Market forces, hunger, surplus

This began with a tangential comment on a Vox Popoli throwaway post on first sale doctrine.

There has been more than enough food to go around for a long time, such that it might as well be free absent the de facto monopolies that seem to pop up spontaneously. It will be fascinating to watch the elites try to pull off the same trick with information.

Presumably the first part of the campaign will target encryption. I do wonder how they’ll go after darknets and sneakernets.


A midwit proffered a question that looked an awful lot like an invitation to attack from the low ground:

How does a large surplus somehow make food cost nothing to produce?


Silly midwit. Aside from reading incomprehension, he probably believes capitalism can and does exist in America. (Let the record show that I believe neither.)

It doesn’t.

To hopefully bypass the back-and-forth, I merely note that the number of man-hours required to feed (and clothe, etc.) every person on the planet is much smaller than the number of man-hours worked, including production and maintenance of farm equipment and transportation. This is a trivial observation. Explaining the ratio in definite terms is a little more tricky, but we can conclude from the massive disparity between supply and demand that other forces are at play.

By analogy, there is a cost to delivering an e-book of “The Lord of the Rings” to every computer via Project Gutenberg, but it’s a trivial cost. In this case, copyright is creating the disparity.


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