Uncanny valley possibly due to relative infertility

ESR wrote another dumb essay on racism. I hope he doesn’t take a nosedive like Sinfest took into feminism. Sad to see a once-decent comic shitting itself in the gutter.

If you’re curious, here’s my best guess about the effect he’s talking about.

The uncanny valley effect comes from the recognition that his genetics are so different from the minority group’s that he would be hard-pressed to reproduce with one of their women (and possibly unable). This would explain his inability even to imagine being attracted to them. This is not without precedent, as white colonials often had trouble reprducing with the natives.

And aside from the genetic difference, other humans are direct competitors for resources. If they don’t interbreed, they can’t live together nonviolently. Probably hardwired that way. So his response was rational, if atavistic, particularly considering that he was quite outnumbered and at their mercy (despite a strength difference). I imagine he couldn’t bring himself to sleep under their hospitality.

Otherwise, a great blog.

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2 Responses to Uncanny valley possibly due to relative infertility

  1. samtheloquacious says:

    After reading 6 posts on here, I just now learned that the video below the post was an ad. I really didn’t understand what value they thought they added… I lose this one :D

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