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Fantastically frightening

I’ve been reading a lot about psychology lately- textbooks, popsci books, and mystic books- and it’s gotten my head in a strange place. This story is completely true, from my perspective. I’m not crazy, I think. I put down my … Continue reading

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Estimated Elo rating

1150. Apparently, that’s negligibly better than a random number generator. Yay me! I tried one of the online calculators, but I’m extremely skeptical of the estimates produced. I scored a 1380 when I put in my moves, but putting in … Continue reading

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"Idiocracy" may have happened already

Quick disclaimer: I haven’t seen the movie, so I’m only referring to the underlying philosophy. I’ve been told I would like it, which I doubt. I consider stupidity a sin that we’re all doomed to experience, and I no longer … Continue reading

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Generalizing societal pressures

Schneier (lots of love for him today and yesterday) explained the term in a synopsis of his book: My central metaphor is the Prisoner’s Dilemma, which nicely exposes the tension between group interest and self-interest. And the dilemma even gives … Continue reading

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Probability is a matter of perspective

One of my favorite hobbies is predicting outcomes, and my dirty little secret is that I like to be as ignorant as possible when I’m doing it (assuming it’s not influencing an important decision). When I rely more on deduction … Continue reading

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Peric method for memorizing numbers

This seems to work better than the loci method for numbers between 8 and 50-100 digits. It has a little less staying power, but it’s also less expensive, cognitively speaking. It also gets easier with practice. For an example, I’ll … Continue reading

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Peric method for memorizing prose

It’s just how I memorize Bible passages. I don’t mind if you think it doesn’t work for you. First, I type out a full sentence in a text file (or verse, in this case): “Paul, a servant of Christ, called … Continue reading

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Blogroll changes

Additions: Deletions: I guess I’m less interested in Game than I used to be. More likely, I don’t think these blogs have much else to teach me.

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Where have I been?

I’ve been playing with my toys: 1. Ubuntu Like I said, up and running with a minimum of fuss. I don’t have a wide variety of computing needs. My wireless card is supported out of the box. 2. Dvorak I’ll … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s XKCD had an alt text that must needs be shared. Frankly, I see no difference between thee and a summer’s day. Only Ron Paul offers a TRUE alternative! lulz

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