Day 1: Ouch

Well, I technically hit my quota. But wow, writing and writing well are different things, aren’t they? I wrote a poem to really express my feelings:

It’s just the first draft,
I can fix it later.
It’s not the final draft,
Don’t be a hater.

It’s terrible.
Just try not to look at it.

*Imagine the sound of hipster fingers snapping.*

There was a lot of good news too. For one, the LaTeX formatting is downright beautiful in the new template. For another, considering my dedication to a philosophy of comprehension-by-baby steps, hitting the daily word count isn’t going to be hard. It’ll be much harder to eventually cull the herd. I’m happy to see that the ideas are easy, and I’m spending most of my cognitive power on proper

More thoughts:

  • I should get another impartial reader or two, and nontechnical ones at that. They’ll ask good questions and suggest good improvements.
    1. I should create a system to make that easier. Or steal one.
  • I’ll need to get started on figures right away. CAD is no competency of mine, but I can probably hack illustrative plots together in Sage.
  • I need to put some serious effort into outlining before writing. The first couple of classes aren’t fresh enough in my memory anymore to do it by rote-and-notes.
    1. That said, word count is more important right now than organization. Don’t slow down.
  • I should look look for edit-tracking addons to Vim.
  • I need to back up ASAP.
  • That’s enough self-indulgence for now.

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