CISPA passed the House

So that’s fun. Here’s the roll call. Ron Paul apparently abstained.

Leigh Beadon weighs in:

Now, critics of the bill have of course been saying all along that it could be used for things way beyond this stated cybersecurity purpose. But the response from supporters has been consistent: no, it can’t, and even if it can, it won’t be. [Insert another impassioned speech about the cyber-threat from China.] Then, suddenly, only a few minutes before the final vote, the representatives near-unanimously amend CISPA to include these brand new targets of bodily harm and child exploitation, which have nothing to do with cybersecurity and which have rarely if ever been mentioned in relation to the bill.

Basically, the amendment closes a loophole but opens a door. It takes away some of the language that allows overreach of the bill, but then explicitly endorses the exact things people were worried the government would do with that language—as in, start using the data to investigate and build cases against American citizens without regard for the laws that would normally protect their privacy.

Leigh Beadon
Did CISPA Actually Get Better Before Passing?

This is all part and parcel of the eventual holocaust I’ve been predicting. Combine it with the mainstream notice of “race realism”, financial realities, and a conservative backlash, and we have an idea that something bad is going to happen to America. We just don’t know the exact form it will take yet. Probably a technofancy version of what’s happened to similar empires in history.

My 50-year prediction was probably overgenerous.

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1 Response to CISPA passed the House

  1. heaviside says:

    Ugh, I wish we could get another holocaust.

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