A better English prefix for the internet

We need one because the existing prefixes are stupid: e-, i-, cyber-, info-, techno- and net-.

The prefix has to be short and inoffensive to the ears, while forming words that aren’t retarded. It would be nice if it followed traditional word-building rules as well, and/or had a Greek or Latin basis.

If you try to think of any, try them with a couple of the following suffixes for palatability:

prefix-onym (meaning “internet-name”)
prefix-ology (meaning “internet-the study of”)
prefix-ic/ical (meaning “internet-related”)
prefix-escence (meaning “internet-ongoing process”)

I suggest “ari-“, shortened from the Latin “aerius”. So,


I’m not upsetting much in the way of precedent, either. The same goes for the alternative shortened form, “eri-“.


I prefer “ari-“, personally.

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