Potential research projects

I’ve decided to start writing research papers for fun. I want to start off with a couple of relatively simple and short projects to get a hang of the process before diving into anything that will test my guts.

Here are some example questions I want to answer for myself:

What is the current state of Aristotle’s prime mover argument?
What evidence exists to support the assertion that the Bible is divinely inspired?
What arguments can be made that the Bible is divinely inspired?
What does the Bible say about masturbation?
What happens to the laws of thermodynamics when the observer is moving at the speed of light?
Why are Christians so highly represented (perhaps over-represented) in metalcore?
Is the global temperature rising, and if so by how much?
What can we say analytically about gun control, absent any data?

Any good research paper takes time, so I want to pander a bit to make it worth “our” while. Are you interested in my thoughts on the questions above? Are there any other questions you’d like me to answer?

Keep in mind the scope has to be pretty limited. I’m thinking two pages for the first project (which means I won’t be doing global warming).

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Maybe do this later?
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