Three abstract ideas

Show off your genius!

Usually, creative genius consists of combining two abstract ideas into something new. For example, combining the idea of selling books with the idea of internet shopping (Amazon). It’s not all that difficult, after a couple of tries. Fair warning: If you haven’t tried it before, your head may begin spinning with the possibilities. You will need to learn that it’s okay for most of these ideas to fall into the void of forgetfulness.

(This is also why many of my post titles follow the “X and Y” formula.)

Purely for intellectual exercise, I’m going to provide you with three abstract ideas (they are already somewhat related). Your task is to combine them into a new idea. There can be many answers, but the important thing is to observe the dynamics of your thought process.

Idea one: Competition and creativity
Idea two: Nerds and jocks
Idea three: Selling fear and/or greed

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3 Responses to Three abstract ideas

  1. Zeke says:

    No hints! I'm going to come back to this eventually.

  2. Zeke says:

    The first idea talked about the guy who dropped out of the competition market and instead became creative and developed PayPal and Facebook. It warned against focusing on competition because new ground is often more personally profitable and socially valuable.

    The second idea sought to describe a couple of changes seen in different races/cultures based on segregation. It was interesting to read about the rise and fall of the social prominence of nerds and jocks.

    And now to synthesize. You could say that nerds are creative whereas jocks are competitive. The two 'species' of males have worked in tandem for centuries. Where would the conquering Roman generals be if not for the creative (read: nerdy) smiths, alchemists, cartographers and engineers? Where would the United States be if not for our geeky scientists, economists, and, also, engineers?

    And the opposite can be said as well: nerdliness and creativity die off without the protection of competition and jocks. A society leaning heavily or solely on more feminine traits is likely to die off. Can you think of any in existence today? An entirely aggressive and competitive society kills itself just as fast.

    It's an interdependent, mutually beneficial relationship.

    I could write more, but this was just an exercise and I got my work out.

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