Keeping away from the Joneses

Thus ends my tryst with Ubuntu:

“Windows XP is going to officially die and stop receiving support from Microsoft in April, 2014. After that very moment, it is said to become a gold mine for hackers all over the world who will exploit ‘zero-day’ vulnerabilities. The municipality of the German city of Munich wants to stop that from happening [and] has decided to distribute free CDs with Ubuntu 12.04 to users of the almost extinct XP. Munich, through its Gasteig Library, will prepare around 2000 CDs with Ubuntu 12.04 to offer to city residents affected by Windows XP’s end of support. Previously, it was believed that Munich city’s authorities were going to offer Lubuntu 12.04, which would have required lower system requirements with the same support period.”

I may not know a ton about computer security, but I know incentives when I see ’em. Criminal organizations that once saw no value in cracking the computers of scientists, hackers, and hipsters will are about to become a lot more interested in linux. Fortunately, the kernel still seems to be relatively safe under Linus and the other socially retarded GNU/FSF geniuses. That’ll change in time (incentives matter), but we’re pretty okay for now.

They’re arguing about the rdrand function, which is the very definition of praising with faint damnation. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to move to Slackware, and I guess this is my chance. Onward and upward!

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