Fuck this, I’m done

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I’m going to shut down this blog and start a different one with a different style and purpose. Aeoli Pera was a fun experiment, but it’s clear that structure just doesn’t work for me. Fuzzygoo was far more entertaining, better for my mental health, easier to write, more prolific (merely 250 posts in a year and a half here), more insightful…I mean, I could go on but it was just better, alright?

I’m not entirely giving up on structure. I’ll even make efforts (conscious ones!) to avoid overcorrecting. But if schizophrenic hypergraphia is my only emotional and intellectual outlet in this world then yea, by God Almighty, there shall be mountains of sentence fragments about Hitler rainbows and strange religious rantings and physics lectures and linguistic experiments without explanations and YouTube videos from that corner of teh interwebz and so much crazy because Mom did you ever love me or did you just want a normal kid and run-on sentences.

See, the thing is that structure doesn’t let us really talk. Not about real stuff. I need to talk about real stuff now. So let’s talk. But not here.

(As usual, if you enjoy watching a car crash in slow motion you can contact me by e-mail, comment, or PM and I’ll direct you to the new site.)

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2 Responses to Fuck this, I’m done

  1. gcm says:

    Thank fucking god!

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Your stupidity is apparently limitless. Shouldn’t you be at Vox Popoli failing to solve simple arithmetic problems?

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