Attack of the psychic transdimensional octopus!

Spoiler alert. Bonus points if you know what I’m spoiling.

Anyway, it’s no secret that a common enemy can bring people together. In fact, that’s the plot of The Avengers (which you should watch if you haven’t already). But can is the operative word, here. In a recent case, one could posit that Wall Street has certainly made enemies of common men and that these have failed spectacularly to “come together”. Instead, we’re seeing greater political division than before.

I support smaller communities regardless of the reason, so I applaud the generally increasing distrust. I’m hoping this will lead to a more civil war in the coming years.

It occurred to me that there are manipulative alternatives to claiming that space aliens are invading, and we all need to hold hands and sing kumbaya. ‘Cuz then the alien terrorists would win. With their terror.

What are some alternative enemies available to a Machiavellian mastermind with a heart of gold? Well, anything sufficiently complicated can be presented in a conveniently red-tinted light, and complicated stuff already rankles old people. They’re the only ones voting anyway.

Here are some ideas:

  • The animal spirits are attacking our American capitalist exceptionalism! I can save us if I print a trillion dollars and spend it in ways you don’t really need to know about!
  • Terrorist hackers want to blow up the internet! Give the DOD enough money to teach its colonels basic computer literacy!
  • The sunspots (or lack thereof?) are going to melt the icecaps and drown YOUR CHILDREN! We need a one-world government!

Oops, those are all taken.

Apparently cyberterrorists are Americans’ greatest fear. Aside from economics, meteorology and information technology, what subjects are poorly understood by experts and have effects that are difficult to predict?

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