Movie pitch: Krishna attacks America

So I’m weathering an exciting Midwestern thunderstorm in a little coffee shop, and a huge roll of thunder gets my attention. I look out the window and see a huge tree that I mistake, in a frightening moment, for a human form with several arms and bizarre clothing. And that’s the movie idea: turns out the Hindi god of war, Krishna, is not merely an abstraction of human nature. He’s a 60-foot, immortal, invincible, bloodthirsty giant who’s pissed off and rampaging through America like the Cloverfield monster.

And for the same reason as the Cloverfield monster. Who knows? Does it matter?

The novelty of foreign symbolism would make the invasion more terrifying (the symbolism of Shinto paganism is why Japanese horror films work well on American audiences), and the director could use a formulaic plot without anybody noticing. That would free up everyone’s time to really polish up the details.

So that’s an idea.

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