Repost: Planning for civil war

Why yes, I am following that old advice for defeating writer’s block; Lower your standards and keep going.

I’ve been pretty clear about where I stand in the antebellum (the path of least resistance), but I like playing armchair general as much as anyone. Here’s me doing that in response to this.

The unfocused nature of the comments here worries me. We assume bloodshed is inevitable, but we aren’t yet taking steps to mitigate it. This is shameful for such an intelligent audience.

Remember that the way to avoid bloodshed is to win with overwhelming power, such that the enemy loses the will to fight. Here’s are some example preliminaries:

  • We need to be encouraging feminism in the existing military to weaken and enstupify it.
  • We need to study the militaristic tendencies of our ethnic and political enemies. Do they have a weakness for parading around in their fancy uniforms? We should devise IED tactics to exploit this.
  • We need to create the subcommunities to which we’ll turn when the greater American community fractures.
  • We need to divide and weaken the enemy’s subcommunities. If white liberals and blacks are already at each others’ throats in 2033, it’ll be child’s play to defeat the weaker of the two, and then the stronger.
  • We need to set realistic goals for such an effort: The barbarians have little desire to conquer Idaho, but they’ll fight for California. It’s a shame, but I think it’s acceptable to let them have most of the oceanfront.

War’s all in the details, and our adaptability depends on our readiness. We know that we (probably) have less than two decades to prepare.

Commenting on Game Over by Vox Day

Too bad the unruly masses aren’t really into planning or logistics. Yuck, those things are boring. Let’s talk about how we’re going to buy gold and guns instead and how we’re totally not going to get creamed like corn under the treads of American military might.

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