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A more persuasive argument for liberty

Typically, the apologists of liberty and capitalism will point to man’s natural right to freedom, or to the happiness he will obtain by satisfying his natural desire for agency, or to the utility of free markets for maximizing material wealth … Continue reading

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Very few people share your signature themes (in fact, there are over thirty-three million possible combinations of the top five, so the chances of your [sic] meeting your perfect match are infinitesimal). Now! Discover Your Strengths Time to put that … Continue reading

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Internet style guide

Is there such a thing? I’m only familiar with the Associated Press stylebook, but I’m aware that other style manuals exist for print media like the Chicago Manual of Style, the American Psychological Association Manual of Style, and so on. … Continue reading

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My strengths

Apparently, the book Now, Discover Your Strengths is a big deal in the management world right now. I wouldn’t know, as I got this information secondhand from my brother (who cares about such things). In any case, I love an … Continue reading

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Never a thank you

It’s strange, but every time I help someone in a substantial way over the internet they turn around and treat me like garbage. Maybe it’s my fault, and I’m just oblivious to my deficiencies. More likely, being helpful makes me … Continue reading

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