Ian Ironwood’s story

I’d consider his story the final remark on the question of whether female solipsism exists. The Private Man posted the story (which is huge) by itself, because it’s only part of the original post (which is an encyclopedia).

My favorite part was when the veil was pulled aside for just a moment:

“So, I saw you and Courtney talking earlier,” she said, tentatively. “Is she the one you let see your writing?”

“Does it matter?” I asked, blandly. “In fact, does it matter at all what I write in that book?” I sounded annoyed enough so she backed down a bit, and re-approached the subject from a less-confrontational perspective.

“You’ve got a lot of people very curious,” she offered.

“Not something I set out to do,” I lied. “It’s my personal time, it’s my personal notebook. My business,” I repeated. That just seemed to confirm her suspicions. She lowered her voice and glanced around.

“Look, you little shit, if you write anything about me ever, I’ll gut you, understood?”

Ian Ironwood
Reposted as
This Story Must Be Read… It’s Long, Too.

What a classy dame.

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