3500 books

Sapling: New notation for “stub” a la wikipedia (replacing my usage of stubs, snippets, and so on) because it’s better. A seed is any post (like the notes I have tried occasionally posting) that introduces an idea, but doesn’t develop it. A sapling introduces an idea and develops it a bit. I think you probably get it by now.

As a quick estimate, this is near to the maximum number of books I can read in my lifetime.

I read about 50 books per year and have done so since I was 6 or 7 and that’s counting some pretty low-level stuff (Calvin and Hobbes, Hardy Boys, etc.). DeathForecast.com puts my expected lifespan at 77 years. 50 books per year for 70 years is 3500.

It seems low, compared to the number of books I want to read. Stephen King alone…

And it’s sobering, considering my lifelong habit of reading indiscriminately and impulsively. I’ve pulled books off the library shelf at random and ended up reading them cover-to-cover. Maybe you can sympathize with this compulsive foraging for stories and bizarre knowledge. It’s not really constructive.

That’s why I’m dedicating the rest of this sapling to the list of books I want to read before I die. Maybe it will help me focus a little.

Last updated 12.10.12

By author,

Isaac Newton
Albert Einstein
Richard Feynman
Ludwig von Mises
Murray Rothbard
C.S. Lewis
J.R.R. Tolkien
Sigmund Freud
Carl Jung
Thomas Aquinas
Edmund Burke
Charles Darwin
Alexis de Tocqueville
Alexandre Dumas
Miguel Cervantes
William Shakespeare
Isaac Asimov
Richard Dawkins
Neal Stephenson
Umberto Eco
Stephen King
Tad Williams
Vox Day/Theodore Beale
Fred Reed
George Martin
Ilana Mercer
Charles Murray
Friedrich Nietzsche
Immanuel Kant
Rene Descartes

So, I came up with those off the top of my head to start off the list, but you can probably already see where I’m coming from :-P.

By subject,

Math (pure and applied)
Computing (in particular)
Violence (redundant?)
Other languages
Writing and composition
Public speaking and charisma
Game (redundant?)
American law

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