Size routine for the modestly equipped

Rollo put up a theoretical piece on the importance of penis size to women. Here’s a good summary from the reader whose e-mail prompted the discussion:

So it turns out the guy has about a 3 or 4 inch dick but little Miss Trophy Wife couldn’t broadcast to the world that she would actually dump a guy because he had a little dick. She couldn’t admit that the size of a dick was important to her like it was to “those other sluts”. No, he had to be controlling or possessive or something from femcentrically acceptable than having a little dick.

So the rationalization hamster cooked up this other less slutty behavior from the guy to justify dumping him.

The funny thing is that even though all the girls in the circle knew the dude has the tiny dick, the publicly repeated excuse from all the hens in the coop was “controlling creep”.

Mark Minter
Size Matters

Kudos to Mr. Tomassi on the clear-headed quality of the readers he attracts.

Even though I’m putatively off the SMP, my body’s agenda hasn’t gotten the message. And because I don’t have much control over my own imagination (yet!), I promptly dreamed up a go-to routine for a direct confrontation:

“What is your penis size?” (Or other, similar, S-test for SMV.)
“I’m hung like Picasso.” (Purposefully vague, deflecting DHV.)
Confusion. (Was Picasso hung?)
“You know, because you hang a painting. Gee golly, have you even been in a museum before?” (DLV, because I’ve never met a girl with an unfeigned interest in higher culture)

The logic of the routine is simple. She is seeking to disqualify me based on an objective standard (small penis). I redirect the discussion to pass the S-test, because I can’t directly pass it with my micropenis (femtopenis :-P). Instead, I change to a frame where I can simultaneously DHV myself and DLV her (all’s fair, and she did start it).

The segue line “I’m hung like Picasso” is the most important, because you have to allow her some interpretive room to hamsturbate. Either she’s already attracted or she’s not, which is when -testing for SMV begins to occur.

Like any routine, this is a one-use, throwaway technique. The underlying theory is that you have a product to sell, and it’s important to look for girls who will buy that particular product. It’s no good trying to sell product “big dick” if you don’t have one, just like it makes no sense to sell “big brain” if you don’t have that. It’ll come out eventually. Some girls are into big dick, some are into big brain.

Just remember the circles overlap significantly, and some circles are bigger. All girls want Dorian Grey. Most girls want Professor Mentu. A few girls want Spock. The masculine frame you need to achieve is virtually identical to the theory. It’d be worth explicating another time, perhaps.

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