Vidya garmes!

I started taking life a little too seriously for a moment there. Oughta be a pill.

Anyway, I decided to stall on the previous project until I could do another project that’s been on the back burner: PlayStation emulation. Took all of fifteen minutes to get it running, I think.

I installed pSX using this tutorial. It’s concise and the details are correct (especially the “Missing d3dx9_26.dll” error). One thing the tutorial is missing is a link to the emulator itself. Maybe it’s a legal thing?

This tutorial is to help you with pSX. It is a PS1 emulator that works to its peak capacity right out of the box. That’s great for people who don’t want to fuss with ePSXe’s plug-in system. pSX is also friendlier on slower computers. However, pSX is a rather simple emulator and doesn’t have all the fancy features that ePSXe has.

Fantasy Anime
pSX tutorial

Fine by me. It plays and does quicksaves, and that’s all I want anyhow. Simplicity itself. My sister tried ePSXe on her computer, and it spazzed out during any and all particle effects. That can be trouble when you’re trying to play Final Fantasy Tactics.

Which I’m not, by the way. That one’s definitely illegal, what with it’s still selling at outrageous prices. (Yeah, yeah, value is subjective blah blah blah. That’s just the most practical model, IMHO.)

I picked up Breath of Fire IV instead, over at I can report that the first 20 minutes were endearing enough to keep playing. I’m a big fan of staying at least five years behind the recreational technology curve, as it’s much cheaper. (I’m a full decade behind, in this case.)

The download came with two files:

breath of fire 4.bin (The game itself)
breath of fire 4.cue (The cd emulator. When you want to put the game in the virtual cd tray, this is the one you pick.)

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