Spare ribs

(This’ll be a short one, just to satisfy my requirement to post something each day.)

I just had the best sparring night of my life. It’s a little ironic, because my attendance has been awful for the last month, but nonironic* at the same time because I was able to get my attitude out of a passive, tense rut into an aggressive, relaxed one. My skills haven’t deteriorated, although my cardio is the pits. And guess which one is more fun to fix (yech).

So anyway, today I learned that even black belts sometimes forget themselves and charge into my reach with the front ribs completely unprotected. As a long-legged kicker, that floating rib is a tasty morsel for my side kick >:-P.

I also landed a spinning hook kick on the chin of a visiting black belt from another school. Didn’t put much behind it, as is our custom, but it felt very sexy.

*The correct antonym for ironic, though noisome.

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