Theoretical writing idiom

I’m reading my Handbook of Grammar and Composition in order to gain some rudimentary writing skill, whatfor this crazy idea of writing a readable blog post perhaps once a week. After all, what INTJ could remain content with hypergraphic intuitions? I’d go as far as to suggest that the only reason an INTJ would voluntarily cease to build on top of previous foundations is if he recognizes they are too weak to support additional weight.

One of the ideas I’ve run across is the summarizing sentence (colloquially, a “clincher”), which is the restatement of the paragraph’s topic sentence for increased understanding. I was taught to use transition sentences for every paragraph, which in retrospect strikes me as facile. One could reasonably expect to achieve the same effect in a well-constructed clincher.

My idea is to use a chain of clinchers that provide a logical mnemonic picture as well. I can envision myself, an architect of ideas some number of years in the future, crafting a visual narrative subliminal to the discourse that simultaneously explains the idea at least as well as my descriptions themselves. And each brief picture, by necessity of our bizarre memories, would instinctively form a locus from which the reader could more instinctinctively remember the series of ideas.

So it’s like the method of loci, except that instead of the reader conceiving a familiar location, I construct the metaphorical house and give them a guided tour. But please forgive the guide, he’s new.

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