Lamentation on the Flynn effect

It is incredibly frustrating to see a problem I believe I could solve, and yet be constrained by time alone. Oh, to be a nonmaterial being only, flying freely through a conceptual universe! But life keeps calling in spite of my attempts to block the number.

The Flynn effect is one of these problems. It is the observation that IQ scores are trending upward in contrast to every other observation that kids-these-days are fucking retarded as all hell. How are verbal IQs increasing whilst kids-these-days have never heard of the subjunctive mood? Or any other mood? Clearly it is not due to an improvement in educational methods. The current consensus is also that it is not an artifact of kids-these-days getting better at taking tests due to rigorous practice, but I guess don’t quote me on that one.

So here I am with a rather unique perspective on the matter and a particular cognitive skillset, and this idea that I could uncover, if not the solution in reality, at least one possible solution that fits all the data.

Edenism allows me to separate racial cohorts in my mind, and recognize modalities of IQ that don’t disagree with what we know about Spearman’s g. And though I sympathize with Steve Sailer’s related lamentation that we don’t seem to study the mechanics of testing (and cheating), I think I could make reasonable guesses. Combine this with my trademarked brand of cynical conservative fatalism and my particular theory that intelligence has been falling since the invention of agriculture, and you have the recipe for an interesting solution, if not the correct one.

I like to think that if I gave the matter a mere one hundred hours of study, I could close my eyes and, like Hercule Poirot before me, put an end to the matter from the comfort of my armchair, or a hypnagogic trance, as the case may be.

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