Out with the old

Snarling is in:

A great example of an expression that can be both intentional or accidental is the female snarl. Everyone knows it. It’s usually the face of utter disgust or disappointment. It occurs in numerous situations, and has the ability to speak what she doesn’t have to[…]

[…]Or whatever else might cause her upper lip to curl, the nostrils to flare, and the eyebrow to frown. Don’t forget the death glare that accompanies any well performed snarl.

The snarl, woman’s sharpest weapon

I suggest that the reader consider the following questions, beginning with the easiest:

  • Is the snarl an attempt to boost one’s own SMV or to reduce the object’s SMV?
  • What emotion does snarling betray? What is the proper response to this emotion?
  • Aside from negative valence, does snarling indicate increased or decreased psychological distance?
  • Increased snarling implies increased frequency of this emotion in society. What are some implications of this?
  • When a woman snarls at a woman, what does this reveal about their relative SMV? How should the object of the snarl respond?
  • Likewise, except the object is a man?

Cheating is allowed in this case, but not encouraged.

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