Propaganda and brainwashing as Final Fantasy trope

Here’s one for you… That guy Kefka? He was Cid’s first experimental Magitek knight. But the process wasn’t perfect yet. Something snapped in Kefka that day…

Citizen of Vector City

As I’ve mentioned before, in Western art culture magic refers to control of human perception. So it’s a minor extension to say that magic infusion can be an effective metaphor for brainwashing, particularly with reference to training soldiers.

This sheds a new light on the following plot points:

1. Magic-infused technology in FF3
2. Magic-infused soldiers in FF3
3. Magic-infused PMO (SOLDIER) in FF7
4. Magic-infused black mages used as shock troops by Alexandria in FF9

Here’s another brief essay I did at the new RightOps site.

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If Assange was assassinated…

That would indicate to me that they’re planning to fake the election wholesale. The important takeaway is that this would be a sacrifice throw, losing the rule of law necessitates the immediate imposition of totalitarian control.

I think they’ll try to announce Hillary as the winner and hope we’re all too cucked to do anything about it. It’s less dangerous than starting a thermonuclear world war and they’ve been showing real desperation.

Here’s the scenario if that happens:

1. Early announcement of election results
2. Controversy erupts (watchdogs complain, possibly including FBI)
3. Democrats circle the wagons, lines are drawn
4. Republicans cuck
5. Establishment plays the line that we all just need to be calm while we “figure things out”
6. Trump supporters protest and are ruthlessly suppressed
7. Hillary continues as president by default, aggressive oppression is the new normal as Balkanization accelerates
8. Civil War

Call this the fraudulent election scenario. I’m now predicting massive, unprecedented levels of voter fraud. Balanced against the Trumpslide numbers, I’m not sure exactly what happens. If Hillary wins, we’re looking at a very quick Balkanization, federalization of local police, and repeal of the 2nd amendment. That means a second war of northern aggression pretty quickly, and matches up with my prediction of elites doing the rape of Russia thing on us in the meantime.

(If Trump wins, we’re hopefully looking at de-escalation of military conflicts, devaluation of the currency, and a pretty big loss of per capita wealth (because of our privileged status as net importer). I think if anybody can navigate that politically, it’s Trump, but he’ll have to follow Andrew Jackson’s historical example of fighting against Nicholas Biddle.)

Round 2, if it’s initiated by TPTB, isn’t going to be city dwellers against country folk. It’s going to be federales against domestic terrorists. And guns aren’t going to be the important weapon. It’ll be propaganda, drones, and IEDs. So here I’m speaking in terms of culture war, 4GW-style. Using drones against Americans would be counterproductive if the internet is up, but extremely useful if the internet is on a whitelist.

Nothing good in America comes out of this, so it would be for the purpose of throwing whatever remains of America at Russia to save the petroEuro for the IMF and World Bank. Sacrificing an entire country for a bank ledger, a year ago none of us could have imagined that kind of hubris.

The news on Assange is still unclear at the moment. If Assange was assassinated, that would mean we have three weeks to get as hardened in-place as possible.

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The Pyrrhic cycle

The text in green refers to elements from the monomyth of Osiris and Set.


You can find a lot of correspondences within this framework. Enjoy!


Law = feminine virtue, social (in-group) competitiveness, verbal IQ (cortical thickness)
Faith = masculine virtue, martial (out-group) competitiveness, performance IQ (brain volume)


The Fate of Empires, John Glubb
Fingerprints of the Gods, Graham Hancock
The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics, Anonymous Conservative

The weird orientation of the axes was so I could force-fit the data points on this graph onto it:


Rather than taking this as a strict dynamic system, imagine all of these data points are making little counterclockwise circles and drifting lazily about. It’s more of a statistical statement saying that nations tend to make these little circles around their set points as these set points drift along the r/k axes in absolute terms.

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Neuroglandular theory of personality (and racial culture)

This is fairly speculative at this point, but it’s what I believe at the moment. Mentally insert a “(maybe)” somewhere in each clause so I don’t have to.

A person’s moral values are determined by their neurotransmitter set points (roughly corresponding to craniology), and their behavioral strategy is determined by their endocrinal set points (roughly corresponding to phrenology and somatotype).

For an example of a neurotransmitter set point, I’ll use endorphins. This is a chemical that is released in response to pain and self-inhibition/perseverance (suffering in the older sense), as in long-distance running or sexual masochism. It is a pleasant-feeling endogenous painkiller, which gives one a feeling of invincibility and accomplishment for about an hour. I believe the self-righteous neoliberal mindset can be mostly explained as a higher than (racial) average set point for general endorphin release, so that shitlibs feel a greater desire for endorphin chasing than other neurotransmitters.

In cultural terms, endorphin chasing would correspond to a high national average on the care/harm moral axis in Jonathon Haidt’s breakdown. In praxeological terms, we can think of neurotransmitter chasing (dopamine chasing, acetylcholine chasing, etc) as a priori values which are preferred more or less at different times based on existing levels. So a high average dopamine chaser might obtain a high level of dopamine, acquire a case of ennui, and choose to fix their acetylcholine deficiency for a while instead of chasing marginal gains in dopamine.

The six a priori values in Haidt’s book are Care, Fairness, Liberty, Loyalty, Authority, and Sanctity. Or, if you lean a bit autistic, you might prefer Kindness, Honesty, Laughter, Generosity (:=noblesse oblige), Loyalty (:=Obedience to lawful Authority), and Magic (respectively). I don’t have strong opinions yet on which neurotransmitters are likely to correspond to each yet, but here are my guesses so far:

Care: Endorphins
Fairness: ???
Liberty: Acetylcholine
Loyalty: Oxytocin?
Authority: Cortisol?
Sanctity: ???

For an example of a hormonal set point, I’ll use testosterone. In my experience with different levels of testosterone, the most pronounced difference is in the relative directness of my attitude and behavior. Under the influence of testosterone, I was much more focused on getting what I wanted and every other consideration could go to hell as far as I cared. But even though my directness was comparable to a black man’s, my behavior was very different because I was chasing different neurotransmitters. Rather than signalling my pimp cred to females (“Hey baby you got a cigarette?”) I would signal a combined Alpha/Beta status, as is typical in hwite courtship (ref: Athol Kay).

To understand these set points in absolute vs. relative terms, consider for the moment an MBTI example. My mom is an ISFJ relative to her racial group, but compared to the racial averages for purebred homo sapiens sapiens (ESFP) she isn’t very S or very F. So compared to their average, she would be IntJ, where the I and J are even more pronounced than before.

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Hormones and hate, sadism and masochism

Speculating recklessly, inspired by this SMBC comic:

You could replace the Y-axis with k-selection and the X-axis with R-selection and get the exact same graph. At high-k and low-R we find the eternal Norman (and probably a dose of Asperger’s*), breeding speciously in the modern environment due to straightforward selfishness unattenuated by any patina of neoChurchian niceties. See, you have to be a bit of a fag to be a proper Chad now. Consider that Milo is the pinnacle of PUA virtue (narcissism, the gift of, glorious coiffer): if you could emulate him you’d be the greatest PUA of all time.

At high-r and high-k we find vodka-swilling sloots and gogo boys, shouting incoherent neoliberal shibboleths over bleating club music and copulating vigorously despite a notable absence of gender dimorphism. (“BLACK LIVES MATTER” “WHAT?” “I SAID BLACK LIVES ARE REALLY IMPORTANT” “WHAT?” “LET’S GO SOMEWHERE QUIET”.) All hail the eternal Chad, for he shall inherit the earth. Mother Nature loves her middle children because she is mean, and cares the most for those anchorless souls who respond to her whimsical currents with average alacrity.

At high-r and low-k we find the nĂ¼male sperg crying into his appletini because his oneitis waifu rejected him at the behest of her feminist roommate to spend more time decorating their cats’ scrapbooks. Self-hating men have the lowest possible status: this is why South Park tarred Mel Gibson as a masochist.

As a rule of thumb, masochism is low-status, feminine, introspective, nonverbal and emotional whereas sadism is high-status, masculine, exogenous, rational and intellectual. A masochist focuses on navigating their own emotional reactions, whereas a sadist wants to explore the emotional reactions of someone else. I believe these are abstract emotional drives that evolved as adaptations within long-standing caste systems. It makes sense that a submissive slave subpopulation would become masochism-shifted (domestication is primarily characterized by inhibitions) and vice versa for the dominant caste.

Related, I thought this JP Sears video was pretty insightful.

*Everyone who studies melonheads and neanderthals for any length of time independently comes to the conclusion that they’re strongly blood-related somehow. My interbreeding theory, tl;dr- “the most popular guy gets the prettiest girl”, is a good start but doesn’t seem to cover the whole thing. It appears these races are strongly linked somehow.

(Da blergh will soon be fully operational. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

UPDATE: I completely forgot to copy over one of my bullet points because I’m a fucking retard.

Hormones are governed by both nature and nurture. For instance, black men have 120% the average testosterone of white men (nature), and weightlifters have 140% the average testosterone (nurture).

Behavior (i.e. strategies for obtaining neurochemical rewards) appears to be primarily governed by hormones, which in turn have their “set” points from the limbic system (particularly the hypothalamus, which activates and deactivates the glands). The development of these master switches is affected by both nature and nurture. It appears (to me, presently) that the way to change overall behavior is to flood the system with a hormone at intervals so that the body has to adjust its overall composition to compensate for these shocks, which raises the set point around which the body maintains homeostasis. (It also seems to me that emulating the attitude/behavior of a strong male father figure as a child is important for development of a high set point for testosterone.)

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Slavery and political anthropology

I’ve proposed that the only question that matters in political science is slavery. Most demographic movements within national borders can be understood as the attempts of social elites to manage an underclass without having to live near them. Most demographic movements between borders can be understood as nations trying to enslave and/or destroy each other.

Social elites are, as a matter of selection bias, predisposed to higher cognitive ability particularly specialized for abstract socialization. In anthropological terms, I’ve argued that this corresponds to thicker cerebral cortices (more gray matter) and correspondingly high mental energy, and relatively smaller brains (less white matter) and weak, gracile bodies with high encephalization quotients (ectomorphism).

Please recall our founding premise of political analysis: All political ideology follows from the maxim that humans will advocate an environment that favors evolutionary success for their phenotypal class. An adaptation for high willpower and low durability produces an emotional predisposition for an idea called Gnosticism. In brief, it’s “mind over matter“, and it immediately follows that people with more willpower are morally superior to those with less. This is the spirit of Antichrist that Jesus warned us of.

Now, if there are humans who have less of the particularly human quality called “willpower”, it follows that they are less human or not human at all. They are more like animals than humans. There is then no philosophical reason not to treat such people like beasts of burden (or in the extreme case, like food).

The Ashkenazi Jews aren’t the first Gnostics and they won’t be the last, but they serve as an excellent example because their phenotype is particularly well adapted for social competition. They have relatively small brains (Einstein’s is exemplary in this regard) but highly developed verbal intelligence and overflowing mental energy reserves. (The latter is one of the reasons for their predisposition to neuroticism, in my opinion.)

As a rule, human populations that do not practice slavery are enslaved by those who do, due to the military advantages of numbers and group cohesion. This caste separation is, after all, why we have the concept of officers in the first place. In recent evolutionary terms, humans have evolved to navigate more and more abstract and complex forms of slavery.

Unfortunately for would-be philosopher kings, it appears that the price of cheap-as-free labor is ethnic cleansing and replacement of the higher caste.

As a rule, at least in modern times, the group which is considered subordinate will reproduce with greater fecundity than will the superior class. In this way the upper class will gradually disappear, or else social mobility will gradually replace the upper from the ranks of the lower, and the social distinction will remain, but without racial significance. Thus a differential reproductive rate has, in effect, a selective value, and one population may quietly replace another. Whether or not the replacement is complete, the relative numerical importance of the two genetic strains will have been altered.

Carleton Stevens Coon
The Races of Europe

Even so, the evolution of homo sapiens sapiens has been overwhelmingly characterized by increased gracility and neoteny, and decreased brain size. This is in contrast to the general trend of hominids to larger size, greater specialization, and increased brain size, but the general trend of increasingly feminine appearance and behavior remains consistent.

The way I square this circle is to note that slavery results in an asymmetric gene flow from the master race to the slave race, wherein males from the master race take advantage of atomized female slaves and father illegitimate children with them. (It’s unsurprising that genetic success without the burden of resource provision is a tempting evolutionary strategy.)

It ought to be noted that this is technically bestiality within the Gnostic framework, but we should keep in mind that this belief was never more than a post-facto rationalization for this genetic strategy. I’m not a mind reader, but I would guess that the thought process behind this bestiality can be approximated by the phrase: “Close enough.” In the final analysis, slavery is a matter of resource extraction, and wombs are a resource.

The truth of this principle holds across increasingly complex forms of slavery. Even as recently as 1939, the gene flow between Europeans and Africans was distinctly one-way (“For example, the mixture between whites and negroes has most frequently involved white men and negro women, and only occasionally the reverse.” -Coon), in keeping with the general pattern of European resource extraction. The situation today is reversed: atomized European females are impregnated by black males, despite the abstract complexity of resource extraction via victim identity politics and the welfare state.

Over time, the master race becomes exsanguinated and weak by dependency on slave labor, and when the slave race sees an opportunity it is ethnically cleansed in a slave revolt. This is the general rule within national borders. An examination of international warfare and slavery would benefit from considering the various Canaanite tribes and the Israelites, and the resulting demographic shifts accompanying extermination, enslavement, and tolerance.

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List of targeted influential Alt-Right sympathizers (since September 27)

These have all occurred since the (alleged) Correct the Record leak.

Scott Adams
Milo Yiannopoulos
Mike Cernovich

Presumambly, Vox Day has not been similarly targeted because, as “brock” said in the transcript, they don’t operate outside the US. So far this is too slow to influence the presidential election, which arguably means that this harassment is merely an acceleration of previous tactics and not a categorical difference.

Please let me know if there are others I’m missing or if anyone else is keeping track. We’re treating Ricky Vaughn as more-or-less a canary in the coalmine.

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