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Overthinking the Chrono Trigger bassline

Admit it, you’re turned on by that. Here’s the bass tab, by auriplane: Chrono Trigger – Battle BASS TABSong by Yasunori Mitsuda Tabbed by auriplane ( I think this is the easiest way to play it. If it seems like … Continue reading

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Attack of the psychic transdimensional octopus!

Spoiler alert. Bonus points if you know what I’m spoiling. Anyway, it’s no secret that a common enemy can bring people together. In fact, that’s the plot of The Avengers (which you should watch if you haven’t already). But can … Continue reading

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Picking losers

I like this idea, especially because it can be generalized to all the risk-based decisions we make in everyday life. It also draws on our critical functions, rather than the same optimistic functions that we use to post facto rationalize … Continue reading

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Consider the implications

I just tried accessing Athol Kay’s blog in a chain-brand coffee shop, and I got this message: Dear {user}, This is a message from the IT Department. The web site you are trying to access: {url}is listed as a site … Continue reading

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Movie pitch: Krishna attacks America

So I’m weathering an exciting Midwestern thunderstorm in a little coffee shop, and a huge roll of thunder gets my attention. I look out the window and see a huge tree that I mistake, in a frightening moment, for a … Continue reading

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Logical vs. intuitive or (expressibility)

That’s one way of distinguishing between the logical or (and/or) and xor (either or/er), because xor is much more intuitive to those of us who have to make value judgments on a regular basis. “Do I want X or Y?” … Continue reading

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Francis Galton and wine snobs

So I had this unsubstantiated thought, right? Back in the day, Sir Francis Galton had a conjecture that general intelligence had something to do with increased sensory sensitivity. The basic idea kind of makes sense, actually, because more input means … Continue reading

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