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Some mechanics of comic writing

I’ll start by addressing a good point by Markku: The important thing is to understand that this is a difficult format, and approach it with the effort it requires. Entire plotlines may have to be abandoned simply because they can’t … Continue reading

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Here from Alpha Game?

This post is for a few specific people, for a specific conversation. You can look around for a sec if you want, but you probably won’t find anything interesting. I haven’t started writing anything worth your time yet. I want … Continue reading

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The number 3 has always been my favorite number. It certainly doesn’t make much sense; wouldn’t an objectively useful number like 2 or 12 would be a more logical choice? But no, 3 has always been the most aesthetically pleasing. … Continue reading

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Standard assumptions

The title won’t make sense at first. During lunch, I was mulling over the concept of calories. Calorie intake alone doesn’t provide you with an accurate picture of your health. It’s an objective measure, but it’s not very useful. What … Continue reading

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Repost: The spousing bubble

ThePrivateMan linked to an illustrative post by the University of Man, but one of the comments outshone even that excellent post: If your vagina has consumed more aggregate feet of cock than you are tall, you are a slut. No … Continue reading

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Watching another fucking divorce happen

Understanding people has not led me to like them, as I had hoped. Actually, I feel even greater contempt than when they were an irrational mystery. A couple of tables over, there is a 25ish woman trying to contain her … Continue reading

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Repost: Your Twitter is a terrist!

According to this document, received by EPIC under the Freedom of Information Act, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is combing through the gazillions of social media postings looking for terrorists. A partial list of keywords is included in the … Continue reading

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At which Dunbar number does democracy fail?

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t think democracy works for large populations. My theory is that personal reputation doesn’t scale to third-hand accounts. For instance, you might trust an acquaintance of an acquaintance over a stranger, but you wouldn’t trust … Continue reading

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Easier Dunbar numbers

One thing I noticed while reading Liars and Outliers is that the Dunbar numbers Schneier estimates scale roughly with every other power of two. For me, this geometric sequence Self, 2, 8, 32, 128, 512, 2048 is much easier to … Continue reading

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Us vs. them

agnophilo was sure defensive. Did you do something to offend him? Race wasn’t even mentioned until the comments… Zekeon Clothing is group identification “Who? Whom?” It’s basic intergroup behavior to emotionally defend one’s perceived home turf. The race thing was … Continue reading

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