An opportunity for adventurous talent scouts

There’s a curious sort of writer’s block that accompanies an overabundance of ideas. It is entirely isomorphic to choice addiction a la Dalrock, or the more familiar indecision that accompanies a panoply of possible choices that is too large to fully comprehend (and therefore impossible to optimize).

And so I’ve decided to begin this incarnation of hypomanic hypergraphia with one of my characteristically crazy-and-somehow-kinda-credible insights. Why aren’t the Kenyans dominating the Tour de France yet?

Having asked the question, the answer becomes somewhat obvious. Consider that physiologically and temperamentally, the requirements for marathon running and marathon bike riding are not at all dissimilar. The extreme punishment of pedalling may be located a bit higher on the leg, but we have little reason to assume that white Europeans have unusually gifted posteriors, genetically. This seems to be nurture at work rather than nature. Indeed, the only impediments to East African success appear to be a shortage of $10,000 bicycles and chemists trained to circumvent modern drug tests.

As for the title…this area of interest is admittedly a niche at best.

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