Slap a cover on that and call it a book

Vox Day demolished an argument by Gary North over on his blog. In a way it is sad, in another it is quite entertaining, and in both ways quite spectacular. But I must not fail to say that it is long.

Very long.

Just for funsies, I plugged the post and the resulting discussion into LibreOffice to get a word count. ~25,000 words and counting. Holy smokes.

Anyway, the sad part is that North is obviously very intelligent and quite conversational in Austrian theory. But he also—and again, obviously—a cognitive miser who relies entirely on heuristics and rhetoric. His reading comprehension is thus poor (How do you mistake a quote for a statement by the referrer? That’s embarrassing, son.) and his arguments are all fallacies and rhetoric from the starting gun. He is particularly fond of appealing to authority.

Oh, and he fails at basic research too. Maybe he’ll learn something from the whole ordeal. Like I said, spectacular.

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