Small indulgences

I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that “crepuscular” is the dirtiest-sounding word I know. Naturally, I love it. It may even edge out “bisextal” as my favorite English word.

You can’t find a definition for bisextal anywhere, it seems. I ran across it once in one of those munificent dictiotomes you find displayed on podiums in most libraries. It means “pertaining to the extra day of a leap year”.

Now that you know this, the obvious course of action is to invite people to your awesome bisextal parties. I can think of similar uses for “crepuscular”, like describing someone’s complexion as such. “What? Oh, it’s a good thing. I mean your face has a warm glow. You know, like crepusculum.”

I think it’s funny, and isn’t that the important thing?

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1 Response to Small indulgences

  1. Zeke says:

    If you invited a girl to your “bisextal” party, you’d get a lot of information. If she was bashful, you’d know she was interested, but not bright. If she was disgusted/offended, you’d know she was both uninterested and not bright. If she knew what the word meant, well, you’d know she was bright, but I think that’s all the information you’d get. And then you’d be forced to either fess up that there was no party or actually create a bisextal get together, which, for the record, I’d show up at (for the bragging rights).

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