Good on you, Google

They’ve made a bunch of fanfare over their new privacy policies, which are eminently understandable and concise, with the effect that two or three people will actually read them. A strange, new idea for lawyers that we proletariat scum may want to participate in our own legal affairs.

That’s a good faith effort on their part, and I appreciate them more for it. I recommend reading them if you use Google services frequently; it takes all of a couple minutes.

This whole episode reminds me of a discussion I had back in old country, with one Ginsu of the DJ’s trade. It was with respect to the annual defense spending bill that taught us all what Posse Comitatus means. Ginsu believed wholeheartedly that nothing was the matter except that Americans do not understand how our government works, and were easily excited by partisan pundits. He did not see the hidden contradiction in this perspective; when our form of government is predicated on citizen involvement, it must be understandable to most of them. Therefore one thing or another is certainly wrong, and we’re left only to discuss where the fault lies.

Personally, I think our government is a shallow-state confusopoly that would make Ayn Rand proud. The workings have been obfuscated so much that only an intelligent insider will ever be able to guess precisely how a law will be interpreted- exactly the sort of technocracy computer science nerds like Ginsu crave. Except they don’t realize that they aren’t smart enough for it, nor do nerds tend be be in-crowd types.

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2 Responses to Good on you, Google

  1. Heaviside says:

    Who is smart enough for it?

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