aspies and neurotypicals will never live together in peace, not in a million years.

As Nottuh once expressed so eloquently, “I’m not interested in talking about the weather, I want information.” If someone on the spectrum talks about the weather, you’ll know it because they enjoy the subject immoderately or they’re survivalists, or both.

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Traits related to mental speed and caliber

It should go without saying that this is all very speculative, but if it went without saying then it wouldn’t be very autistic, eh?

I should note ahead of time that speed is probably something we get from neanderthals, whereas caliber is probably something we get from melonheads and maybe post-hybridization cro magnon. I believe this because mental speed characterizes high-ability Asians, whereas caliber better characterizes high-ability whites. IQ is polymorphic, like height, therefore I expect the races with the most neanderthal admixture will also have the most neanderthal-like intelligence. Mental speed is also (currently) the primary discriminant in the middle ranges of IQ, separating midwits from dullards, where modern IQ tests have the highest resolution. However, in the upper ranges of intelligence caliber is the primary discriminant.

A big, BIG caveat: Most of the traits associated with mental speed don’t account for the extremely conservative neanderthal personality, which we’d expect from hominids that didn’t significantly modify their lifestyle for hundreds of thousands of years. So most of the liberal epiphenomena of mental speed would have been counterbalanced by the personality traits that accompany deep-set eye sockets (longer, larger emotional cycles) and pongid somatotype.

Mental speed vs. Mental caliber
High performance on Raven’s Progressive Matrices IQ subtest vs. High performance on analogies IQ subtest
Derives particulars from generalities vs. Generalizes from particulars
Deduces vs. Induces
Many ideas vs. Big ideas
Prestige-seeking vs. Control-seeking
Novelty-seeking vs. Stability-seeking
Social competition vs. Emotional solipsism
Enjoys academic work vs. Disdains academic work
Thinks playfully vs. Thinks seriously
Liberality vs. Cynicism
Equalism vs. Classicism
Progressivism vs. Conservatism
Tendency to Gnosticism: “mind over matter” vs. Tendency to Naturalism: “matter over mind”
Sees connections vs. Sees patterns
Acquires knowledge vs. Acquires understanding
Prefers stimulants vs. Prefers depressants
Suffers from racing thoughts vs. Suffers from troubling thoughts

I may add to this over time because I haven’t found all my notes.

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Transition from Destiny to Quest in the genius’s journey

This is my humble opinion of how it tends to happen, re: Charlton.

The beginning of the Destiny phase is simply the existence of traits that are necessary but not sufficient for genius: such as intelligence, conscientiousness, and associative horizon (typically in the form of Asperger’s syndrome). Then life happens. For the two necessary addictions to take hold, there are two plausible scenarios. 1) The budding genius is upper class and insulated, so that the attendant dysfunctions (roughly equivalent to a cocaine addiction) are not particularly harmful. Or 2) the budding genius becomes an antisocial pariah and is ostracized to live in squalor except for occasional charity from admirers (e.g. Niels Abel).

The former is a variant of typical upper class prestige competition and is less interesting, psychologically, than the pariah. The pariah’s journey from Destiny to Quest begins in a condition equivalent to paranoid schizophrenia, as a psychological defense against small acts of ostracism. This kicks off a vicious feedback loop of misunderstandings between the pariah and the people around him, resulting in poverty for the pariah. This leads to a state of autistic despair, because the pariah either fails in cognitive empathy or refuses to navigate the antisocial morality that social climbing requires. E.g. “I’m starving because nobody cares, because people are shit.”

This emotional disassociation leads to intellectual solipsism, which is where the cognitive process begins to rebuild itself according to more empirical premises. (During this period, I was an agnostic for a full week and spent that week lying in bed.) The distilled empiricist takes on the painstaking task of building a worldview that is functional enough to survive. This is where the addiction to insight generally takes hold, because the pariah is dopamine-starved at precisely the moment when producing insights is also the most effective use of brainpower. The insight addiction produces an intellectual with an interest in gaining understanding and wisdom, which in turn eventually produces an interest in the most profound expressions thereof: art. This is due to the progression of the addiction, such that the “fix” must be more and more intense over time.

Believe it or not, people are attracted to great art because it bypasses the political mind and goes straight to the perceptual/worship center of the brain. Thus, geniuses who go through the full metamorphosis (without interruption of development!) will often gather many admirers and finally attain some success through artistic expression of intellectual insights. This final step is what we call “genius”.

Depending on how much time is left in the genius’s life, they may enjoy some of their success. This is the period where hard work and discipline are the major elements for unpacking and disambiguating the profound insight gained from many years of searching for the truth.

tl;dr- The substages leading the pariah type from Destiny to Quest are Paranoia, Despair, Solipsism, Empiricism, Intellectualism, Art, Genius.

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