Opposing biases in sexual deviance polls

I had the thought of possibly creating another poll in the Neanderhall asking very simple questions about sexual deviance. It’s already pretty clear that psychosexual malfunction is highly correlated with neanderthal expression and general social dysfunction, but hey, let’s prove what we already know.

Problem for social science epigones is that people don’t self-report well on sexual questionnaires. In this particular case we’d expect strong pressure to over-report dysfunctional sexual tastes due to self-identification issues (people seem to identify themselves rather strongly with their fetishes). Contrarily, we’d also expect a lot of people to avoid participation out of shame, common decency, or disgust.

Unfortunately, we can’t just expect these biases to cancel out. They’d appear in different ways in different sorts of samplings, and probably either one could dominate in any given case. Given that these are strong biases, the final results could be all over the place.

Oh well, put that one on the back burner.

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Maybe do this later?
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