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Video summary of HBD

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Slap a cover on that and call it a book

Vox Day demolished an argument by Gary North over on his blog. In a way it is sad, in another it is quite entertaining, and in both ways quite spectacular. But I must not fail to say that it is … Continue reading

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Extra Creditz talks politics

A video that ought to be embedded, but isn’t because shut up, that’s why. They are entirely more optimistic than I—a cynical bastard—believe is wise, but I’ll be damned if they don’t present a compelling case for their optimism. They … Continue reading

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This was half of a recent post that I’ve split into two posts. I changed nothing, so if you’ve already read that one you can skip this one. By the way, I’m learning to play bass. I got my hands … Continue reading

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Just some stuff I want to get off my chest. I think I’m in a mental place now where I can expand on them on reader request, but I’m not sure. 1. Maybe I should start committing thoughtcrime without a … Continue reading

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