Well, I started implementing my plan immediately. It’s going well, but I ran into a good surprise and a bad surprise.

The bad surprise I should have anticipated because I’ve seen it before. Math can cause insomnia. Once the gears start turning they don’t slow down easy, so math right before bed is a big no-no. I’ve learned my lesson, but work’s gonna be interesting today. I don’t like work to be interesting; I like monotony so I can let my imagination run wild. Anyway, it’s 3:15 now. Hence the title.

The good surprise is that I enjoy working on math problems! I wouldn’t have guessed it before, what with all the public schooling and obligatory whatnot, but it’s a revelation better found late than never. I’m also slightly surprised at how well my skills have held up. It’s not quite like riding a bicycle; it’s more like learning to ride a different wheeled contraption with each new puzzle. Some of the ideas carry over, some don’t. Anyway, I’ve also discovered a latent aptitude for proofs, although my college experience should have told me that. It’s a very abstract talent, and abstraction is kinda my thing ;-).

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