I hadn’t realized this, but it makes a lot of sense in retrospect.

It’s revealing that the elite education system has succeeded in fulfilling the dream of “positive eugenicists” such as Sir Francis Galton, who called for society to develop institutions to bring together the smartest and hardest-working young people for romance. Among the last three couples in the White House, for example, the Clintons met at Yale Law School and the Obamas were assigned each other because both were Harvard Law students.

So college doesn’t exist just as a type-caste system- one of its original purposes is assortative breeding. John Taylor Gatto alluded to a similar idea in his critique of the Prussian schooling model, that public schools use metrics like skimming nets to collect the brightest students. But to encourage breeding by raw propinquity…that’s heavy stuff.

It’s amazing how much more I know about people than my peers, and how much less I seem to know than men of antiquity.

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