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I’m also bad at chess

Empirically speaking. I think Zeke has beaten me four times in a row, now. You are Odysseus. You are renowned for your cunning wiles and fantastic plans. You’ve always got a trick up your sleeve. You are also a home-loving … Continue reading

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Secession for scientific society

From Feral Observations, an excellent essay: Secession is necessary to free society. Free society starts with mutual consent. Mutual consent implies the option not to consent. “Freedom From” compliments “Freedom To”. […] Tyranny of the majority, limited only by a … Continue reading

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Definition of the "hard" sciences

First, I’ll define Objective and Subjective questions. If you ask a group of people a question and receive only one answer from all of them, that is an Objective question. For instance, people tend to agree that 2 + 2 … Continue reading

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Two questions

Several weeks ago, Vox Day wrote, Both Plato and Cicero are fundamentally skeptical about democracy, as Plato sees as the second-worst form of government leading eventually to demagogic tyranny as liberty devolves into license, whereas Cicero instead observes it as … Continue reading

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Proper adjectives, verbs, etc.

Named according to the spirit of proper nouns. Syntax matters a lot, because introverted intuitives (especially INTJs and INFJs) are highly over-represented on the internet. This table from isn’t a rigorous sampling, but it works as a starting point. … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different

If I told you “Poker Face” was a “serious” song, would you believe it? If I told you this was an amateur composer and guitar player, would you believe it? I really like the way Grigoryan plays with the volume … Continue reading

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Give me liberty or give me death

Or, contrapositively, Death would be unfortunate, but slavery would be unacceptable. H/T Patrick Henry

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Well well…(bomb threats)

I think it’s time to start outsourcing our intelligence agencies (a misnomer if I ever saw one). Remember that post about the University of Pittsburgh bomb threats? Turns out the FBI doesn’t have any techomagic with which to fight back. … Continue reading

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Political News IQ

Expanding beyond the News IQ quizzes it periodically conducts, Pew Research recently released the results of what the organization calls the Political News IQ Quiz, which you can take here. I answered them all correctly, as I suspect the majority … Continue reading

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The eventual consequence

Ron Unz, in the American Conservative: Meanwhile, the rapid concentration of American wealth continues apace: the richest 1 percent of America’s population now holds as much net wealth as the bottom 90–95 percent, and these trend may even be accelerating. … Continue reading

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