Aborted description of SSMV framework

I wrote this in the process of describing the Omega -> Sigma transformation. I’ve decided to cut most of it in the interest of conciseness and coherence.

Still, it’s interesting enough to post here.

I don’t get this omega to sigma transformation thing. Other than say massive external confidence boost from being in a rock band. But does that translate to inner game? Take away the fame again and can he still get laid? An example would clarify.

On Alpha Mail: is sigma the alpha of gamma?

Before returning to your example of a sudden reframe from Omega to rockstar, I’d like to clarify the conceptual frame a bit.

The SSMV theory is not analytical. I don’t expect Vox Day, Rollo, or Roissy to someday release a Grand Unified Theory of human interaction. Maybe there is an equation from which we can derive all the statistical mechanics of psychohistory, but this isn’t it.

(If you’re looking for that, I hear Sidis and Goethe derived equivalent formulations.)

SSMV is observation and a high-order approximation of a descriptive theory. First we have the data itself: some men are succeeding with women and most aren’t.

Roissy describes ALPHA and BETA, winner “types” and loser “types”, defined purely by whether they are attractive to women. Almost all of the time they have high N and prefer attractive women. N, like IQ, is a very good approximation of this ethereal quality.

Then Athol Kay describes another dimension: provision. He described attraction as Alpha and provision as Beta (or “bonding”, which is a neurochemical reaction to investment of resources), and said that having both is best. In this rather strict framework you have 4 types: Alpha, Beta, Alpha+Beta, or neither.

Vox Day’s philosophy adds another dimension to this in the interest of supporting civilization as a whole, but his familiarity with economics prevents him from resting his laurels on either empirical measurements or theoretical dimensions. He’s trying to work outward from the middle.

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