Drive-by comment: gun control

When Twenty Minutes Is Forever

According to the CNN timeline for the Sandy Hook tragedy, “Police and other first responders arrived on scene about 20 minutes after the first calls.” Twenty minutes. Five minutes is forever when violence is underway, but 20 minutes — a third of an hour — means that the “first responders” aren’t likely to do much more than clean up the mess.

Glenn Harlan Reynolds
Reflections on Newtown
USA Today

Should have told them there would be donuts.

Newtown has all of 2,000 people in it. It’s a seven-minute drive from the police station to the elementary school. You could circumscribe the city twice in fucking twenty minutes.

And that’s if you were driving at 30 MPH with your pretty lights off, obeying red lights and you aren’t already on patrol nearby.

It’s not their job to protect you and yours. Learn and prepare to protect yourself and yours* from violently predatory humans, who constitute 1-5 percent of the male population.

Fuck the police.

*As a man, you should have a working list in your mind at all times of the people for whom you will not hesitate to protect and/or die. These people are completely dependent on you when a shitstorm like this hits. But it needs to be a very short list (I’d say 20 people, max) because you just can’t save everybody.

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4 Responses to Drive-by comment: gun control

  1. Zeke says:

    You’re not on my list due partly to geography and partly to my faith that you can handle yourself. In a related note, you’re on my shortlist for staffing my “Doomsday Preppers”-esque farm. Congratulations!

    • aeolipera says:

      That’s well-placed faith, as I reliably possess preternatural clarity in physically dangerous situations. This may be a predictable INTJ trait (excepting the fat, effete ones often found in IT).

      Then again I’m no superman. And I don’t trust my emotional stability enough to own a gun (at least not yet).

      Then again…research suggests that hand-to-hand weapons usually trump semiautomatic weapons over short distances (0-20 feet). A large number of improvisational weapons are lying around at all times, and it’s a good habit to take inventory every now and then (especially the sharp ones).

      • zeke says:

        Incidentally, there are no guns in my house, but I do have pointy things placed in strategic nooks and crannies. There’s even a long stick with a knife duct-taped to the end of it from a failed hunt. I was going to mercy-kill a wounded deer, but it was still lively enough to get away.

  2. aeolipera says:

    Are you sharing a pseudonym with Dwight Schrute? :-P

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