Secession for scientific society

From Feral Observations, an excellent essay:

Secession is necessary to free society. Free society starts with mutual consent. Mutual consent implies the option not to consent. “Freedom From” compliments “Freedom To”.


Tyranny of the majority, limited only by a vague laundry list of selectively enforced human rights — the sine qua non of “liberal democracy” — must submit to the right to secede or it violates truth and freedom, hence all social good.

Jim Bowery
Secession from Slavery to Free Scientific Society

He addresses, rather quickly, the potential conflict of interests that sparked the American Civil War:

Getting right to the point that people need addressed whenever “secession” is uttered:

Abolition of slavery is support of individual secession.

Slaves want to secede from their “owners” just as others want to — and do — secede from societies they find objectionable. The difference between slavery and others turns solely on whether the individual’s right to secede is realized. All who are denied secession are slaves: their consent is violated.


And my favorite part,

Beyond such gross reductions in cost, there are nuances that must be addressed which take us into the realm of value. What is of scientific value? The answer to this cannot be divorced from the question of human values. Nor can there be a better approximation of “scientific value” than the experiments in which people are willing to invest their lives. Can we assign equal value to all human lives in the optimization of our social laboratory? If we are to achieve a universally accepted principle in support of secession, it would seem so. Upon this definition of “equality” we can found a universal value for truth in which people may live and die according to their beliefs – and in which just war may be waged for freedom. This is the only way out of the Malthusian Trap. There is the possibility that by equally valuing life, unbridled reproductive success among some groups will threaten us with the Malthusian Trap anyway. But if we fail in this, there is more than the possibility or probability, but the near certainty of billions of deaths in universal chaos if not war.


Which is to say that I oughtn’t value my own life over someone else’s, except insofar as other principles may dictate in a specific situation, like self-defense.

Jim Bowery deserves more attention than he gets.

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2 Responses to Secession for scientific society

  1. Heaviside says:

    Doesn’t apply if we don’t consider slaves human.

    The leap from voluntaryism to totalitarian socialism(totzism) can be accomplished by embracing the problem of other minds.

    Do you think melonheads believe in other minds?

    • aeolipera says:

      Hmm, the real melonheads or their dysgenic offspring? I think yes, in both cases, and moreso for the former. I don’t think they care, much as we don’t care that our pets have minds. That’s not why we have them around. It’s because they’re fuzzy and affectionate.

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