Clothing is group identification

Aside from keeping warm, the function of clothing is to identify the cliques to which a person belongs.

First, an analogy. Another proud, marginalized subset of society is metalheads. They wear the same clothes so often that a black T-shirt with complicated death-themed patterns might as well be a uniform [sic]. Bands wear this uniform on stage so you won’t be surprised when their low strings are palm-muted and their solos are intricate and virtuoso.

Clothing is like an opening statement in real-life communication. Most people dress to identify themselves with a subgroup of their culture, E.g. Outdoor athletic wear for SWPLs, baggy shirts for poor whites, suits for serious-minded men, red for Bloods, etc. This is a semiconscious, nonverbal type of communication.

Internet Atheism, clothing, and group identification

Combining this with the newly christened first principle, we have an interesting application. If you want to form a new habit or assume a new attitude, you should change your appearance somehow. I can’t help wondering if this is the origin of the saying “put on your thinking cap”. So much of the thinking I do these days is rediscovery.

On an unrelated note, the conversation in the comments of the referenced post is a fascinating case study.

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2 Responses to Clothing is group identification

  1. Zeke says:

    agnophilo was sure defensive. Did you do something to offend him? Race wasn't even mentioned until the comments…

  2. Aeoli Pera says:

    “Who? Whom?” It's basic intergroup behavior to emotionally defend one's perceived home turf.

    The race thing was meant to incapacitate me. Essentially, he wanted the conversation to progress like so:

    Him: “If you believe that therefore you must also be a racist.”
    Me: “I don't want to be a racist, therefore I retract my post.”

    Instead, it went:

    Him: “If you believe that therefore you must also be a racist.”
    Me: “Yes.”

    I perceive that he exited the debate because his debate skills are relatively amateurish. Name-calling was his trump card.

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