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I do not commonly refer to America as a “funhouse” merely because it is a funny metaphor. I believe our culture aggressively erodes the emotional equilibrium of its subjects. The disequilibrium we feel in a funhouse is the same emotion as the fascination we feel for Jersey Shore (for some value of “we”).

It is intoxicating and addictive, but it is evil. Bearing the telltale signs, it works slowly, deliberately, patiently exploiting the weaknesses of the human psyche. The proprietors of filth have various motivations (wealth, power, et al.), many of them are highly intelligent, and some of them are very old. And I mean very old.

But for all that, a small rock can shatter a thousand painstakingly crafted mirrors. You can depend on a rock. You can build your house upon it and lay your fears to rest. Modern men worry too much about the tide.

Very occasionally I’ll happen upon a source of information (an author, usually) containing so much raw, unvarnished truth that it will shatter nigh on decades of blue pill propaganda, socially acceptable lies, and mimetic cultural tropes. That’s what the truth can do. I live to find such gems in the rough. It’s my greatest source of inspiration—in the etymological sense (it gives me breath and drives my blood). It is an addiction as healthy as a funhouse is destructive.

Such as this inspired Handel to write his Messiah, the only masterpiece to grace a composer of tertiary talent.

Raw, uncut diamonds.

I do not yet possess the knowledge to transform these stones into beautiful treasures. But I am something of a collector.

Creator Medium Discovered
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring Johann Bach Music 1993
The Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien Book 1996
Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis Book 2002
Logic (Omitted) College course* 2004
No Nonsense Self Defense Marc MacYoung Website 2004
Type Logic Joe Butt Website 2008
Conjecture and Proof Diane Driscoll Schwartz Book 2009
Introduction to Computer Organization Yale N. Patt and Sanjay J. Patel Book 2009
The King James Bible King James I/VI** Book 2009
Chateau Heartiste Roissy/Heartiste Blog 2009
Perelandra C.S. Lewis Book 2009
The Underground History of American Education John Taylor Gatto Book 2010
Lockhart’s Lament Paul Lockhart PDF 2010
Vox Popoli Vox Day Blog 2010
Human Action Ludwig von Mises Book 2010
Marianas Trench August Burns Red Music 2010
Fred on Everything Fred Reed Blog 2011
Married Man Sex Life Athol Kay Blog/Book 2012
The Bell Curve Charles Murray and Richard Hernstein Book 2012
The Illiad Homer Book 2012
Koanic Soul Koanic Website 2012
Vault Co. Texas Arcanum Blog 2012
Mystery Method Erik von Markovik Book 2012

*A community college course that I took in high school, at that. But I was hooked. Any introductory book on logic would likely serve.
**Of England/Scotland. He commissioned the translation from the church of England, so he’s more of a figurehead in this table.

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2 Responses to Red pill sourcelist

  1. zeke says:

    Do you own “Human Action” or “The Underground History…”? I don’t have access to a quality library. My snobbish school would be ashamed to hear that I haven’t read their economics Bible and the school one sounded interesting even though it looks like a behemoth!

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