On subversion of child stars

There’s precedent for this Miley Cyrus nonsense. There was always outrage, but if it seems different in quality you should know that this is because it’s feminists doing the shrieking this time. Oops, the wimminz made a deal with the devil and it looks like he’s turning on them!

Never saw that coming. Anyway, Koanic put up a post explaining this:

In sum, the problem feminists have with the video is exactly the reason I never would’ve guessed that the two white chicks were anyone famous. Miley Cyrus, alpha female, behaved like a the slightly hotter of two unknown 10 models flirting with the slick pop star alpha male. She displayed no status except as a hot, feminine, submissive, flirty, innocent, naughty girl. (To the alpha male, naturally. Not in general.)

The fig leaf she dropped was not sluttiness, my dear SDaF. That leaf was pounded up the vulva long ago by such fearless splitizens as Christina Aguileruh and hide-her-face, erm, Lady Googoo. No, the leaf she dropped was the PRETENSE of female defiance to the American alpha male!

That most preciously guarded, sitcommed, romance-noveled, pretense. Possibly the most important pretense that the American woman (to use the terms loosely (for something loosely used)) possesses.

That’s why they hated it. Female emancipation coming full circle. Miley reveled in being a woman.

Plus the ugly girls hate the 10′s. But then, a 10 doesn’t give a shit. Being a girl is too fun.

Sex, Drugs, Finance < Topless 10’s

A commenter puts in a good effort at skepticism, but falls short.

Personally I think that it’s all about the fact that she is a childrens entertainer turned stripper/slut. So mothers with children are outraged, and rightly so. You combine the that with the fact that women are herd animals, that they can’t let themselves admit that what Miley Cyrus is doing (being a slut) is evil thus making her a bad example for all her child fans, then you get what we have now. Incoherent moral outrage.

Booch Paradise

(There is another comment where he doubles down. You can read it at the link.)

Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears were both raised by the Disney Mothertron 3000. Aguilera sang in the movie Mulan, if I’m remembering correctly.

There is a lot of precedent for this sort of subversion of child singers. Given that they don’t exist without the money and advertising (and autotuner) backing them, it must be understood that these performances are thoroughly planned by the people who control the money, the advertising, and the autotuners.

I get the feeling that the ones who try to leave get psychologically targeted a la Britney Spears and http://targetedindividual.blogspot.com/

The reason we’re “seeing” more outrage this time is that the media overlords just turned the volume up. They told the talking heads “talk about this, don’t talk about this other thing”. That’s how it goes. The outrage was always there, this time the outraged were given a megaphone by Murdoch or whoever.

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