A partial psychology of the poor

When you really get down to the brass tacks of it, the real political divide among the masses within the empire is between those that believe- and love – the narcissistic psychopaths that rule us and those who don’t. How much more obvious does it have to get before the former wake up?

On Live by the consumer, die by the consumer

You’re failing to understand the psychology of the poor. Ballpark average IQ of about 85. We’re talking children with adult bodies.

Remember when your IQ was approximately 85? Maybe you were 12, maybe you were 5. Depends on the person. Now take that younger version of you and stick him in a McDonald’s for 20 years. The bosses are nasty, the workers are a motley crue, the work is hard and boring and depressing, and you never have any money or unprocessed food (unless you manage to steal it, ya brute). You’re hideously fat. Your parents are negligent and possibly abusive, but you need their income and they need yours

But one person in your whole life is nice to you. He wears a suit and smiles and gives you extra money when you need it. He says you deserve a better life. He’s the only one who doesn’t hate you for being born.

What does he ask in return? Little deductions on your paycheck that he gives back later. And a vote, which you’re glad to provide. Most of the time you forget or you have to work that day, but when you do vote it feels good. Plus, the other guy hates you because you’re poor, and that makes you angry.

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