Should have thought of that


A better English prefix for the internet

We need one because the existing prefixes are stupid: e-, i-, cyber-, info-, techno- and net-.

The prefix has to be short and inoffensive to the ears, while forming words that aren’t retarded. It would be nice if it followed traditional word-building rules as well, and/or had a Greek or Latin basis.

If you try to think of any, try them with a couple of the following suffixes for palatability:

prefix-onym (meaning “internet-name”)
prefix-ology (meaning “internet-the study of”)
prefix-ic/ical (meaning “internet-related”)
prefix-escence (meaning “internet-ongoing process”)


Well, “ether-” fits all of the criteria and it’s already in use, so that clinches it in my book. Quick H/T to Tycho Brahe (a more talented wordsmith than me) for using it in something I read. I’ll change the spelling to aether to distinguish it from current usage, but the pronunciation is the same.

Please begin using the term for the common good of all English gentlemen who want a language that doesn’t suck so much dick. If you must, pretend that you’re using it ironically until it catches on.


  • The aether (the internet)
  • Aethernym
  • Aethrology
  • Aethric (I’m especially happy about this one)
  • Aethrescence
  • And so on

Note the stem change on the last three words from “aether-” to “aethr(e)”. And the most important example…

  • Aethermail

Because the word “e-mail” is shit, and not shit as in “the shit”. The poopy kind.

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