The Behelit myth in Murdoch Murdoch

I think the split in the alt-right is stupid and short-sighted. Putting that aside, Murdoch Murdoch is still the best artistic political commentary on the internet.

In their most recent video, they refer specifically to the Eclipse event in the Berserk story, using music from the show and borrowing visual elements to make the reference obvious. They also make perfect use of the behelit sacrifice idea, which is an inversion of Jesus on the cross. Where Jesus sacrifices himself to save others, a person uses a behelit to sacrifice friends and allies in order to elevate themselves.

The reference to betrayal of allies begins at 6 minutes when the eclipse begins and the Berserk mandolin theme starts up. This video ends on a cliff-hanger because we don’t really know how this turns out.

Interesting times. Retarded, but interesting.

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Measuring empathy (poker, charity, eye-reading, and IQ)

There was a fair amount of talk about EQ a few years ago, and there is an increasing amount of discussion of pathological altruism. What is gradually becoming apparent to me is that Western civilization not only requires a base level of intelligence, but also a base level of empathy. Any population group with an average level of either intelligence or empathy that falls below that level is not going to be able to participate in European civilization or sustain a reasonable facsimile on its own.

Christianity certainly helps support the development of empathy in an individual by providing a strong rational justification for it, but it observably does not create it ex nihilo in the human breast. I suspect it would be eucivically useful if there were standard tests for empathy as reliable as those for intelligence.”
I’d like to flesh out my theory of empathy a bit in order to talk about potential for testing.

Vox Day
Race and religion

Here follows the beginning of an idea.

I plagiarize Simon Baron-Cohen’s analysis to break empathy into two necessary but insufficient components: 1) cognitive empathy (mind-reading) and 2) emotional empathy (sympathetic mirroring).

On a societal level, a high level of cognitive empathy leads to a shame culture. Shame is not operative in people without social intelligence. Similarly, a high average emotional empathy leads to a guilt culture. People without the capacity for sympathetic emotional mirroring do not feel guilt. To give two examples, semitic cultures are generally shameless (e.g. You Gentile). East Asian cultures are high-shame but low guilt (e.g. fake crying politicians, two-year-old run over by car and left to die).

Cognitive empathy is probably a trait evolved for social competition (C in CSR). Social intelligence is associated with the ability to avoid social predation by in-group defectors looking to dishonorably extract resources, and the capacity to engage in such predation should one be so inclined. Emotional empathy is probably a trait evolved for altruism in stress tolerator environments (S in CSR). It’s associated with the capacity to view someone else’s interests (and problems) as being emotionally salient, i.e. important for tribal survival. Thus, it’s the source of altruism.

Emotional intelligence in the absence of cognitive intelligence produces *pathological* altruism and neuroticism. High cognitive intelligence in the absence of emotional intelligence produces psychopathy. High cognitive intelligence produces social signaling with precision, speed, and nuance, and the ability to scan such symbolic indicators in order to predict both “signaled” and “true” emotional states. (True vs. signaled: often a person wishes to appear confident when they truly feel anxious, so that their signaling is mixed. A person of low social intelligence may only see one aspect, whereas a person of high social intelligence will see both and deduce which is which.) It is probably best predicted by IQ tests primarily and eye-reading tests secondarily, and therefore does not require the creation of more tests.

Analyzing the IQ correlation a bit further, I expect the perceptual aspect of cognitive empathy (reading another person’s emotional state) to be weighted more with symbolic intelligence, somewhat with verbal intelligence, and not much at all with visuospatial intelligence. I expect the performance aspect (convincing an audience of one’s emotional state) to be weighted toward verbal intelligence, then symbolic intelligence, and again not much with visuospatial intelligence. However I expect there is a weak or medium-strength correlation between visuospatial intelligence and emotional empathy.

On to the task of measuring emotional empathy.

The trouble is that altruism must be treated as a revealed preference, completely unrelated to stated preference. This is because, in the West, conspicuous altruism is a form of peacocking, i.e. a way of signaling wealth and status.
So if it’s going to be tested, it has to be without any suspicion of the participants, which is a particularly difficult task when subjects are in the medium and high ranges of cognitive empathy. I propose that cognitive empathy is more notable by its *absence* in high-ability people.

We can exploit this difference. Overperformance in poker distinguishes cognitive empathy from IQ. One plays the opponent’s cards (CE) and one also plays the odds (IQ). (This can be buttressed with their eye-reading test score.) If we measure empathy by altruistic behaviors (both signaling and actual altruism), then we can subtract the cognitive side to obtain the emotional side. Intuitively speaking, if Full-scale Empathy = Cognitive * Emotional, then Emotional = Full-scale/Cognitive.

It’s going to be effectively impossible to measure a person’s biological disposition to altruistic behavior because it’s related to so many variables, particularly ideology, wealth, and life history. A poor Nietzschean striver is not going to donate much to a charity regardless of his personality, whereas a rich Mormon is likely to make large donations. So, charity can only be sussed out for large groups of subjects, which is fine because we already have social studies that do this with regression analysis.

Anyway, here’s how I’d structure the experiment proper: Hold a Poker tournament, round-robin style. Afterward, players are asked to contribute a portion of their winnings. (Asking the poker players to donate their *time* to charity is much easier to analyze because the disparity in time and wealth between the rich and poor is less obscene.) After this contribution, they are given an eye-reading test and an IQ test. This would take a while (maybe a week) because it’d be exhausting for participants to do all of this in one day. Poker obviously has a skill curve, which could either be obviated using a very large sample size to average out differences (dubious) or more easily and efficiently by appealing to poker enthusiasts who are already in the diminishing returns portion of the skill curve.

That’s all I got for now.

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The pipeline

Settle in kids, it’s time for a story about fiat currency.

The best explanation for this concept is given in The Creature from Jekyll Island. In a typical, national fiat currency the “trustworthiness” is backed by the government, hence the name. If you don’t accept Caesar’s coin, Caesar’s troops show up and make your life difficult. Thus, you have a reasonable expectation that other buyers and sellers will also accept Caesar’s coin, and the trustworthiness of the coin is created magically.

The trouble is that political leaders have an extreme incentive to engage in currency debasement (this is the main thrust of Griffin’s book). There really isn’t any economic or political reason not to inflate if they want to. It’s free money, which can be used to extract resources or buy power by giving bread and circuses to the peasants. And whoever debases the currency gets to spend it with full purchasing power, before prices adjust. That’s why counterfeiting is illegal unless you’re the government, in which case it’s monetarism.

Therefore, national fiat currencies typically inflate to worthlessness as insular elites buy up all the national resources, and everybody else goes into debt. This necessitates a revolution! Here’s the ingenious part: in order to finance a revolution, you need a new form of currency. Some revolutionary leaders like Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson Davis have low opinions of fiat currency because they got screwed under the old boss. But they quickly learn that soldiers are less interested in liberty than bread. Especially when their families at home are starving. What’s the point in defending the South against Union troops if your family can’t buy bread? This means you can create a new fiat during a war and use it to pay your soldiers.

So you have to introduce the new currency anyway, or else you lose the war. And of course it’s printed and enforced by fiat, new boss same as the old boss. So that’s national fiat currencies are created through civil conflict as the misery index rises. The problem (inflation) begets the solution (war). Like I said, it’s ingenious in a devilish sort of way.

What we have in the modern world is a GLOBAL fiat currency, commonly called the petrodollar. Those who are invested in its fiat enforcement and continual debasement are located in New York, London, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, for the most part. So you have this alliance of elites extorting wealth from the rest of the world, using America’s overwhelming military power to enforce the fiat. There is a major difference from typical fiat currencies in that we only care if people buy oil in dollars, because energy is the only resource of geopolitical consequence in industrial and post-industrial countries.

Anyway, this is why America has sustained a giant trade deficit: we export military aggression and extract resources through currency manipulation. Anyone who tries to defect from this alliance gets a sudden case of democracy: Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Ukraine, etc.

Now, the problem is that everyone knows the dollar is not long for this world.
That means you need to start setting up the replacement. According to glosoli, and I believe him, the PLAN is (was) to use the Euro under the direction of the BIS and ECB. In the absence of America’s military, who enforces the resource extraction for TPTB? Europe is entirely dependent on Russian energy imports. Those pipelines already exist, and the Holodomor teaches us that Russia doesn’t mind turning the valves to suit their own interests. In addition to this, most of Europe is fed up with American aggression. They want the New Boss.

So if the dollar crashes, Russia can sell gas to Europe in rubles. Or if they like, yuan or yen. (Ulric thinks yen.) With this, the American economy (i.e. trade deficit) is no more. We all get a lot poorer. Hopefully those of us who are already poorer recover in the absence of the elites, but who knows. Interesting times, very dangerous. So…what this comes down to is that if the current world order is going to maintain their grip, they need to create an alternative energy source for Europe before the dollar crashes. The alternative is the loss of the empire and all its power, influence, and wealth.

This naturally brings us to the Qatar-Europe pipeline. TPTB are financing a massive pipeline to carry oil from the Arabian peninsula to Europe via Turkey. In order to build this, it has to pass through Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. And amusingly, if you want to save money you have to go straight through Aleppo to cut the corner around the Mediterranean.


Hence, the war in Iraq, the “civil” war in Syria, and the coup attempt in Turkey.
As far as I can tell, American intelligence agencies have been playing on both sides of all these conflicts (it’s particularly obvious in Syria and Turkey). There’s a great deal of confusion in our military operations because there’s a difference of opinion at the strategic level.

On the one hand you have those we can roughly describe as “right-wing”, who would prefer that America pass the torch semi-gracefully and cease with the empire-building. This wing of the struggle is already aligned with Russia in their hearts. Probably the secular Turkish officers who instigated the coup were on this side. On the other hand you have the “left-wing”, who would prefer to sacrifice America entirely in order to maintain financial control. The “rebels” in Syria are mercenaries working for these folks.

I think the leftist contingent fears a preference cascade more than anything because a lot of the players technically allied with the Bank of London are actually neutral, and just want to buy and sell oil. I suspect the Saudis fall in that camp.

This is why it’s such a big deal that Duterte told America and the Jews to fuck off, and then nothing bad happened to him. This emboldens others who are disenchanted with the current world order to do likewise, and the more who defect the higher the incentive is to defect from the old world order economy and enter the new world order economy. Hence, a preference cascade.

And that, in a nutshell, is why it’s such a big deal that the right-wing Trump has the mandate of heaven, and crooked Hillary does not.

H/T to G. Edward Griffin, Nate from Vox Popoli, glosoli from Altrugenics, and my magic neanderbrain for putting it all together. If you liked this, leave a comment and/or give me a dollar. Why spend $5 on a cappuccino when you can buy me a $5 cappuccino instead?

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How to give me money

Boneflour cyberbullied me into making a tip jar. In return for your generous donations, I promise to continue posting random insight porn with dubious real-life value on an inconsistent schedule. You’re welcome.$AeoliPera

It’s a very convenient site and anonymous on both ends…unfortunately it only works in the US. I haven’t found anything satisfactory for international donations except Bitcoin, and that’s this whole big thing. Eventually there will be options for those of you lacking freedom and democracy.

I have mixed feelings about doing this, but mostly good. My ideological concern is that monetizing culture converts social capital into financial capital, which is black voodoo magic. However, there’s precedent of monks and monasteries doing the equivalent of blogbegging, which mollifies my pathological conservatism.

Don’t forget to tell your friends to donate to the Asperger’s supremacy movement! All funds go directly to prostitutes, so you’ll also be helping the poor and downtrodden.

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Rant: pathological altruism vs. virtue signaling

The Alt-Right is an adaptive ideology, but not a realistic one. It’s NRx’s retarded younger brother. But it works because retards actually get off their asses and do shit. One day the pedantic older brother started lecturing on how everything bad in America today is the fault of 15th-century Puritans, and while the little brother was unable to follow the Hegelian dialectic process the words “pathological altruism” managed to stick in his microcephalic craw. He tried sounding them out for a while, and found that they sounded funny when he burped them. He made these mouth sounds at his parents in front of their Beltway friends and found immense pleasure at their annoyance. It was even better than “kikes”, which had cost him his Xbox for a week.

Thus, the new ideology was formed.

NRx had this funny idea back in the day that pathological altruism and virtue signaling are the same thing. This is the sort of thing that happens when people think they’re ULTRA INTELLIGENT because they had good grades in school. 4 A’s, an A-, and a B+ in Spanish, incredibru! You, sir, have the makings of a philosopher king. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to reorganize society for all 350,000,000 of the rest of us in America so that you won’t need to work a day job making things people actually want. I can’t think of anything I’d rather pay to support with my labor than lengthy blog posts redesigning our caste system to put IT professionals at the top, complete with harems to realize said professionals’ full reproduction potential.

What these geniuses missed is that pathological altruism and virtue signaling are mutually exclusive, on account of the logical contradiction and all. This isn’t a problem for Nietzschean ubermenschen, so the rest of this post is for us humble plebs who don’t quite grasp how dialectic shapes a population of wannabe psychopaths practicing philosophical pragmatism into shining golden cities.

See, “virtue signaling” is a strategy for maximizing personal fitness in a social species. “Altruism” is a strategy for maximizing group fitness at the expense of individual fitness. This is where things get tricky unless you’re the superman (don’t blink!)…you can’t expend personal fitness and maximize it at the same time. I see some of you are still having trouble with this because you think group fitness and individual fitness are the same thing. May I suggest starting an an esoteric Alt-Right podcast?

Example of altruism: Pat Tillman joins the military instead of being rich and famous, dies in ignominy. The nation is safer because this dude was an ingenopathic beast-mode warrior, and now other men fuck his hot wife (probably including the evil bastards who shot him in the back). Group fitness maximized at the expense of individual fitness.

Example of virtue signaling: A guy’s wife gets brutally murdered by an immigrant, so he uses his EPIC VICTIM STATUS to argue in favor of the status quo, i.e. more immigrants. He is subsequently lauded by the landed press, invited to fancy cocktail parties in New York City, and fucks a series of impressionable young MTV whores way out of his league. Individual fitness is maximized at the expense of group fitness.

“Pathological” means something continues to happen even though it’s bad for you and there’s no longer a purpose in continuing. Wage cucking is pathological on the individual level. The spic-nig cycle is pathological on the societal level. What this means is that pathological altruism means expending individual fitness to maximize group fitness, except group fitness doesn’t get maximized. Get it?

Now you know, so you can get back to blaming immigration on 500 years of Christian mindwaves poisoning discourse at modern day Harvard, because if there’s anything they love at Harvard it’s the Psalms. It just makes sense.

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Further analysis of the people, process, product categories

I’ve previously written about Marcus Lemonis’ big picture for businesses, and how he uses it to solve a particular problem. I’d like to extend this now into a more general problem-solving process.

There’s an implicit hierarchy in People, Process, Product, with the business owner and employees on the People side and the customer on the Product side. The customer has no economic, a priori interest in Process or People, and likewise the sellers have no economic interest in Process or Product. For this reason, I’ve decided to analyze the prerequisites for a transaction like so, using the seven question words as a mnemonic:

People -> Process -> Product

People: Why?
People -> Process: Who?
Process: Where/When?
Process -> Product: How?
Product: What?
(Customer): How much?

1. People: Why?

What’s in it for the people running the business? What emotional needs are they satisfying in themselves by selling the product? This is arguably the most important to understand clearly, the easiest to do, and the most neglected aspect of determining whether a business idea is both viable and plausible.

2. People -> Process: Who does what?

This is tasking, project management, tracking and documentation, and discussions of liability and profit-sharing.

3. Process: Where/When?

Logistics. “If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.” Every logistical process needs to be represented as a verbal description, a picture (generally a flowchart or a lookup table), and a couple of numbers detailing costs and time to completion. The larger a business scales, the more important it is for these numbers to be formalized, exact, and easily referenced.

4. Process -> Product: How?

This is basic problem solving and it’s where most small business owners spend their startup costs and planning time and energy. To make products A, B, and C, you need capital assets X, Y, and Z, and people who know how to use them. This is also where safety, legality, and regulation overhead come into play.

5. Product: What?

Self-explanatory. Read Josh Kaufman’s book if you haven’t already.

6. (Customer): How much?

Business analysis, pricing, and receiving orders.

If you want to really work that brain muscle, try conceiving of this as a two-way process. After all, in every (consensual) economic transaction between two parties both parties are receiving something they want and giving something for it. That means you’re both a seller and a customer in every exchange, so you can approach each transaction from both ends of this flowchart.

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Evangelion allegory interpreted

The previous disclaimer still applies. I don’t recommend the show in general.

Evangelion is allegorical in nature, and the symbols are straightforward. When I hand you this cipher, you will be able to understand the allegory by doing a straightforward find/replace in a good plot summary*. For example, you can find/replace Lucifer for “Adam” and angel for “Evangelion”. (To understand the latter, it’s helpful to know that the words “angel” and “evangelist” mean messenger, as in messengers from God).

Adam…is the designation of the First Angel, the first of Earth’s two Seeds of Life and the progenitor of the Third through Seventeenth Angels. Adam is also the genetic basis of the Evangelions (with the possible exception of Eva-01).

Adam’s distinct physical features are never clearly shown, since in the few available glimpses of Adam’s adult form, it is either partially covered by ice or just a glowing silhouette—hence the nickname “Giant of Light.” It is a giant humanoid, similar in many ways to the Evangelions, but its true nature is unknown.


Adam’s wings expanding during Second Impact

The macro-scale story is very tightly written in allegorical terms, because every major plot element has a 1-1 correspondence with something in occultism. However, the plot is still somewhat difficult to understand because the storytelling is fragmented and generally poor.

Our first clue that something is amiss is given by the fact that mankind is fighting for survival against “angels”. This immediately raises the question “aren’t angels supposed to be the good guys?” Following this clue to its logical conclusion leads us to the crux of the plot: The Human Instrumentality Project.

The SEELE cabal’s logo is the same symbol as found on Lilith’s (Babalon’s) mask.

The SEELE cabal’s ultimate goal is to reduce humanity to a fluid of undifferentiated stem cells (LCL), creating a chaotic god-like superorganism superior to Adam and the angels. This assimilation would simultaneously mean the end of all human anxiety, war, competition, and strife. This will sound familiar to some of you as the transhumanist goal of Gnosticism/Kabbalah:

The goal (of Soros, since I assume that is what you are asking) is to create a global government where all people intermingle and breed and become one people ruled by a radically pure Jewish race. They sincerely believe under their rule all human conflict will cease because there will be no more cause for division. This desire is born out of a fear of the horrors of WWII. The Holocaust is a lie, but the death toll was still massive nonetheless. And many people were brutalized by it.

FBI anon

The easiest way to understand this is to think of it as mirrored Nazism: Soros and Hitler only disagree on which radically pure bloodline ought to be in charge of ruling the degenerate masses of humanity, and which would have to be exterminated as unwanted competition.

So this occult business is what the show is really all about. Now we can explain the initial paradox of humans fighting angels: the angels are sent by “God” to halt this modern Tower of Babel project.

On the one hand you have Adam (Lucifer) and the angels attempting to punish humanity’s (the Lilins’) hubris by causing a mass extinction event (called the Third Impact*) and on the other hand you have Lilith (Babylon) and SEELE fighting back with all of earth’s military might and NERV’s captured angels (EVAs) as they attempt to direct the same extinction event to achieve their Instrumentality Project. These extinction events (first, second and third impacts) occur whenever the genetic material of Adam and Lilith are mixed, which recalls the magical idea that sex, death, and rebirth are inseparable.

Human Instrumentality is (mostly) achieved in The End of Evangelion, when Lilith wins this struggle and breaks down the AT Fields of (almost) all of humanity by presenting them with the prospect of joining minds with the people they love. When their resistance is broken down, they lose individuality and revert to primordial LCL.

For example:

At first Maya’s attraction to Ritsuko only appears to be a professional admiration, enhanced by Maya frequently being seen working aside Ritsuko, and Maya always referring to the other woman as “Ritsuko-sempai” or merely “Sempai”, an honorific directed towards a person of higher rank. However, Maya’s transition guide in Episode 26′ takes the form of Ritsuko Akagi, who types “I need you” (literally: “INEEDYUO”) on Maya’s laptop with her hands over Maya’s, and then embraces her. Before turning to LCL Maya cried “Sempai! Sempai! Sempai!” with a look of ecstasy, tears flowing from her eyes. This suggests that Maya was secretly in love with Ritsuko, though whether Ritsuko knew about this attraction or reacted to it is uncertain.

Maya Ibuki

AT Fields refer to a person’s self-concept, and the integrity of their feelings of individuality. The best term to describe this is self-perception, or simply consciousness. The purpose of the Human Instrumentality Project is to break down all these individual human AT Fields so that humanity becomes an undifferentiated mass with no fears, anxieties, or self-consciousness.

An angel defensively projects its AT (absolute terror) Field to protect itself.

Despite my reservations about the quality of the show, there are many examples of pure genius to be found. LCL is one of these, because reducing humanity to primordial ooze is a compelling visual and, furthermore, the logical extreme of Soros’ plan to reduce all the earth to miscegenating mud slaves constantly humping each other whenever the whip hands aren’t looking. And on top of that, I’d wager that if we want to talk about the mysteries of DNA, evolution, and intelligent design, we’d get the best returns by examining them at the abstraction level of cell differentiation processes.

There is also some insightful commentary on this occult dialectic. First and foremost, we see that the synthesis “as above, so below” is well-represented in the architecture of NERV headquarters and Tokyo-3 and in the plot surrounding NERV.


Though the war between the right-hand path of Adam and Gendo Ikari and the left-hand path of Lilith and SEELE is hard-fought, vicious and often extremely brutal, the average ignorant civilians are gonna get fucked in the ass no matter who wins. Japanese fatalism is 100% on full display in this series.

Another bit of insightful commentary is found in the fascist world surrounding NERV. This high-trust, cohesive society is the beautiful dream that inspires the 1488ers:

You can’t argue with the beauty of human harmony when society is united in striving toward a singular pursuit. The problem with that…is that human harmony can only be achieved when cooperation is more adaptive than competition. And for that, you need an existential threat. This means that fascism requires an eternally escalating war against an alien threat. We catch a glimpse of this beautiful dream as every resource in the worldwide society of Evangelion is mustered under the direction of SEELE to fight the angels. Even Shinji’s schoolmates are revealed to secretly be a selected pool of reserve EVA pilot candidates. Fascistic aestheticism is brilliantly displayed throughout.

But we also see the consequences of complacency and ignorance for those who spend their lives dreaming.

Lilith collecting souls across the Earth during Third Impact

There’s a great deal more unpacking to be done and I might get around to doing that, but if I don’t you can consider this post to be a Rosetta Stone for interpreting the rest of the series.


**Kaworu remarks in Evangelion 3.33 that mass extinction events are relatively normal on evolutionary timescales.

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