Two future projects

I haven’t been updating much over the last few months, but I’ve been commenting elsewhere with a reasonable degree of frequency. Some of those comments are even worth reading! Mostly, I’ve been commenting on these blogs:

Vox Popoli
Audacious Epigone
Captain Capitalism
Alpha Game

So project one is to catalog some of those conversations over here for posterity (ha!).

I’m also rather unpleased with the neurotic output of this pseudonym and I’m ready for another change (to represent a qualitative change in my insanity). I’ll be sticking with WordPress (for the same reasons as I moved in the first place), and I might even keep many of the same formats, but I want to do more interesting stuff on top of the reactive commentary that is the meat and potatoes of my blogging.

So that’s project two. Here are a couple of pseudonyms I’m considering:

Ginger Hitler
Ginger-American Activist

About Aeoli Pera

Maybe do this later?
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