Did more stupid stuff. Almost back up to speed.

Anyway, the upshot is that I’ve termed crashes as “failure cycling” and learned that there’s a simple subroutine to get back up to speed. When your failure cascade bottoms out, determine which level you’ve bottomed out at (usually bio level 2 or 3 or so if your diet has gone to shit) and level back up from there, implementing your tried and true systems in their proper order. Go back over your notes from when you were previously at this level so you don’t waste any time reinventing wheels.

I’m beginning to think that this cycling is necessary to good experimental living. In its ideal form (as I presently envision it), you would do a controlled lifestyle experiment that either succeeds or fails. If it fails, you abandon improvement and focus on stopping the cascade, and complete the failure cycle back to where you were. But there’s a kind of momentum from this recovery that comes from better mastery of the fundamental, lower levels. It’s like the confidence that comes from knowing you could survive in the wilderness if you needed to- being independent from other civilized people, you have hand. You need them less than they need you. On top of that, you’ve probably learned more about yourself just because more time has elapsed and you can make a better guess at what your next experiment should be.

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