Good question

Isn’t this what happens in the early stages of a relationship? A smart man will display his character flaws in small doses so as not to scare a girl off. As the investment of both parties increases, those little surprises will be more likely to be accepted.

That’s a non-evil way to subvert another’s will.

From Anthronomics principle #1

Ethics isn’t one of my subjects, so I’ll answer a related question that I suspect will clarify the picture.

If you don’t communicate every aspect of your history, personality, and character in the first instant you meet someone, is that dishonest salesmanship? What about the first day? The first month? Is it dishonest if the girl doesn’t know you perfectly by the fifth year of marriage?

The answer, of course, is that you do the best you can. You have to spread out the information due simply to time restraints, while making sure to give the most important information up front.

No one can understand anyone perfectly, so we have to make do with approximations. Over the course of a relationship, we can make better and better approximations.

This is more generally applicable than just the sociosexual market.

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