Noblesse Oblige, xor Secession

Two short conversations, copied from Audacious Epigone’s post 2012 electoral maps by sex, race, and income.

These maps beg a line of reasoning that will need especial emphasis a few years from now:

If, as we often assume, white men are truly superior in the mean, it would be disastrous if they voted/acted strictly in self-interest the way women and minorities do. Sure, liberalism has taken us too far in that direction (and I’m quite familiar with the prisoner’s dilemma), but I sense an overcorrection in the works. I think we all do, with varying degrees of excitement or dread.

Once the superior group has the reins, it is imperative that they rediscover noblesse oblige. It is disastrous when genuinely superior people interminably self-identify as victims, giving them carte blanche to exploit their “oppressors” (think of Jews in 21st century America).

In a concrete sense, if you (reader) are smarter than your coworkers you have a proportional moral obligation to keep their interests in mind. It’s the only way civilization can work. And this isn’t a repudiation of laissez faire either. It is only a recognition of the fact that you can trick an idiot into permanent debt peonage to you (legally), but you sacrifice the benefits of comparative advantage in the meantime.

tl;dr If the strong (or high IQ) enslave the weak, then you lose the benefits of civilization.

I don’t think you have to assume the superiority of the white race, the evidence based on invention and accomplishment speak for themselves.

That said, whites need to understand that the minorities (soon to aggregate to majority) of the US are very much more tribal than whites, and that the only strategy that can preserve our people is to recognize that we indeed are a people. Yes, whites must become tribal.

I talk with various thinkers about genetic engineering fostering cognitive equality. Maybe, but it seems to me such facility will exacerbate tribal preference as the non-white tribes will not need the cognitive skills of whites, and will do business internally to themselves.

My two cents.


The point I’m making is that there’s a correct way to treat inferior people, both from a personal perspective and from a societal perspective.

But once superiority is acknowledged it doesn’t take much rationalizing to get to slavery, manifest destiny, and the like. The danger in such immoral ideas is that they are based mostly on truth. All it takes is one little misdirection and noblesse oblige becomes slavery.

In the same thread respected commenter Assistant Village Idiot writes:

This is excellent data to know, but as the demographic trends are not going to reverse, it starts to come under the category of “well, we would govern the country better, if only someone would let us.” True, but ain’t gonna happen.

That whole white males/married white males/white people/married people set of advantages, however one wants to emphasize the breakouts, needs a coalition partner. The strategy of convincing enough people from all the other groups that they share enough of our values to prefer us, and we really would run the place better, gets us slightly over 50% at our best. We need 55% consistently with gusts up to 60% to fix things.

We need a coalition partner, even European-style, to succeed. Whether ideological or demographic, a group which we can agree to disagree, but have givebacks in terms of cabinet positions or specific issues. Trying to get a few more Catholics, and few more single women, and few more union guys is not working.

Assistant Village Idiot

Assistant Village Idiot,

What’s your take on the secession movements?

AP – I don’t see how secession movements gain steam unless people see pretty solid long-term economic possibilities. People will go far and put up with a lot, especially when young, to get ahead. Secession is a form of going somewhere without moving. [Ed: ??? Clearly I’m not as old as I think I am.] You can preach to folks that they are going to save money in the long run because they won’t have to pay for x or y. But they’ll have to believe it’s true, or only the few will try.

Technology has the mixed effect of taking your privacy but enlarging it. I think most people who believe that America isn’t America anymore will secede in smaller ways. [Ed: Agreed, particularly considering the testosterone shortage.]

I’ve told my sons to teach their kids to be interested in space travel.

Assistant Village Idiot

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