Two questions

Several weeks ago, Vox Day wrote,

Both Plato and Cicero are fundamentally skeptical about democracy, as Plato sees as the second-worst form of government leading eventually to demagogic tyranny as liberty devolves into license, whereas Cicero instead observes it as a prelude to aristocracy.

History indicates that both transitions have been observed, but that as a general rule, Cicero has the right of it. Of the great tyrannies of the 20th century, only the German one arose from democracy. The others came about through various forms of oligarchy. And the modern systems of limited representative democracy are far too historically short-lived to claim that they are the magic politically stable system that many believe them to be; Cicero points out that at only 400 years of age, it is still too soon to speak definitively of the Roman republic.


For all that the American left feared the presidential dictates of the “unelected” George W. Bush and the American right still fears the authoritarian principles of the “ineligible” Barack Obama, what we can conclude from the historical evidence that supports the conclusions of Cicero rather than those of Plato is that what passes for Western democracy is not going to devolve into monarchy, but rather aristocratic oligarchy. And that is precisely what we have been witnessing for decades, a transformation that has become increasingly clear since the global financial crisis began in 2008.

Already the principle of equality before the law has been openly discarded. While it was never perfectly implemented throughout the course of American history, judges and politicians were always careful to honor it even in the breach and went to great lengths to hide even their most egregious violations of it beneath a veneer of plausibly contorted reasoning. Now, they no longer trouble themselves to do so, as the rights of artificial persons and other classes favored by the ruling aristocracy are permitted to violate the law with impunity, suffering no legal consequences even when they publicly admit to criminal law-breaking on a grand scale.

While the West has not yet reached the point where the neighborhood banker can claim his droit du seigneur on a woman’s wedding night, the unelected new administrations of Greece and Italy make it clear that the age of Western democracy is over and a new aristocratic age has begun.

Vox Day
The limits of democracy

Insofar as it matters, I agree. My first question is, therefore, what effect the existence of this aristocratic class will have on the theory and applications of Game, if any.

I’m waiting for a good opportunity to ask, though I expect to be ignored. Maybe he’s butthurt about something. I could probably get someone else’s attention, but as far as I know only Vox or Heartiste have the right social perspective for this one.

The second question I already asked at AlphaGame:

Ad rem, I’d love to see Vox’s take on the social dilemma of premarital sex.

If all people in a society enter monogamous marriages, it encourages Beta/Delta/Gamma behaviors, which tend to support a stable and productive society (I can’t discern whether Omegas would be more prevalent). Generally, I think we prefer such k-selection behaviors in society at large, i.e. mostly doves and relatively few hawks.

But if premarital sex is considered legal/moral, cuckolding becomes easier. When his girlfriend turns out to be pregnant, the schmuck will probably assume the kid is his and feel obligated to marry her and support the child. After all, he’s been sexing her on the regular.

The r-selecting ALPHA in this situation benefits from another man raising his child(ren). The r-selecting girlfriend benefits from his ladykiller genes. The k-selecting cuckold gets raped in the ass.

Athol Kay disagrees, saying the benefits of trying before buying outweigh the costs (for the Betas). You also have to take into account the effects of contraception, abortion, and the possible benefits of encouraging Betas, Gammas, and Deltas to cohabitate.

Because as things stand, they are passing on their k-selection genes at an abysmal rate compared to the Alphas and Sigmas. Too many chiefs and not enough indians, as the saying goes. Too many hawks, not enough doves.

Disclaimer: I am a compatibilist, not a strict biodeterminist.

The curse of cohabitation

Nothing. Ah well, maybe I’ll think it out on my own.

Outside opinions and questions are welcome, as always. My rule is to respond in kind and with greater magnitude, so if your opinion is offered in good faith I will try to respond in better faith and vice versa. Even uninformed questions are welcome, because they help me to solidify my own thoughts.

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