Repost: The spousing bubble

ThePrivateMan linked to an illustrative post by the University of Man, but one of the comments outshone even that excellent post:

If your vagina has consumed more aggregate feet of cock than you are tall, you are a slut.

No one wants to marry a slut.

A girl asked me once why it was okay for me to have a high notch count, but not her. I told her it was a double standard (what more do you need, woman?). She said double standards between men and women were bullshit. I explained that they aren’t bullshit because we shouldn’t be held to the same standard anyway – seeing as we aren’t equal. Then I explained with this analogy. I forget where I heard this, but it is brilliant:

A key that opens any lock is a valuable key. A lock that is opened by any key is a worthless lock.

on The Spousing Bubble

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