This was half of a recent post that I’ve split into two posts. I changed nothing, so if you’ve already read that one you can skip this one.

By the way, I’m learning to play bass. I got my hands on one from church so I can start playing with them this summer. I wanted to play guitar, but they’re pretty adamant about learning chords. Chords aren’t any fun, so I’ve never bothered to learn ’em, but all nondenominational worship music is built around guitar chord progressions (which is probably why it’s all so boring). Too bad.

A bass is almost exactly the same as a guitar, but it’s a bit harder to play because it’s bigger. The tuning is exactly the same, minus an octave:

Four-string bass, standard tuning.

G |————————————————|
D |————————————————|
A |————————————————|
E |————————————————|

The associate pastor (a fellow INTJ who was a guitar instructor for a while) bequeathed to me some folk wisdom: the bass is the easiest instrument to learn and the hardest to master. That’s okay, because most bass music is super easy compared to guitar music.

I’m already familiar with the fretboard and the associated left-hand tools (slides, tapping, et al). Large scales don’t sound very natural, so I stick to pentatonic scales (and blues) and arpeggios. But only my right hand really needs work.

In practice sessions I’ve been focusing on fingerstyle because I’m already quite comfortable with a pick, and I’m getting to where I can string skip rather quickly without confusing my alternating fingers. Sometimes I’ll throw in the ring finger to play a gallop, but I’m not sure if that’s kosher. In a couple of months I’ll probably try my hand at slapping, popping, and all the other intermediate esoterica.

I still prefer my electric guitar, but I’ll admit that it’s a lot more fun to play “Downfall of Us All” on the chubby strings:

I’ve gotten a little off-topic. On to the main course!

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