Five dolla, me love you long time

On a trifling note, I’m becoming an incidental connoisseur of bottom shelf liquor. And since today has been devoted to making stupid lists, here’s the most stupidest yet:

(Hey, it makes as much sense as collecting the bottles.)

Liquor My opinion (0-5)
Jose Cuervo Silver Tequila 1
Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila 1
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 4
Captain Morgan Silver Rum 4
Captain Morgan Black Rum 2
Captain Morgan Gold Rum 3
Trader Vic’s Spiced Rum 3
Trader Vic’s Gold Rum 3
Trader Vic’s Silver Rum 4
Lord Calvert Canadian Scotch 4
Castillo Gold Rum 3
Castillo Silver Rum 4
Sky Vodka 3
Jack Daniel’s Whiskey 5
Jim Bean Bourbon Whiskey 5

By taste per price, my preferred drink appears to be silver rum.

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